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Limited Edition PTS FPG Complete Airsoft Sub-Machine Gun - Black

6 Customer Reviews

by michael s. on 02/25/2012
"First Airsoft gun ever fired. other than a real gun, and I HAVE shot a lot of those,.. and WOW! Why wasnt I an Airsoft enthusiast before?? I am now! Rof and overall quality was higher than expected. From "Deployment" to "Firing mode" is very quick.
Also, the iron sight is one of the best design I have ever seen on a pistol/SMG it's just very intuitive.
FPG magazine fits nicely into the new KWA ATP G18 GBB pistol for an extended magazine!
Now, how cool is that!? (Hint: take off the base plate to the G18 pistol magazine to use that for the FPG) Vise~versa means its "dummy-proof" you never have to worry about grabbing the "right" ammo.
by Robert G. on 12/18/2011
"My friend just got two of these things and they have very good accuracy power and a great fire rate. Plus it's fun to unfold.
by Adam D. on 07/07/2011
"Better than expected and I expected a lot for the price.
Full package is about as nice as you could ask for and it's a lot of fun too.
Highly recommended & I love that nobody knows what it is at first.
by Dilara D. on 05/04/2011
"This gun is the best concield gun I have ever seen. I outfited it with my Eotech and it works great with it. It has a nice kick to it and a great ROF and a descent FPS for a full auto glock 18. I really love this gun and i think this beats all the machine pistols other then the KWA Rafica which i think are the same in FPs and ROF wise but the sleak design is great on the FPG. So is the accrucy. In all i give a well deserved 10 out of 10.
by Sean C. on 01/21/2011
"Love this gun. Flipping it open ready to shoot is very cool. I bought it for fun and my friends think it's one of the coolest guns they've seen. Using green gas and it gets almost 2 full 50 shot mags on one fill. As for FPS, it seems to be comparable to my HFC MAC11a1 ver.2. Unloads a full mag so fast you need to have a couple extras if you want to keep shooting. Got it before temps really fell and it seem to do really well outside at around 70F, haven't taken it outside since it got cold, I assume it won't perform like my other gas guns won't.

Really it is like a folding Mac 11 in turn of performance. Great gun.
by Jayson H. on 10/31/2013
"It's fun to use and is really unique and all but sadly my fire selector on mine broke, as in it just popped out when i was changing from semi to full auto. and the trigger no longer wanted to react on a fast enough rate, I had to press pretty hard when i pulled the trigger, as in it reached the end of the pull but needed a little mor "Umph" to it.

Loud (can be a con)
fun to use
350 FPS perfect for CQB
It's a gun case in itself but I would still put it in a pistol case when folded

Broke early
long time to repair
Fire selector popped out
Trigger pull was really something else on mine (I probably got a lemon)

Over all, my favorite little "toy", people always want to see it though, kinda a con too but as long as they dont steal it or break it it's fine by me.