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Angel Custom Advanced Precision Airsoft PSS10 550+ FPS SP170 Tune Up Kit for VSR10 Airsoft Sniper Rifles

9 Customer Reviews

by michael e. on 12/28/2019
"This does not fit the stock cylinder of the Well MB03. The inside wall of the stock cylinder is too small for the piston. Piston must be modified to fit. Its best to get a complete cylinder and piston at the same time.
by Joshua K. on 07/16/2019
"Well it is a very nice set and is practically a drop in replacement however a small amount of sanding is needed. I have a well mbo3 and I sanded the piston itself down a hair with some 1000grit sandpaper and now it’s a good fit. A lot of people were saying upgraded Sears were needed so I purchased them but didn’t install them just to see how the stock ones held up and so far they look the same as before. Maybe I got lucky with a good set or well makes better sears but so far so good. Also it definitely shoots way harder and it sounds a little more aggressive too which I like. My buddies I play with are terrified of it now. I also added a tight bore barrel which helped even more with power. I’d recommend this product. It’s literally a drop in and if not it takes 2 minutes of sanding to make it perfect. I highly recommend this product
by Jacob p. on 08/22/2013
"I agree with below. For odd reason all the Japan, China and Hong Kong bolt action sniper rifle comes with a crappy sear. The Angel custom sear should be the first thing you buy even if you don't upgrade your rifle further.

With that said, this kit works as expected, pricing is better than Laylax and the quality of product is top notch. Angel Custom parts are truly amazing
by Ryan R. on 01/26/2017
"This is not a review but a question. Does this tuning kit work with the Tokyo Marui vsr 10 Pro sniper version.
by Ryan M. on 04/02/2014
"good set, but didn't fit in my cylinder. I have a well MB07 and I had to sand it down ALOT to make it fit, other than that it is good only other thing is that the dampener falls off which is no big problem, easy fix with glue. I recommend getting a new sear set. I would recommend getting either the AC sear set or the matrix trigger assembly
by Mike R. on 01/05/2014
"This is a nice upgrade set! The spring it powerful, piston is well machined, and the spring guide is really nice!!
Well machined!
Powerful spring!
Great deal seeing as it would cost $60-$80 for you to get these types of pieces separately
There is an issue with the piston not fitting in my cylinder correctly. I ended up having to sand it down a hair with 600 grit sandpaper for it to not be too tight.
(This might be an issue with my cylinder on my Well M70c MB10 VSR-10. I am probably getting a Teflon coated cylinder which might work better than this stock aluminum one.
Other thoughts:
get a sear set because this spring might wear down the stock pot metal set quite fast!!
by Connor P. on 11/26/2011
"good price for the three pieces included, the FPS is significantly increased and I didn't need to break the bank to get it, but you better prepare to pay the extra money needed for a new sear set because the stock one will last about 15 shots.
Overall good, but remember to upgrade your trigger sear set if you want this to work.
by Pavel S. on 05/14/2017
"This piston does not fit Well SR-5230 Bar-10 G-Spec. It is too wide, you will need to sand it down, but if you do too much you will have slam fire issue.

This could be due to how the Cylinder is made, not very quality seems to have groves that stick into the cylinder from the window cutout.
by Nicholas P. on 04/18/2016
"For the Angel customs 550 fps tune up kit, I have used this kit for quite some time now and I will say it was decent while it lasted, I have put only 2,000 rounds through it ( if that) and I have to say that the spring held up and so did he piston however, the spring guide broke as it is very flimsy, as well as these parts only fit each other, so if one part breaks you would have to buy the set again as no others company's parts would fit. Maybe that my luck, but over all you would have a better long time investment into either separate parts or another company. This is from personal experience..