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NcSTAR Battle Belt w/ Integrated Pistol Belt Set (Color: Black)

15 Customer Reviews

by Kai J. on 12/07/2021
"Amazing value for less than $25. The molle panels and belt itself feel very well made and I have no worry about them holding up over time. The only thing that doesn't feel great is the elastic holding the panels together, but that is easily replaceable and not a big issue at all.
by James M. on 08/19/2019
"It fits comfortably and holds my gear.
by aidan b. on 12/29/2018
"I just got this and I mounted a 5 pound revolver and a dump pouch. this belt holds up great but this belt Is not meant for big boys.
by Blaise C. on 09/13/2017
"Worth every cent. You get some features that you'd expect to find in $70-80 belts. There are a few cheap pieces, like the d rings and some elastic cord that straps the panels together. Everything that matters is solid though. I'm a skinny dude at a 28-29" waist, and the belt just barely fits me, but it does. Can't ask for better in this price range.

Sturdy construction
Adjustable from 27-46" (I'd guess)
Ample mounting room
Side panels have cutouts for mounting drop leg holsters

A few cheap parts (that don't really matter)

If you don't want to spend $70+ on a belt, get it.
by Lisa T. on 12/17/2016
"I've had no problems with this belt and has slipped or ridden down while I'm climbing running jumping sliding or even spinning to see if the belt will rotate while I'm wearing it. Overall I'm very impressed and it is well worth your money. P.S. It has lots of mole space for dump pouches magpouches and holsters

CON:this belt is very restricting And doesn't allow youth end or crouch comfortably. But this might just be me cause of my body shape/type.
by Craig L. on 02/25/2016
"Incredibly high quality product for the price. I especially love that the belt is adjustable hook and loop and that it's not a full curves panel, which can be hard to fit larger items one, but rather it's separate panels which also give it a cleaner look. Goes perfect with the LBX and CAST Gear grey colors!
by Jason R. on 02/20/2015
"Nice belt. does what is expected. I have a dump pouch and 2 M4 magazine pouch on mine and this rig serve me for most of my games.
by MARK P. on 01/29/2015
"EXCELLENT belt for $ 28. Integrated perfectly with an authentic DEVGRU Rhodesian Molle LBV. Outstanding lumbar support. belt easily & securely adjusts to size w/ added Velcro to keep the waist adjustment from creeping. Back and side panels have molle webbing for drop pouches or grenade pouches, holsters (left OR right). Not as stiff as OE Mil Spec to integrate with rigging systems, which is a blessing. If you have a chance to get this, get it. You'll be very happy with it.
by Drake B. on 05/22/2018
"Molle panel parts of it are pretty solid very comfortable. For the price very good. Im a 46 so im rather wide and the basic belt worked but if you are my size in width definitely recommend picking up a bigger inner belt. Over all pretty good tho.
by tim a. on 02/28/2016
"It a grate belt for the price.
by Steven I. on 06/30/2015
"This is a very good belt, it works great. The only problem I encountered was that the stitching started coming apart on on of the sides, and I only had it for about a week.
by Peter K. on 04/30/2013
"Pretty good belt, kind of felt awkward when I had it on. Kind of prevented me from turning left or right without it hitting my sides. Its pretty cool, dont get it if you are heavy set i.e. fat.
by Bobby B. on 03/21/2013
"I bought this product before participating in a recent tourney. For the price this product is great but cant sustain too much weight. On my right hip I had a socom gear 1911 with two mags and a rubber knife and by the end of the day the threads keeping the molle fastened onto the base platform of the belt had ripped out and nearly caused my pistol to fall off.

-belt is very durable
-good amount of molle
-doesnt bounce at all

-Difficult to adjust for those like me who are slim.
-Cant hold too much weight and take abuse at the same time (maybe I had a faulty one?)
by Albert P. on 04/27/2014
"I bought this belt last year and was wearing it during 5 airsoft games, I think.


- Looks very cool, you can attach any MOLLE pocket to it. Looks even better if worn with TF3 vest.
- Light enough

- Very, I mean VERY poor quality of seams. It broke up twice already.

Overall, if you don't mind sew it after every game, feel free to buy it.
by Kevin S. on 01/11/2015
"I purchased this belt so that I could add a butt pack to the back panel. It failed the first time out with a load of 1 bag of BBs and 2 water bottles. The molle panel pulled apart.