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JG Newest Type Polycarbonate Piston & Piston Head Set with full steel teeth

14 Customer Reviews

by Daniel M. on 09/28/2016
"Excellent pistons. I have used these in about 5 guns so far and they work amazing. Have yet to test in a higher fps build but so far so good excellent product for a great price
by alex j j. on 04/05/2016
"I have bought three or four of them now, and each in a different aeg.all I have to say is for the price of it, you can't beat the quality of it.
To be honest I was thinking it would last less than a year because of the price but I was wrong and I'm glad of that because I know that I can get parts of decent quality and fair price thank you for the help over the years
by John O. on 08/17/2013
"I initially got this for another gun but it went into an AGM MP-40 I grabbed from a boneyard. The stock piston/piston head was pretty crummy and this gave me a more "oomph" per shot.

If you want a great piston for mild upgrades, get this and it won't let you down.
by Pedro S. on 01/14/2013
"This is an outstanding replacement piston head set for M4 version 2 aiorsoft rifle. I have used this on JG and VFC rifle. So far, It still working after running approximately 10,000 rounds of BB's. Buy this piston head set assembly. I was impressed with this part. Thanks a lot.
by josh t. on 11/19/2012
"Alright ive installed my fair share of pistons over the years, this is a great piston for the money. Ive bought a total of 4 over the last 8 months for various guns and none have failed. Perfect example is i have one in my D-boys SCAR, running a M130 spring, ball bearing spring guide, cnc cylinder head, and infinity motor, running on an 11.1 lipo. Its chronoed at 380-395 fps with .25s and 25bbps. After about 15krds i opened the gearbox to check up and the piston shows very little wear. Remember its all in how u build your gearbox, that determines how long your parts will last. And use good grease!
by Quen L. on 08/10/2012
"This piston is great. It's nothing like the stock pistons found in chinese guns. I've swisscheesed mine and have been running it over 40k rounds now with an m130 spring. I've used it with an 11.1v lipo and it still stood up to the 20+rps. As long as you correct the angle of engagement, it will work fine. The piston head isn't that great, but for the price, you're already getting a good piston for less than most others
by Victor R. on 04/15/2012
"I bought this piston because I've grown tired of having to replace pure polycarb pistons due to normal wear and tear. As other reviews have mentioned, it only has a small piece of plastic holding the teeth in place. If you're not planning on murdering your piston with a 400fps lipo set up it will hold up just fine.

I've been using this piston on my 9.6v 380fps Masada for about 3 months. It shows absolutely no signs of wear on any part of piston most importantly the head and the teeth.
by Christopher H. on 03/12/2012
"Ordered on a Wednesday and received the following Monday..... in Hawaii. Great speed on the shipping.
Put this piston into my G&G UMG after my Bravo 1/2 steel teeth piston blew out from the combination of a Systema high speed motor and SHS 16:1 high speed gears using a 7.4 lipo. Figured it was time to try a full metal tooth piston so I want looking and found this. Full steel teeth, high strength polycarb body with a ported piston head included all for $12!!! Sold! Put it in the gun and it ran like a champ! JG keeps stepping their game up year after year and their prices stay the same.... other manufacturers better watch out for JG.
by anthony g. on 06/08/2011
"i ordered one of these and it just came in today, and straight out of the box i could already feel just how strong and durable it is. the polycarb body of the piston was significantly heavier than my stock piston, and is much MUCHHH stronger! and as an additive, it comes with a full metal teeth rack, which is made of high quality steel, AMAZING for high speed setups.
i have a jg g36c, and another thing i found that really suprised me was the piston head! its also made out of polycarb, and its well-ported and gets a perfect (and i do mean PERFECT) airseal in my g36c cylinder. my sector gear is shortstroked by 5 teeth, which is ALOTT, so my FPS wasnt that great before.. but after installing this BEAST, my fps skyrocketed back up to atleast 300+, and its shooting at about 20 rps :oo
did i meantion that the piston head has ball bearings? ohh yeahh;)
im not sure how well this will fit into other brands of gearboxes, but it is FLAWLESS in mine. i didnt even have to do any modification whatsoever, and thats why i'm giving this a 5 out of 5. and if you also have a jg gearbox, then i gaurentee that this will work EXACTLY as good for you as it does for me!!

Polycarb body for strength and speed
Full metal teeth rack for dureability
Ball-bearing polycarb piston head with AMAZING airseal

by randall h. on 05/28/2011
"For those of you looking for a good piston and piston head for a low price.
This may be the one you should get. I installed this on an M4 High torque with 11.1 Lipo and recently took it down to see what wear and tear existed. This piston looked untouched. Full steel teeth are a must for when when doing a high power mod.
It appears it was made to engage the sector gear better, as no shimming was required when I initially installed this piston. I'm getting some more.
by Theresa K. on 01/14/2015
"Solid piston for the price
Strong teeth
Not too heavy
Handles a m125 fine

O-ring didn't make a good deal but I just switched it with the o-ring from my old piston and it sealed fine.
by joseph b. on 12/01/2011
"I've had purchased 2 of these sets so far only to have them last roughly through 3 hours of play. The first failed because the screw holding the head on uses a cheap crush washer to stay in so it backed out and the head came off while playing. The screw then lodged in the spring freezing the piston in place so the rack was ripped out of it.

The piston head I find to be good FOR THE PRICE.

I purchased a second thinking it was my fault for not double checking my parts before installing. The second failed because the rack broke though it's tracks into the piston body. My gearbox is solidly shimmed and adjusted for AOE. I'm running a stock gears, a matrix 3000 torque motor and an m120 spring paired to a 1500mah 25C 11.1 lipo.

Pros: PRICE!

Cons: Not suited for anything other than a mild build.
by Theresa K. on 06/15/2015
"Decent piston, I had it with a m125 for about 5 months and a tooth sheared off. Cheap but not exactly reliable
by jeffrey a. on 12/14/2011
"Ive been working on KWA m series rifles for 2 years.
I run 11.1 lipo 20-30 c turnigy batteries so I constantly break parts, I tried this piston out and it only lasted 10 rounds single fire and one spray of ammo on automatic and the gun stopped working, I took a look at the piston and it had cracked the back of the piston that holds in the the metal strip. So I continue on to look for the piston that lasts the longest. So please use this knowledge do not buy this product!