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WE Full Metal Hyper Speed "Skeletor" Hi-CAPA Airsoft Gas Blowback

16 Customer Reviews

by Jose S. on 05/22/2019
"Just got it today and so far it is really good only one thing when shaking it there is a little bit of rattle but its okay
by Bigguy F. on 03/26/2019
"i really like it, Its worth it perfect in size and weight everything like i even tried my trigger finger and it shoots fast 10/10
by Joshua C. on 02/18/2019
"Bought this to replace an old well hicapa and I was certainly not disappointed!

Took it to a milsim west event (Counterstrike Luhansk) and after the rain and cold took my rifle out of comission, while all my friend's and squadmates GBB guns were having issues, this thing cycled like a dream and outperformed despite being wet, muddy, and cold. (I was running CO2, but never the less this gun is outstandingly durable, reliable, and fun to shoot) Bought one for my dad for christmas and he is thrilled as well.

-Hi-Capa mags hold more ammo
-Longest confirmed hit from this gun is at 60 feet, and there's room for improvement

-Be careful when disassembling, bottom spring guide assembly is a little tough to remove and I about nailed my friend in the face when taking it out the first time.
-When firing with CO2 the Hop-up can shift after a mag or so, however I haven't yet missed a torso sized target from less than 20 feet away which is my normal engagement distance with this pistol.

(reccomend CO2 mags, hits harder and performs better in adverse weather)
by Caleb H. on 09/12/2018
"Great gun only had for a day but put a thousand or so rounds through it and has worked perfectly except for the slide get stuck sometime but a good whack will work and it eats gas.
by Phillip S. on 03/15/2017

I've had it for two seasons and no issues. Gotta love the gas blowbacks. Fun to shoot. If I could quit dropping my mags on concrete I'd be better off.
by Jeff C. on 03/24/2016
"Okay, I've owned and fielded this GBB for about a year, and it is phenomenal in regards to both the the build and performance;

-Clean manufacturing, i.e., minimal seams or flaws in components.
-Decent materials, tight and rugged.
-Ergonomic (as far as "Glocks" go, anyway).
-Easy and simple to dissemble/ field strip.
-CO2 ready.

- easily worn/tarnish-able finish and paint.
by Andrew Y. on 03/22/2016
"Sick, I love this pistol..... No problems so far *knock on wood*, it's beautiful, I've started to use propane in the mags, just because it's cheaper....
by daniel r. on 08/13/2013
"This is a great gun I have had it for a year or 2 now and it works perfect

Pros: metal, high cap mag, parts are easy to replace, gun is easy to lube/grease

Cons: right safety fell off (not a big problem I'm right handed so I use the left) , uses a lot of gas
by Zak O. on 04/13/2012
"Great gun! Used it now both in the backyard and in a game and its preformed great! My friend used it and loved it, now he wants his own. It shoots hard, shoots straight, has great kick. I havent had a problem with the mag yet, and Ive put about 30 mags through it. Each time ive had plenty of gas left in it. Just make sure you use silicon and you should be fine for a long time. My only problem with the gun is that I cant fit my laser or light on the rail. Not that big of a problem though, still a great gun.

Looks great
Good weight
Good FPS
Great kick

Doesnt fit all laser or lights (still not a big problem)

All in all, its a great gun! I definitely recommend this gun to anyone who wants a good gas blow back. Worth every penny!
5 out of 5!
by Dalton S. on 03/13/2012
"This gun is awesome I love it. It was my first gas blowback. The one problem with it I found was that the right side thumb safety falls out of place when the safety is engaged . Don't know if it's just my gun or its a problem with all of them.
by Sharon S. on 11/24/2011
"this gun is VERY good! i only have a few minor problems with it. one would include the magazine because i bought an extra one with it and it either leaks or the magazine doesn't hold that much gas. when i shoot it, the gas in the magazine run out before i run out of bb's, sometimes. but everything else it great! very realistic feel and amazing look, fps, accuracy, and magazine capacity.

has a great look to it
very strong
very accurate
good magazine capacity
easy to take apart and clean

takes a lot of gas
magazine leaks/doesn't hold enough gas

it is overall a great gun just with a few minor problems in it, which is common in any gun out there. this is probably one of the best sidearms to have if your either a sniper, or a cqb kind of guy, it is great for both.
by David P. on 08/14/2011
"I bought this gun and all I have to say is WOW. Great preformance!
by Alex R. on 05/12/2011
"This gun is awesome!
Pros: light enough to move quickly, but still is heavy enough to feel like your holding something
Magizines work well
Full metal so won't break if dropped
The top part blows back and stays back like a real gun when out of bbs
Cons: hop up is annoying to adjust and difficult to change in the field
Bottom of mag is wobbley, makes a kind of annoying sound.
In all this it a great gun and I recomend it to be bought with the propane adapter (to use propane) and the extra mag holy cow deal.
by Celine F. on 07/21/2014
"Very good gun especially for starters. The only problem i have with it is its weight and accuracy. This gun is heavy. Be war of that. Also it shoots perfectly within
25-40 feet but after that you cannot hit a man sized target for your life. If you have the money to buy a tm hi capa do it but if you dont this is fine too. I would recomend buying a precision inner barrel and a 150% recoil spring to make this gun better.

easy to use and field strip
full metal

not very accurate past 40 feet
by Dylan T. on 04/17/2012
"I have had this pistol for a year and it is reliable. However, the BB follower in the magazines have a plastic part that pushes up the slide release that has broken and only occasionally succeeds at catching the slide. the finish wears off very quickly. The hop up housing becomes loose around the barrel very often and needs to be re-tightened. The hop up adjustment moves all of the way down frequently and must be re-adjusted every game. The hammer has eventually caused a small piece of metal to break off of the slide, this does not affect the functionality of even look of the gun unless scrutinized. The ambidextrous safety comes off immediately, this can be modified with tape and eliminated. After extensive, the firing pin delay has broken and I have been waiting for Evike to restock the part. This gun will easily use propane.