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Evike Custom "Optic Thunder" M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle

48 Customer Reviews

by Connor T. on 02/23/2022
"I used this once at a milsim event. When I shot someone with it, he told me he saw the answers of the universe and then vanished into the air. 10/10 weapon.
by Lacey B. on 01/16/2022
"Great gun! I think this gun is way to cheap. I played with this gun and it was very light. I find this gun very affordable and easy to run with.

Super light
extremely cheap
lots of sights

Not enough ways to aim
Needs more attachments
Way to cheat
by Sam S. on 12/23/2021
"Could use a couple more scopes but overall good
by Troy O. on 09/22/2021
"It's good overall but I think it needs a few more attachments. One would be a tactical toaster for when you get hungry in the battlefeild. Lastly, it should have a mini TV screen for those boring moments in the middle of a firefight.
by Gage M. on 05/17/2021
"So fun to walk onto the battlefield and see all my friends run for their lives.
by Eli S. on 01/17/2021
"10/10 great for eating mashed poatotos on tolit
by John H. on 01/12/2021
"Gave this to my little 5 year old who was just starting airsoft and he loved it. Has just about everything you need in a starter AEG. Just wish it had a little bit more heft to it so it would feel less like a cheap plastic gun.
by Judah F. on 01/06/2021
"Only problem was the screws on the gun were tights. I unscrewed all the rails and slapped them together to make a 100 foot long rail, then added all the attachments on top. I was able to see individual atoms, and with the spork at the front, detonate nuclear explosions with precision!
Absolutely shreds on the battlefield, but unfortunately is not as good as my Krytac.
by Gavin C. on 01/05/2021
"i love this gun it is good for eating mashedpateto
by Jonas N. on 01/02/2021
"10/10 would eat jello on the potty again!
by Geo S. on 12/19/2020
"I decided to buy this instead of a car, but honestly, this gun is so great, you dont even need a car. Best 10,000 dollars i've ever spent.
by Bo S. on 11/01/2020
"I love the posrk very good for tactical mashed potatoes! i have no money
by Ryan K. on 10/08/2020
"great gun for the price but it is a little heavy
by Yevgeniy B. on 09/28/2020
"I have been waiting for a few years now to write this review, but here goes.

This fun is the absolute best of the best, tried and true, advanced killing machine. As a lightweight gun just under 30 lbs. it’s a considerable threat to any enemy on the battlefield. Rambo would be proud to have this gun in his possession on his missions.

The only drawback of this gun is the spork color. It sometimes shines off in sunlight, giving off your position. I’ve replaced mine with a tactical Kevlar spork and that resolved the issue.

Additionally, make sure you always have the tactical toilet paper on the gun. This helped me in battle so many times, it’s beyond belief how effective it is. Enemy almost always you are taking a dump when they see it and go for an easy kill, unsuspecting that there is a gun barrel just underneath it pointing right back at them. Or the spork for those close encounters.

11/10 best gun, worth your 401(k) savings.
by Jeyden N. on 09/16/2020
"this gun is the most important thing in my life i sleep with it every night a