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HFC VSR-10 Full Size High Power Airsoft CO2 Gas Sniper Rifle (600~650 FPS)

11 Customer Reviews

by Nicholas M. on 01/02/2021
"Very nice rifle for the price. Shoots hart right out of the box accuracy isnt to bad either
by Kevin L. on 11/14/2020
"I bought this model on sale at a local airsoft store (sorry Evike). It was a good deal because the FPS is to high for field play. However, on a plus side it has no problem punching through cans or plastic milk jugs!
I am only using this as a backyard target plinker. I’ve never been on an airsoft field but I do have a few other spring and co2 snipers that I use. This gun shoots amazing out of the box! I can reloaded at least 8 times before co2 needs replacing, so your not out of gas right away. Reloading co2 is not hard, but does take multiple steps and the manual was poor in explaining it. I found a video to explain it clearer.
I shoot targets in my backyard at 30 and 65 feet. It’s so accurate at this range that I wish my yard was bigger to make shooting cans more challenging!
The nice part about co2 snipers over spring is the ease of the the pull of the bolt. This is extremely easy to pull back and I have yet to see major wear marks where it slides.
For a person who ISN’T shooting on a field, this is for you! Cheap, accurate and proving quickly to be reliable.
Seriously considering buying another just to have as a backup.
by Blake B. on 01/30/2017
"I've had this gun for the past 2 years and loved it. Worth it!
by Jacob K. on 10/16/2016
"So I had this gun a few years ago and overall it was probably the best under $150 gas airsoft sniper to date. I put about an extra $100 into the internals and was hitting a notebook paper at 300 feet. Unfortunately due to being new at airsoft i stored it without proper maintenance and the o rings ended up drying out. But if your field allows the high fps it is definitely a fantastic gun! Everyone at my local field feared it and when it ahot with .43 everyone would duck their heads. The gun now sits with a spring bolt in it (yes it is 100% vsr10 compatible minus the gas) and all the upgrades with a -14mm barrel extender. 10/10
by Gardner S. on 12/25/2014
"This is a great way to go when getting into sniping.
The co2 makes this gun a powerhouse!! and it's upgrade able with most vsr parts.

High fps
Very upgrade able
Mine came with a fresh co2 cartridge already installed in the bolt

A lot smaller than I expected. Feels a lot like a varmint rifle than an airsoft sniper (could be pro)
Co2 is kinda tricky to change but you get used to it

Overall a great starter sniper for low price. Only thing that bugs me is how compact and small it is (again could be pro)
by Evan B. on 07/29/2014
"This thing is awesome haven't got a chance to play with it but I've shoot it a lot. It's suuuper loud! It's kinda intimidating haha. Definatly make sure you stay outside min engagement distance because it shoots very fast and will probably leave a real nasty welt. Haven't had problems thus far so can't wait to play with it.
by Gabe F. on 12/24/2012
"This gun is strong!!! It is also durable and pretty cheap for such a strong gun. I recommend 38gram bbs
Easy to use
light(without scope)
Loud(realistic) it is a gas sniper sooo.....
Sometimes the shots are inconsistent
Really hard to tell whether or not you punctured the Co2 canister
by vincent s. on 03/19/2011
"this is an amazing gun bought it about a month ago my friends all envy me and for the first 2 weeks they were messing with it and its been dropped about 5 times and theres no damage what so ever very strong and sturdy definatley worth the money
by Tim L. on 03/22/2017
"Let me start with syaing that this gun is totally worth the price. Very solid and realistic size and weight on top of a very powerful shot!

The gun that I bought did not come with a manual however. (i was glad i had my airsoft mantianence expreienced brother able to look at it when i got it or i would have never be able to figure it out.)
The Co2 casing is part of the bolt shaft and requires 2 levers to be pulled out in order to remove the bolt for Co2 replacement. (making for easy Co2 change)

The only other thing i must add about the gun that i bought is that 2 out of the 4 screw sizes are different on the top of the barrel which only allows 2 screws to be placed in when putting a base railing on instead of the iron sighht box. (still holds my 9x 30 scope just fine, i just was pointing it out :P )

hope my review helps!
by samuel c. on 12/24/2014
"This gun shoots hard. Fresh C02 is shooting 400-600 fps. As you can tell the fps varies. I have been testing it in cold weather so it may react different in warm weather.
Shoots hard
Pretty consistent shots
easy to pull bolt back
well oiled
hasn't leaked
very durable ABS plastic

Shots inconsistent in cold weather
drops at about 125-150 ft W/ 25g bb's
eats C02
by Craig R. on 04/04/2016
"the gun broke out of the box, the mag catch was broken, and the bolt was broken. The Co2 would leak and the whole gun would lock up randomly. This gun is not worth it!!