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Godly CQB Riot Control / Camera Man Shield of Heavens

36 Customer Reviews

by Nate D. on 03/10/2017
"Awesome product works best with an R-Hop and ProWin hop up chamber installed, Would also recommend a motor upgrade and gear shimming. Other than that this is an awesome product. 15/10!
by Tanner C. on 02/13/2017
"Very Accurate recommend running a 9.6v and a mosfet before buying I'd recommend upgrading the internals later on.
by Dru W. on 06/25/2016
"sorry I couldn't rate any higher
ITS bb repellant and is a wonderful melee weapon be prepared for a bit of hate but not a lot like maybe a come on
if you play CQB or POL-SIM this works great with a hand gun in one hand
So its really light like way more than you will believe and can be one armed and if you do it right you can stack up on it also has multiple uses door/window block, extra cover, etc. if u get if u wont regret it
Only con is not even that bad ( two handles nothing to grab arm) like said before its LIGHT it can be one handed
by Preston F. on 03/15/2016
"Very high FPS and rate of fire.
Works very well with a grenade launcher attachment and bipod.

I rate 10/10
by Tatsuro K. on 09/07/2014
"It states that it's best for camera-men, yet thats not the only best thing to use this gun for. At HollyWood Sports, this shield is the best to have in Combat Center or the other scenario fields because as a rusher, it really gives you great view, and amazing durability!
Not too heavy
Does not cover view
Two aligned handles (Not being able to hold like a riot shield with one hand)
Hard to hold with one hand
Overall, its an amazing shield, i would recommend for rushers, defenders, and of course camera-men.
by Christian G. on 07/24/2014
-easily covers the upper torso and close to half of the lower torso of almost anyone that uses this
-soft textured handles
-large thick foam strip in front of the handles
-easily see through the shield, very clean( it comes covered in a blue wrapping, easily peels off without a problem)

-Hard to hold one handed, still possible
-the logo(I don't mind it personally)

Overall: A very affordable shield that can diversify any load out, easily worth the money!!
by Robert D. on 08/03/2013
"This shield is amazing. I used a strap for an old drop leg holster so i can strap it to my arm and carry it easily. I took it to a war yesterday and everybody wanted to use it. I borrow a friend's plastic body m4 and one handed that with the shield. My team was defending the top of a hill and i went through the village on the side, shot a couple there, then came behind them and shot every one of them. The shield is tricky to use in the open, but used with other cover, it can be a huge advantage. Definitely worth every penny.
by Julian B. on 07/25/2013
"Got this shield about 2 months ago and it is the funnest thing to use.

Good Quality
Intimidates other team

Other team targets you as the main person to get
by Jordan M. on 07/25/2013
"I purchased this shield about 4 months ago for $80. It is the best thing that EVER happened to cqb airsoft! I am 6'0" 155 lbs and it covers most if not all of my body when crouched. It also gets alot of comments on the field.
by Ryan G. on 03/29/2013
"I purchased this great item back when it was first released and I have to say it is one of my favorite pieces in my set up now. I took two extra large climbing clips and mount it to the back of my vest easily for quick deployment and easy handling. I am 6ft and 160 pounds, I have no issue crouching while holding this shield and covering the majority of my body. This shield attracts tons of attention. After dominating many cqb and objective based games out at our fields I have seen more and more people purchasing these shields. Preferably I use a pistol with the shield but occasionally I just one arm my g4 pws diablo and full auto for giggles. Best feeling ever is surprising someone around a corner when they panic and full auto your shield as you pop them off lazily with your m9.

Intimidation factor [hello first picked]
Surviving X targets vs you [multi kill time]
Light weight and won't hinder your movements
Good quality, very durable
Sat on, thrown, full auto'd, sunk, frissbeed, captain America tossed, and layed on. Still looking good

Noisy when running unless held
Gets you shot in the back every time, but what did you expect
by Alex N. on 12/30/2012
"As soon as I got it, it seemed a tad smaller than I thought it would be. I took it to a game the weekend after and got a lot of nice comments. This is ideal if you are a cameraman or a small teenage asian guy (like me !) 5'5" 130 lbs. Awesome piece to add any person's airsoft collection, and comes real handy when you playing objective based games.
by Brandon B. on 10/31/2012
"My brother bought this shield and we immediately tested it with my king arms thompson, i shot at him full auto and it didnt hit him once i even aimed for his feet and it still didnt hit him. and we also tested it in a war with about 10 people and me and my friend had to double team him both using electrics and it took about 5 minutes of straight shooting to kill him. i also reccomend getting it if your a smaller person because its not that big but it completely covers my averaged sized 13 year old brother.

Looks good
Attachable to backpacks (backpacks with click in straps)

Not huge but im a big person
Smudges easily
by Tam N. on 10/01/2012
-Looks Intimidating
-Covers most of your body when crouching/kneeling.
-Very sturdy and durable
-Lightweight (I can run full sprint without being weighed down.)
-Flexible (If I pound it down or fall onto it it won't pose a issue since it will just flex.)
-Ambidextrous (This is my primary so I can swap sides if I need more cover on a certain side.)

Not large enough to stack behind.
by Cody P. on 08/19/2012
-Looks awesome
-Covers most of your body when crouching. (I'm 6 ft.)
-Very sturdy and durable
-Handles are attached well
-Came shipped very carefully, with a blue plastic screen-type thing over it. No scratches or anything.
-Saved my house from a killer attack dragon thanks to that +55 defense against dragons ;)

-My friends upgraded Echo1 M249 (490 fps) put a few dents into it
-Handles arent wide enough to put your arm through

Still definitely 5/5, Get it!
by Andy L. on 08/01/2012
"it rocks deaflects all my freinds shots but if you dont hold it low enough you will get shot in the foot i recomend this for the people who like to have wars it is worth it