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Avengers Special Operation Tactical Knee Pad / Elbow Pad Set (Color: ACU)

14 Customer Reviews

by Felipe A. on 04/17/2018
"Protects very well, and has good durability
by Dakota S. on 09/13/2017
"Fantastic knee pads and elbow pads! The quality is just great and hold perfectly! I ordered the urban serpent camo and they match the rest of my gear flawlessly!

Highly suggest you buy them because its a steal for the price! Knee pads and elbow pads for dank protection! :3
by Connor B. on 11/01/2015
"Don't have many cons for this. They get the job done and sit well on my knees and elbows. After extensive running and rolling the kneepads tend to slide downward a bit but have never fallen off. I have thin arms so the elbow pads velcro has to be pulled to its very edge in order to be tight. Those are every possible cons that I've had. In every other aspect they work wonders!
by Wallace R. on 02/05/2015
"Great knee pad. good price and work as expected. Simple and comfy
by phillip t. on 09/04/2013
"very good and flexible to slide or take a knee. u could even do a dolphin dive and u wont get scratch up.
by Jonathan H. on 06/05/2012
"These pads are great. My brother owns them, and he got this for a great deal.

Cheaper than buying the elbow and knee set separate ($32)
Doesn't slip off too much
Adjustable for many sizes (strap and velcro)
Every part of these pads are 100% anti-ballistic
Easy to bend your legs
Useful when taking a sidewalk to the knee
My brother's looks more like desert camo because the part of the camoflauge pattern is the tan partm so his look all tan and black (but that's just his set)
The inside is very comfortable (like a really hard pillow) with that sweet Jesus feel.
by Evgeny L. on 03/09/2010
"I have it and it is very good and reliable.
I landed on my knees with a height of 1 meter onto concrete floor and did not receive even a bruise!
The most essential thing!
With this I do not even think of that put my knee: grass, glass, concrete - I do not care ...
by Michael J Martinez P. on 03/10/2019
"Bought this a week ago and I already used them a few times in Airsoft skirmishes. They are pretty good, reliable, cheap and do the job well. Only complaint is that the part where I put on the strap to tighten up (knee pads), doesn't tighten up all the way so sometimes it can slip a little but no mayor issue. Recommend it for Airsoft players who need protection on a budget.
by Anthony B. on 08/09/2018
Not for bicycle or skateboard
Keeps knees safe from pointy rocks
Hard plastic
by Jeff S. on 07/30/2017
"Definitely worth the price-
For a generic set of knee pads, these were just was I was looking for. They strap on pretty easily, I didn't notice any sliding through an entire day of use, and they felt pretty good. You obviously notice a slight decrease in mobility, but that is to be expected from just about any knee pad. They are pretty much one size fits most, unless you're extremely large or extremely small, these should work. Both the elbow pads and the knee pads are pretty comfortable, but the straps can get irritating if applied on skin. Oh yeah, and it comes with elbow pads, which I don't usually roll with, but they are a nice addition in case you'd like to use them. Lastly, I ordered the Digital Woodland Variant in order to match my MARPAT BDU, and I was quite pleased with the match. For a product this cheap, I was expecting an awful color match, but it was only slightly off.

Overall, they work for what they're meant to be, a cheap set of joint protectors.
by Jesse A. K. on 02/05/2015
"NOTE- I have yet to field test both sets of pads, but I have spent a few hours in them target shooting.

They are comfortable once you find your personal spot to strap them on, The velcro can agitate skin, so i recommend wearing these over pants and long sleeves. I have pretty large arms and calves, so they BARELY fit. Watch out for this. But, on the plus side, the knee pads give a noticeable "spring" to your step. They feel good.

The velcro is strong and holds on after kneeling, laying down, and getting up repeatedly. I do not recommend diving onto them though. The velcro might give, although I have not had this experience yet.

All in all, they look great, feel great after some adjustment and really protect your knees and elbows. Don't let the cheaper price fool you- this is definitely a good deal.
by Zeke R. on 02/04/2015
"You get your moneys worth with the knee pads. They work great and so far are very durable. Only minor con is that they can end up bundling behind your knees at times, and can be bothersome.
by Seth M. on 01/08/2015
"Well I got to say this is good protection for you at an affordable price the nee pads are cool can be big on some . The straps on the nee pads aren't the best but they work fine the elbow pads are great they give decent protection and as we'll look cool.
by Griffen L. on 08/26/2019
"Very cheap materials, and tight strapping.
The cap material is a soft plastic with no coating. The plastic color matched my other ranger green gear and they also used authentic camo patterns, but everything else was not to standard. The strapping was really tight and didn't offer much room to loose or tighten them to fit, so I would definitely avoid these if you are someone with bigger legs. They also incorporated a seam right where the center of the pads line up on your elbows for maximum discomfort. There was no rubber or anti-slip material to keep them in place. The strapping was very rigid making the sides cut into the leg.

It was generally impractical for field use, but they will look good on your loadout assuming they fit you.