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Rothco 5053 8" "Forced Entry" Side Zip Tactical Boots - Black (Size: 10)

10 Customer Reviews

by Everett R. on 10/06/2015
"Second pair of non-standard issue boots I've ever owned. Not only are they comfortable, but they break in easily, and allow for a quick transition from your old boots to these. They look great, and the lacing holds the boots nice and tight even after a long day outdoors. They're highly breathable, but can get a little warm on hotter days. The side-zip is amazing, and allows for you to quickly put on or take off the boots without having to unlace at all.
Overall, great boots. four stars.
by Ricardo D. on 08/20/2013
"These boots are amazing. I've had these boots for nearly 2 years and they are still operating perfectly. Of course they've started to wear down, but consider that I walked two miles to work about 5 days a week for a year, yea i was broke no car. Anyway although they are a bit heavy, they do build resistance and you will get use to them in short time, oh yea my job requires non stop walking around, so if your worried about them being comfortable, don't, they are. Also because they go up eight in. they protect you from most abraisions.
Very durable
Side zipper
Sole will survive (mine have for almost two years)
Will protect at least shock most abraisions
Weight at first
Will not defend against bullets
by Mario C. on 07/12/2013
"Great boots for airsofting! They are made of leather so it has a decent quality.
Forced entry- Easy to get in and out
Looks cool with my gear
Made of Leather
Very Tactical look
Not Cheap, but not too expensive
Gets hot when I play since it is black, and I play in the desert
Overall Great Boots! Get Them!
by Will A. on 01/29/2013
"first off this is my second order from Evike and now I have to say im always going to buy from here!

Now to the boots, I love them the fit great and I have always loved side-zip and they all the best boots Ive had so far. Also, Evike thank you for having boots in my size!
by Vincent L. on 06/03/2012
-Very comfortable
-Easy to put on
-HEAVY duty

-None :D

Its a great buy!
by Giovani B. on 08/15/2016
"Good boots overall great high ankle support . confrontable enough to wear for work and or long periods of time playing airsoft and etc. The tag on the top part of the tongue and be a bit annoying at times especailly when wet or sweaty but you can adjust the tongue to fix it. Plus these look pretty freakin cool especailly if you have black color load out
by William B. on 08/04/2016
"These are good boots. Not amazing, but good. I've owned a pair of these since April, and only recently did I encounter my first major issue: I broke the tag off a zipper. Now I use a multitool I carry on me to zip and unzip these boots. But that won't be much of an issue after I get a replacement tag. The zipper did need to be repaired on the same boot... but it was only a half an hour struggle. (Zippers don't like being fixed) I've worn these boots to work a few times because of how comfortable they are. The mesh near the tops of the feet do get annoying when you're in a wet field... but there are plenty of waterproofing sprays to seal them up. 4/5 rating just for the zipper being difficult.
by Thomas W. on 08/08/2013
"These boots are nice and all but they run way too big, I wear a 13 and these boots feel like a 15. Other then that they feel great beside the loose fit
by David B. on 07/31/2011
"I bought a pair of these boots only I got them at HSO. They are pretty sweet(and convenient). I use them for C.A.P. and airsofting(sometimes). All-in-all, I give 'em a 4-out-of-5. due tue the fact that if you wear (only)these boots for a few weeks( say about, 6 or 7,) the boot looses some of its lining.

Pros: cool
they dry off quickly

Cons: wear 'em for 6 or 7 weeks straight the lining comes out(sorta)
by Kyle J. on 11/12/2018
"I can feel the blisters on the back of my heel already.