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Matrix Variable Front Plate Vest w/ Integrated Pistol Holster (Color: Black)

34 Customer Reviews

by Jennifer C. on 10/26/2015
"My boyfriend and I were looking for matching vests for our Umbrella Corps cosplay. He's actually very into airsoft, so his was more needed as an upgrade to his older one. He couldn't be happier. His comments:

Pros- Secure, snug fit, it feels like your wearing something worth while. The mag pouches hold two M4 hicaps a piece, so field reloading is set, the medic pouch holds an lot, and a balanced. It's easily adjustable as well. Solid stitching, and the map pouch has an extra slide in non closable pouch that's perfect for your phone. The rear MOLLE is great, as well as the removable front to expose a clear MOLLE setup. The massive rear hydration pocket is great, I can run two separate bladders. One water, the other a sports drink for longer playing.

Cons- The only issue, the same as everyone else... The pistol holster is in a terrible position. I use it as my last resort weapon and just use a drop thigh rig.

All in all, people have commented on our vests, as they are patched up, and great fitting. They are a great price for what you're getting.
by matthew L. on 05/10/2015
"this is a very good plate carrier although the pistol holster is hard to reach, you just have to use your left arm, or if you have long arms you will be good

built in hydration carrier
light weightish

pistol holster (could be pro)
by Scott G. on 04/27/2014
"i am very new to airsoft my vest vest was one of those zip up one first week the ziper get shot out soo i when order this vest it was one of best things i got for gear not more marks from bb on my chest or shoulder anymore or sides anymore

pro: -Light weight
-Customizable like i could take everything off it just run shotgun pouchs or whatever you want

-Built-in admin pouch with 40MM granade holder sooner or later i will get few of those

-Comes with pouches great for people who are just starting off


-good matirial

- carry up to 5 gal of water with a water pack thing

-The side pouch can is great as a dump pouch for shotgun shell or if you have a thurder bs or a tornado or more bb i can can put up too 3000 bb .25

con- sidearm holster is very hard to get to i am 5'6 168lbs i have short arms i have a hard time getting to it

- only 2 sidearm mags which isnt great wish they had maybe one more for it

but other then few things thats i dont like i still give this vest a 5 out 5 STARs
by Adrienne R. on 03/30/2014
"I got this vest like 5 months ago and i have grown since then and it fits me like a glove its easy to adjust and im 5,8 154 pounds and im only 14 its has lots of molle room and you can detach the bottom so it becomes your own plate carrier and you can customize it yourself overall its a great vest and i strongly recommend this vest to anyone. And it is darker than the one shown in the picture.
by audrey m. on 06/26/2013
"This is a must buy vest!
i run a G&P m4 with 6 mags and they all fit in the pouches great. You can strip down the whole front part of the vest and make it AMAZINGLY light wieght. under that it has velcro molle that i put some pistol mag pouches on and run a pistol loadout! this vest can do it all and is great for the price. get it!
by audrey m. on 04/25/2013
"This vest is A MUST BUY. My brother has this same vest in black and i thought id buy one considering they are very high quality. I adjusted me and it fits me perfect, im 5,7" 130lbs and it fits me prefect! my brother is about 6" and it fits him pretty good also, but if your a bit taller than that it might be a bit high for your stomach but it will work. overall i love this vest and you should buy its very high quality. NOTE : this vest is a bit darker than shown in the picture, so dont think its gonna ship to you and be a bright yello.
by alfredo a. on 02/18/2013
"just got this a week ago and used it saturday this things great fits my g3 mags and fits my glock which was not a bad idea to place a pistol holster inj it over all its great

very sturdy
good price
good feel to it

gets a bit hot in it for hours of playing time in it

but overall its a good vest for any airsofter out there
by Dakotah D. on 10/17/2012
"Just got this vest and I love it good size and fit and I you're worried about the color it's actually a bit darker than the pic I'm 5'5 and 200lb not a wide person but large chest cavity and cross shoulders but vest fits just fine, just a great vest to explain
by kevin n. on 10/13/2012
by Jeffrey V. on 09/12/2012
"Just got this vest in the mail yesterday and it's petty cool but it's a little big on me but that's cuz I'm 4 and a half feet tall and I'm 70lbs so this vest is a little darker then I like but it's ok now to the pros and cons


Fits petty nice
Holds 6 m4 mags
Holds 12 mp5 mags
Has a pistol holder
Has 4 D rings for a sling


A little too padded
If you have small arms you it's hard to get ur pistol

Over all it's a nice vest you should buy it
by Darius j. on 08/08/2012
"Just got my vest in and it's a beast

Great matrieal
Nice color
Light weight
Not a lot of money
Easy movment
Has all the mole u need

The is that vest has no cons
by bob p. on 08/02/2012
"This vest is fantastic! The overall weight feels like nothing, everything you could possibly want is on this vest, besides a radio pouch. The three mag pouch with a capacity of two mags in each pouch is very easy to a joust and very easy to pull out one of your mags!:) Overall people think that the bulkier the vest the more tactical, well the bulkier the vest, the slower you are, so in means by tactical, the matrix vest is one hard core vest! Sometimes the pistol holster is a bit hard to reach, but you will get over it and finally learn the trick;) The admin and medic pouch are also fantastic!
by Ryan F. on 07/10/2012
"This vest is realy nice and well made, I love it and has great color to it also. By the way the magazine pouch will work with a g36 style magazine although it can be hard to get out at time but it should be fine. Also, the magazine pouches work well to hold your gun up because they come off the vest a bit more than other mag pouches although it makes it a bit hevier. The mag pouches also pose a problem when going prone as they can catch on stuff like vines or rocks. And I agree with the others, the pistol holster its hard to reach but if you dont like it I think you can take it off. Overall its an awsome vest that is not a waste of money! Thanks evike!
by christopher g. on 07/03/2012
"This vest is awsome man if u thinking of buying get it!!!!!!!! asap before it goes out of stock!

pros: good matirial
has good pouches
and has every thing u need

cons: littel hard to reach pistol and e.m.t pouch butt still good

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
by Hayden C. on 06/25/2012
"This vest is great. Just got it today. I run a tsd-src g36k and the pouches fit the mags perfectly when i fold the top down. 2 mags and a bottle of bb's fit great in the pouches
Great color
hardshell pouches
double pocket admin pouch
lots of molle
is padded, probably wont even need plates
very comfortable, I'm wearing it now!
really cool removal of pouches with the clips and velcro
holster and emt pouch are a little hard to reach

overall, its amazing. I highly reccomend it, great price, grreat look