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Matrix MB01 MB05 Type96 AW338 Trigger Assembly for UTG TSD Shadow Op & Comp. Airsoft Sniper Rifles

10 Customer Reviews

by Josh W. on 03/30/2019
"Drops right into my Well MB08 and does a good job. I just put the 2nd one in after wearing out the first. I wasn't counting, but I got well over 1000 rounds with upgrades to 500+fps. Yes, there was wear over time but for 30 bucks I feel like I got every penny's worth out of it. Otherwise I wouldnt have gotten the 2nd one. Cheap enough to buy 2 and keep a spare in the case. It's a good quick and easy no-fuss get back on the field replacement part. It also has a decent feel when new, though it gets gritty near the end of its life. That's just a warning to put an order in for a new one before it goes out completely.
by Francis L. on 04/18/2018
-All metal

-Doesn't come with screws, so save the ones that comes with the original trigger box
-Spacing on the trigger makes a loose trigger, moves side to side unlike the stock trigger where there is no spacing, it won't come off though so no worries, but a little bothersome at first

Great buy if you have any upgrades, no big complaints here
by Robert J. on 08/31/2017
"Well worth the 30$ for a new trigger box. The metal construction lessens the worry of over-torqueing the screws in and cracking like the plastic original. Drops right in and functions perfectly. Needs some working in, but that's just part of the fun. For those that are not tech inclined like myself it was a great replacement upgrade on a budget.
by Omar B. on 03/03/2017
"Just like all the other reviews say, it is stiff at first but a little lubricant inside can help ease it up. Fit nicely on a Well MB08. It didnt come with screws so I used gearbox screws with some washers. No complaints here, 5/5.
by Trevor H. on 05/26/2012
"It's solid as a rock. No mattter what even if I was not buying a upgrated spring I would still buy this product.

Full metal
Saftey trigger actually works
Satisfying click when you pull trigger

by kyle p. on 03/31/2011
"just got this bad boy in and i will say its a brick. if you put a steel sear in this trigger box im sure it can take so pretty heavy springs all in all i think its a great upgrade from the plastic stock box.

thanks evike you once again have what i need!!
by Ryan S. on 03/13/2017
"This is definitely an upgrade to the stock plastic trigger box that comes with the mk96, and while undoubtedly a sturdier shell than its plastic counterpart, the sears cant take much. I have a utg mk96 upgraded with an angel custom piston, spring guide, cylinder, sp170 spring set that has it shooting at 510fps with a .2g bb. after 500-1000 rounds the tip of the piston sear couldnt take it anymore and broke. If you are getting this triggerbox and have any power upgrades in your gun, invest in better sears to go with it.
by Matthew C. on 05/24/2013
"Placed this in my UTG MK96

-Full Metal

-Stiff trigger, more so since I installed the Matrix Upgrade kit with a slightly heavier spring.
-Painted exterior (dipped or sprayed), and looked a little beat up. Chipped spots and a rounded corner. But no matter, didn't buy it for looks.
-Trigger stuck to the rear until I greased it some. Had to be manually moved forward. After working with it a little while I was able to get it working like butter.

Overall, worth the $30. All of my cons were expected at this price point. Seems to be more pot metal, but feels sturdy enough. Will have to see it's longevity versus the more expensive zero style triggers.
by Robert F. on 11/24/2012
"This is not the same stock trigger assembly that is originally in the gun; it is a better one. The outside casing IS ALL METAL. There is ZERO PLASTIC on this one. On my stock assembly, the safety lever and casing were a cheap plastic; both of these broke. This one has an ALL METAL casing and ALL METAL safety lever. This is probably the best $30 i've spent on his gun.

Pros: Full metal

Cons: doesn't come with screws to put screw into the receiver
Stiff trigger pull

Overall: just make sure you have the screws from your stock one and then buy this part! If it came with screws I would give it a 5 stars.
by Kyle A. on 06/15/2012
"Fantastic trigger assembly! very strong and heavily reinforced, only thing i have had trouble with was getting the bolt assembly to cock and function. a little grease on some internals does the trick