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Angel Custom PSS10 Mega-Up VSR-10 Power Up Spring (Type: SP170 / 480~550 FPS)

10 Customer Reviews

by Mark P. on 12/09/2019
"Had to cut the spring in order to fit the Cyma Advanced L96. Now shoots 550+ fps with .20g BBs.
by Louie P. on 06/16/2019
"Really good spring, may be hard to pull back but if you spray with lubricant it becomes easy to pull. Overall really good product!
by Rick B. on 03/26/2013
"Great spring with the right equipment with it such as piston & cylinder. I need time to break mine in my JG BAR10. It chronoed around 570.
by Jack W. on 08/15/2011
"Works great. A lot harder to pull the bolt back, but the FPS increase is worth it. I went from 410 FPS with the stock spring, to 510 FPS. Get the sear set and the spring guide to make sure you don't destroy your gun.
by Jesse L. on 10/14/2013
"This spring is EXTREMELY strong. I'm 5'10, 195lbs and it is an effort to cock my gun with this spring in it. The only way you can use it is with a 90 degree trigger and piston, which are available at various places. I'm currently using the Angel custom "alpha" trigger. The trigger pull is extremely strong as well. DO NOT use a gun with a spring this powerful within 75'. I stuck a .28g bb into the trunk of a tree with this.

Overall it does what it's supposed to do- shoot hard.
by ryan k. on 04/16/2019
"This spring didn't fit the stock piston in my bar 10 or the aftermarket aluminum vsr 10 piston i bought from evike. It only fit about half way inside the stock piston and was a milimeter or two too wide for the aftermarket one.
by Matt R. on 07/06/2014
"Okay so I bought this for my JGm700 and at first it was amazing! Hitting a 12 inch target at about 150-woo feet. But slowly I noticed that the bolt was easier to pull back than it was at first. At first is was very hard to pull back, but now it was way easier for one reason. So my .30gram bbs were not going as far or as fast. So not I'm guessing the fps is somewhere between 380-430 with .20grams. Keep in mind I am using .30's so I don't think the bbs are really the problem.

Good fps

Hard to bull back
by Robert B. on 03/04/2015
"Works well for a while, but the spring compresses and warps very quickly.
by James M. on 09/09/2019
"Isn't very good quality. It only lasted a few games.
Dont waste your money on this.
by Lukas A. on 05/19/2015
"Garbage, hate to say it. I've heard lots of bad things about Angels Custom products across the board minus a few bits and pieces. But I figured I'd give it a try since I needed an SP170 spring for my sniper rifle. Well out of the box I thought hey this is pretty decent. FPS was decent on the chrono about where I suspected it should be with my build. I was able to stretch my range out past 100 yards which was around 25 yard further than I could with my SP150 spring.

Fast forward a few weeks and about 500-1000 BB's later. Well I noticed progressively the bolt handle was getting easier and easier. The rifle was still shooting alright since most of my shooting is 75 yards or so for practice seldom do I shoot 100+ yards. Well today the wind was good and I decided to do some longer range shooting. I wasn't able to get beyond 80 or so yards, The BB's just wouldn't carry enough energy(shooting .43g). So I did some more testing etc to see what was going on, rifle is super consistent just couldn't get the max range I could a few weeks ago with no real changes. Decided to chrono the gun since I suspected the FPS had dropped off along with the easier bolt throw. Keep in mind I shot a few months with the SP150 from a different brand and the bolt throw felt easier than the SP150. So I chrono'd it, and accounting for jewel creep with my short barrel it came out to 400fps with a .2g projectile. Where just a few weeks ago it came in around 530fps with a .2g.

So obviously this spring is either made of a poor material as in a bad grade of spring steel, or the heat treat is bad. One way or the other it's now weaker than a SP150 by a large margin, and a significant drop in FPS. Absolutely not worth buying, I would avoid this spring and I hate to say it but all Angel Custom's springs since I can't imagine they are any better. Maybe I got a lemon but after all the reports I've read, I'd say this is more the normal result rather than the exception.