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NcStar AK QD Side Rail Optics / Scope Mount with Double Rail

11 Customer Reviews

by Arik N. on 02/01/2021
"I got this for my CYMA ak. It fits flawlessly. Just so you know you have to tighten it as much as possible. This might bend the metal a little but it's fine.
by Duy T. on 08/05/2020
"I got this for my LCT AK and it fits fantastically! Super tight and each to take off and easy to put on! It fits on my LCT AK G-04 perfectly! I recommend it for your AK rifles!
by Zachary B. on 01/30/2019
"I ordered this rail for a CYMA CM.048 AK74 with a side rail. At first I was frustrated because the rail did not fit securely and the three Allan screws has no apparent use. I contacted NcStar (Evike was no help) and was able to speak to tech support who explained that the middle larger Allan screw is designed to bend the bottom bar of the mount in order to clamp to a number of different ak side rails. After using the screw to bend the aluminium of the mount, I was able to securely mount the device with zero wobble. It took several turns and I had to use the longer side of the allan key for leverage but this system works well.

Having figured this out, the mound is quality and should fit just about any AK style side rail. I just wish there were instructions that explained how much the Allan screws have to be tightened.
by Marshall H. on 05/10/2016
"I bought this mount for my Echo 1 Ak700 dmr project rifle. The mount is very well made, being milled from aluminum. It fits very well on the rail with minimal movement and clamps down rock solid. This mount will not move once you tighten down the bolts. The top rail sits about 1/2 inch above the top of the dust cover and is about 1/8th inch to the left of the center line of the gun and slightly angled to the right due to the taper in the body of the ak. Make sure you take this into account when buying a scope for it. A scope with plenty of room for adjustment is key as you will need to compensate for the slight left to right offset. Overall this mount is fantastic and well worth the money.

TLDR: Solid mount, fits very well on echo 1 ak, slight left to right offset, get a good scope with room for adjustment.
by tyler s. on 05/13/2013
"I bought this for my newly aquired we-tech ace vd and i must say that it is rock solid! I was supprised by the heft this thing has too. I have yet to actually use it in a game but i can already tell that there wont be any problems with this mount... if you, like me, plan on putting this on an svd, remove the top dust cover before you install it and before you tighten the mount up all the way, put the dust vover back on o hope this help you, i can say absolutly nothing bad about this product... its amazing! P.S. i apologize if my sprlling is a little off, im typing thisnon my phone...
by Dylan K. on 09/11/2012
"i got this for my echo 1 svd and it works great. solid stong attachment its not gonna come off. i have a real svd posp scope so i use this for my red dot and flashlight to give my svd a nice close range feel but this can be used for people that want to throw any scope on the svd, ak or rpk.

saves people money if they choose this and a scope over a real svd scope
works with three different guns
strong sturdy attachment
works well with scopes, red dots, eotechs
optic on the top plus flashlight or lasor on the side

by Michael O. on 01/11/2012
"This is a great mount. It is sturdy, does not wobble, supports a lot of weight, looks awesome, and it will come off with one half turn of an Allen-wrench very quickly. It is also really cheap for what you get out of it.
by Jack E. on 01/05/2012
"First thing I noticed when I opened the box... this mount is HEFTY. I honestly couldn't believe how heavy and solid the construction was. It still blows me away how something so small is so rock solid. Not only do you get a top rail for your optics, you get generous rail space on the left side of the mount for a laser or flashlight. Compare that to some $60 mounts! It would be nice if it had a lever to attach/detach, but the allen key screws work just fine! You CANNOT complain for $24. I also attached this to my ECHO1 RedStar LMG (RPK) and it mounted flawlessly and has ZERO wiggle/wobble room. What an excellent price for such a hefty, rock solid, versatile AK mount. Highly recommend getting this if you are looking to add a rail to your AK-style rifle.
by Rexman N. on 04/17/2018
"It SHOULD be a 5/5 stars, but I give it ONE point below for the following reason.

DO NOT GET THIS if your AK has a FLIP-UP battery compartment.

I bought this for a CYMA AK CM045C, and not only does it only FIT ONLY HALFWAY because the top rail bangs into the rear sight on the AK 74, I also CANNOT access the battery compartment once the scope mount is placed.

It's ANNOYING having to take this scope mount off EVERYTIME to recharge the battery or put a new one in, and then READJUST your sight again after installing the scope mount, it's not a plug and play, you really have to screw in the bolts to get it to stick.
by cory s. on 05/07/2014
"Great product, well made. dose not fit jg ak. would have gave it 5 stars but want people to notice so they buy the right one :)
by josh a. on 10/24/2019
"Doesn't work with LCT style ak's it uses a different kind of mounting screw