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Angel Custom G2 SUS304 Stainless Steel Precision 6.01mm Airsoft AEG Tightbore Inner Barrel (Length: 370mm)

83 Customer Reviews

by Al W. on 01/27/2021
"Barrel came in a great package. Had to trim some, (not the barrels fault), and paired it with a Maxx hop-up. I took me a couple hours to install the hop-up correctly and get flawless contact, but now I have an R-hopped setup that shoots at least 30 ft farther than my stock EMG setup. Not for nubs, and would highly suggest.
by Jacob C. on 06/15/2020
I’m very impressed with this inner barrel, I’ve had lots of experience with it as I’ve installed 2 in the past 6 months in my 2 guns, my groupings with .28s at 100 ft are very tight. My FPS and consistency with a maple leaf bucking are superb. I have tried the 200mm and the 300mm both with a maple leaf bucking and have only had good results.

-Tight groupings at long range
-20 FPS increase for me
-Fair price
-Pairs great with maple leaf bucking

-Will start to double feed if you don’t clean it after a few weeks, but just use a barrel cleaning rod and a tissue and your all good.
by Andrew M. on 04/23/2020
"Amazing upgrade in terms of accuracy. Used a 430mm (400fps) to get 2in groupings at 50ft, and 5in groupings a 100ft in a cross wind.
by Andrew R. on 12/30/2019
"I bought this barrel for my VFC Avalon Calibur Carbine. The VFC Avalon bragged of the best in class out of the box accuracy and they weren't lying. This AEG is amazing out of the box, but I wondered if I could do better. Turns out I can. This AEG was accurate before; its an absolute laser now. If I could hit you at 100ft before, I know can conduct surgery at that same distance. My groupings at short ranges tightened dramatically. My range improved a little more. In, short I'm absolutely please Angel Custom's barrel. I highly recommend it.
by William C. on 12/27/2019
"Worked like a charm. What else can I say.
by Kevin S. on 09/02/2019
"I own STG44 by AGM I recently rebuilt the internals that it came with this I installed it myself and was able to get it functioning the only thing I noticed is that even though the sturmgewehr by AGM is stated that it has a 363 millimeter Barrel I almost think that it would have been better to put a 370 mm barrel instead but other than that i noticed a slight increase in accuracy the original Barrel that came in my gun versus the one that I bought that was a 363 was shorter than the one that was in there already by about 3 and a half inches
Hands down good investment
by Mufeed K. on 05/28/2019
"Absolutely amazing inner barrel! I cannot compare this to a prommy inner barrel or anything, but one of my friends has a prommy 6.03 inner barrel and it is nearly indistinguishable to this 6.01 inner barrel! Why spend so much more when you can spend less and get the same experience! Warning, do clean the inner barrel after every game day though to keep it smooth and clean. It is a very tight bore.
by Justin H. on 09/27/2018
"Never shot the stock barrel of my a&k stubby m4, this with a flat hop and I was able to nearly hit 3/4 across the map. Pretty accurate, no jams and I chronoed at 280w/ .32g bbs. I shot .28 gram all day and had no issues and felt very confident in my hits. Once you know how to take apart your hopup you are ready for this upgrade! For a short barrel I got quite a good range.
by Ace L. on 09/16/2018
"Excellent barrel, fits right in and feels awesome. Increase my grouping on my APS Phantom Extremis.
by Jackson C. on 06/22/2018
"My cm16 srl is a lot more accurate due to this mod
by Cameron M. on 06/05/2018
"Great so far! Shooting a tighter group now! Definitely notice a big difference when shooting auto!
by ted s. on 09/18/2017
"10/10 would reccomend. works great . laser beam
by denise r. on 07/05/2017
"Honestly the best upgrade you can do to improve your hop up next to a maple leaf bucking and nub. People say that 6.01 will cause feeding in high ROF guns, but this is not true as long as you use precision seamless bbs. Now, on to Rhop. Hop Systems told me they don't work on these, which is dumb because they are good barrels, so if you want to Rhop, either just buy the Umbrella Armory one from Evike or do an S-Hop, which is almost guaranteed to give you perfect consistency. But yeah, these barrels are the only ones I'll use in rifles, however for pistols I go with the PDI Palsonite 6.01 barrels.
by josh l. on 06/18/2017
"Flawless construction. Looks dope af. Couldn't be happier. The guys at my local shop were charging $10 more for a barrel not as nice and not the right length ( were gonna charge me $15 in labor fees to cut it to length). Hopped on here and found this barrel cheaper, better looking, and cheaper. Highly recommended.
by Mike H. on 05/07/2017
"Great upgrade parts to have!