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AIM 4X32 Compact Mil-Dot Scope w/ Ranger Finder Recticle & Steel Ring Mount Set

24 Customer Reviews

by Cody L. on 10/30/2020
"The optic is very clear and accurate and is great value for the price my only complaint comes more from my gun which is that the eye relief is a little short if your using a m14 then look for something with a bit more otherwise great scope.
by Trevor C. on 03/07/2020
"Love this scope-I have one on my DMR, my sniper rifle and my son’s AK. The 4X power is just right for airsoft, and the reticle is very handy on a windy day!
by Dylan X. on 09/13/2019
"scope works great on snipers and pellet guns, I havent used it as much in recent games. easier to track the bbs with a red dot
by Ryan Z. on 06/27/2018
"Good short scope for the price. Decent eye relief. Would definitely recommend a higher scope ring like a 1in riser or something to go with it. It sits super low. The stock rings will have the lense resting on the rails. Great for the price. Pretty sweet reticle. Easy to sight in. Actually had little groves so you can hand turn the knobs, therefor not requiring a tool to sight it in.
by Joseph W. on 03/30/2018
"I feel like the most important person on the field with this scope, it's great for the price, nice, pretty clear, and compact. I put it On my VFC Scar L Standard.

Pros: Clear, light, fun to use, lens covers are plastic.

Cons: It could be easier to attach this to a gun but it's tedious.

90% Recommend.

4.5 Stars.
by Seth C. on 04/07/2016
"For the price this is a great scope. It's made almost entirely of CNC aluminum and feels really solid. It gets a good picture, although the lens covers distort the image somewhat. The rings it comes with sit really low, and I mean really low. I put this on my M16 and couldn't line it up even without my mask on. A riser is necessary, for AR-15 users I got a carry handle rail and it works fine.
by pamela t. on 12/10/2015
"A solid scope you may have to a just the ring mounts to get it to fit your rails great scope for the price better than some 80 dollar scopes

Nice scope lines very sturdy metal construction
Good for every gun
Can see very far
Great for indoor or out door
Extremely cheap get alot more than what you pay for
Best scope i have ever owned

Alittle small you nay want to Raise it up alittle on less you have a slim mask or Dont use one
You don't have it
by Paul S. on 11/14/2015

Looks like the 4x scope from Metro last light
accurate if sighted in.
looks good on an AK74


I'm not currently playing metro last light
by Scott A. on 06/29/2015
"Great scope especially for the price. I use it on my MP001 sniper, and it makes it extremely accurate well over 100 ft. The cross hairs are very good, they look exactly like the picture. DOES NOT HAVE ZOOM! It only has a knob to adjust focus, not zoom. It has a wide picture so you can see a lot aiming down the scope. 9 out of 10.

advanced cross hairs
adjustable focus

no variable zoom
by Wilbur B. on 06/11/2015
"Great scope that gets the job done and looks like a beast on my APS Guardian dmr build! would buy again if need be!
by clay g. on 09/02/2014
"The perfect scope for scouting and targeting shooting within 50 yards!
by Jacob B. on 04/05/2014
"Solid, good quality scope. You can adjust the focus.
Only complaint is that the scope mounts are too low. I have this on my M4, and i had to buy high rise ring mounts so that I could see through the scope
by Sam H. on 08/17/2013
"Wow! What a scope! I've been using it on my Vsr-10 for about 1 and a half years, and really has done me good, lots of kills! Hitting human sized targets from a 150 feet away!

Has alot of weight to it.
Has a sweet look
Easy to install
Can't beat the price

Wish it had a little more magnification

Overall great buy! 8.5
by Luke P. on 07/27/2013
"Great scope, also its amazing for only $25
-Comes with scope rings
-Overall great quality

-None :)

by Timothy M. on 06/11/2013
"The quality of this scope is simply amazing. It is an EXCEPTIONAL value.
I have this scope mounted on a .22LR Bullpup Carbine and a 9mm Bullpup Carbine.
I replaced 2 Red Dot sights that cost 4x the price of this scope.
The range finder reticule is great.
You can't go wrong with this purchase.