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G&G Hopup Bucking for Airsoft AEG w/ Cold-Resistant Material

24 Customer Reviews

by Will J. on 05/09/2020
"Amazing bucking you can’t go wrong with a g&g green
by Rodney C. on 05/07/2020
"Works great. Bought a couple for some guns that had been lying around for years and had worn out buckings. I did not try to hop and high weight bbs just .2 and .25s which it did fine..
by Craig Jr E. on 01/30/2020
"The BEST low-cost rubber for a multi-role AEG. Building a 1-1.5j gun? This is your bucking. I always get FANTASTIC results pairing these with H-nubs and Madbull barrels.
by Christian G. on 01/29/2020
"Solid bucking, perfect go-to for most stock buckings.
Also pretty sure this went from $6.40 to $5 due to them not coming with the nub and stabilizing ring they included before, but oh well.
by William C. on 12/27/2019
"Works perfectly. Cant complain
by tom b. on 11/06/2019
"i bought 1 to test it out and than swapped my other m4 over to it. cant beat the price and it works great!!
by Sam B. on 07/10/2019
"Best bucking I've ever owned. All of my rifles use this bucking. Works great in cold weather too. Also good for flat/R-hopping.
by Robert B. on 02/19/2019
"Satisfied customer, just as desribed.
by Thiery B. on 08/03/2018
"I have this bucking installed next to a prowin hop up and it is great, excellent quality of this brand
by Maksymilian D. on 01/10/2018
"There are 4 legendary hop-up buckings in Europe (considering low prices):
-black Systema
-transparend Guarder
-blue Madbull (default, not shark version)
-green G&G
and oh, boy, do I love the green G&G. It's just amazing. My friends also adore the quality of this bucking. Out of 12 AEGs in our group, 8 are running this bucking, 2 are running the black Systema and 1 remains stock (although he is planning to buy the green G&G bucking). I went through 7 bucking (8 including my stock one) and I haven't gotten as great results as I had with this one.
by Brandon M. on 12/19/2017
"Get these when you see them in stock. Best performing budget bucking on the market, period. They perform well as-is and are a great base to flat hop.
by Sifak K. on 10/30/2017
"Best Bucking ever made for AEG's
by Isaac J. on 09/17/2017
"Great bucking for the price. Solved most of my feeding issues on my Scar, and i think it even helped me with some range. I plan on buying more for my rentals.
by Donald J S. on 09/01/2017
"Great bucking for Colder areas and being used with Replicas under 350 FPS. Anything above that I would suggest a slightly harder bucking.
by Maksymilian D. on 06/07/2017
"Bought one for a friend and installed it in his replica. I wish I took a picture of him when he saw the difference (he was using a stock 3 years old gun in a bit of a cold weather ~30*F) His range went up by like 200% and consistency started to be a thing.
Later I even got one for my M4 and I think about getting one more for another replica.
I would advise getting it for any new replica.