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SPEED Airsoft M4/M16 AEG Tunable Trigger (Color: Silver)

14 Customer Reviews

by Doug O. on 02/13/2019

Have one of these on a VFC baby M4 that has a titan mosfet…I have it adjusted so if you look at it wrong, it fires.

I Love it!
by Bruno Petra Martins dos S. on 10/28/2017
"This item and others from Speed Manufacture are awesome and have a excellent quality and finish.
by Zachary L. on 09/20/2017
"Must buy if you want to increase the trigger response. Paired with a GATE TITAN MOSFET this think rocks!

I installed it on a VFC VR 16 with no problems.
by Andrew B. on 07/22/2017
"Installed this along with a Gate Titan and couldn't be happier. The Gate Titan uses sensors for the trigger pull giving you the ability to fully adjust the pre and post travel giving amazing trigger control.
by Haakon L. on 02/02/2016
"This is a beast of a trigger. Not only does it look cool, but also;

Okay, so the adjustment screw allows you to change how much travel your trigger has before the trigger contacts inside your gearbox make contact - hence firing the gun. I have a reinforced gearbox from G&P, so I had to dremel down a part of the gearbox reinforcement (small job with the right tools) to allow it to travel enough to cause contact. I also have switched out my trigger contacts with a microprocessor and microswitch, so with just this trigger and fine-tuning, I was able to get my trigger pull down to about 1.5mm at the tip of the trigger, even with functional safety. I do not recommend this if you don't have the required tools, patience and knowledge. Without doing any adjustments other than changing your trigger you can still get a much shorter trigger pull than stock, so long as you dont have a reinforced gearbox from G&P (can not make a statement about other reinforced gearboxes, but I would believe the same applies to them.)

All in all, a great addition to my gun - and yours.
by donovan s. on 12/30/2015
"Good texture.
Never breaks and I've had it for years.
5 stars.
All pros.
No cons.
It makes your gun shoot really fast.
by Nathan R. on 09/19/2015
"I bought this for my polar star build, and I have to say it is amazing!

Nice silver finish
Sturdy construction
Easily adjustable to desired trigger pull length

Needs to be dremmeled a little bit to fit into Fusion Engine
by ryan w. on 09/05/2015
"Great way to let people know that your gun isn't stock. Looks great and is a good first techers project. I also highly recommend an angel customs 6.01 barrel.
by Christopher T. on 01/10/2014
"I grabbed this for my Dboy MK-16 recently. After a small amount of dremmeling it was a perfect fit.

The trigger is very sturdy and comfortable, it feels very solid when pulling on it.
by Alex S. on 12/16/2015
"I bought this for my fully custom combat machine just to make it stand out and let people now it is not custom it is a amazing trigger it stands out and get make your trigger pull shorter the reason I'm giving it 4/5 is becuase its a pain to put in if you are going to install this you better know what you are doing it fits in a combat machine just putting that out there becuase some people believe it does not.
by Jared V. on 12/11/2014
"didn't realize that this trigger wouldn't perform as i intended by it's design, but it's mostly my fault. This is a great quality adjustable trigger. The first thing i noticed is how shiny it is! lol But my knowledge of the trigger mech inside my gun was a bit limited before i attempted to install this.
Be aware that although you can adjust this trigger's pull, you cannot really effectively reduce your trigger draw. This is because there is a gate circuit inside you gearbox, not a spring and hammer like a real steel. This means that your gun basically only has one draw length that will work without further modification. I attempted to shorten my draw gradually and right off the bat i had issues with over cycling and double firing on semi. I returned the trigger to approximately it's "stock" location and the problems were instantly resolved.
All that aside, i still really recommend this product, albeit slightly overpriced, it's basically guaranteed to work in any m4 because of it's adjustability. Just don't expect a hair trigger ;)
by joshua l. on 08/16/2012
"really nice construction...EXTREMELY LIGHT didn't expect that...the only problem about having the trigger pull extremely short you have to mod the cut off lever and safety lever bar and it can be EXTREMELY annoying....i would rather do the hair trigger mod to be honest or pair this trigger with a raptor fet if you have one or can find one or wait for the chimera mosfet..not a fan of ascu not strong enough in my opinion extremely fragile
by Ty R. on 07/01/2018
"Don't buy it for a Krytac unless you want to drill into your gearbox.

P.S. If you have a Krytac dont buy it.
by two c. on 07/07/2015
"Owned this about 6 months put it in 3 gearboxes and it only allows full auto. Full auto on semi full auto on full auto. caused so much frustration and made me stop working on the gearbox for my m4 for a couple months because I couldn't initialize figure out the problem and didn't realize it was the trigger. Once I put the stock trailer back in everything function correctly, tried it again in a second gear box and a third and every time same result. would not recommend this item, perhaps I got a faulty one but a total waste of money. the only Pro is looks, everything else is a con