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Umarex H&K Licensed P30 Full Size Airsoft Pistol with Metal Slide

10 Customer Reviews

by Hank W. on 05/11/2022
"This is my favorite spring pistol that I own, and I have quite a few. The slide action is so satisfying to use and it shoots dead accurate on my little backyard range. Some minor complaints I have are that the hammer is locked in place, the iron sights are not painted and the lower half of the gun feels a little light. The weight could have been better balanced if the mag were heavier but it's fairly light compared to some other spring pistol mags I have. It still drops free nicely and it doesn't have an annoying bb release button on top preventing it from being placed face down in a mag slot in a holster. The trigger pull is crisp and the lock back feature works well. The slide does have a tendency to hold back on every shot if you turn it sideways when cocking it but just adjusting the angle a little upward fixes it. Overall a great pistol with solid construction and accuracy.
by Leo M. on 10/08/2018
"This gun is amazing I love the metal slide it sounds so realistic the accuracy is great . This gun also comes equipped with a slide locking mechanism as the last B.B. is shot it stays open waiting for another clip
by Travis G. on 07/23/2017
"I have had this pistolfor about two weeks now and I've probably shot at least 20 magazines out of it and I absolutely love it I am brand-new to airsoft and being the first pistol that I have ever bought I want to let everybody know that is starting airsoft this is the best pistol you can get. The slide mechanism for single shot is very easy to use light weight but still realistic and is very accurate and shoots very far it also has a spot for attachments on the bottom so you can attach a flashlight or laser to make it even more interesting. If anyone wants to know why outside love this gun it's because it looks great and reminds me of an 9mm and it is only 30 dollars!! Pick one up I'm glad I did
by Jack M. on 06/28/2017
"I just bought this gun and it came a few days ago. It is overall a very good gun, it feels very sturdy, and the metal slide is very nice. Although the hop sends .12 bbs pretty high in the air it is pretty accurate up to 20 yards, which is good for a pistol ( 30 yards if you use .2 bbs ) Really good gun, would buy if you need a pistol. The cocking of the gun is also amazing .feels like my 9mm
by Jacob F. on 06/04/2015
"Good gun. Good quality. The metal slide is great. Good fps. Fun gun for backyard games. Get one if you don't have one. I can never use it because my friends always take it before me. So maybe get more than one.
by nicholas r. on 09/28/2013
"This was my very first airsoft gun, i got it 2 years ago and it is still working like new. it is my favorite spring pistol on the market.

great gun
metal slide
high bullet capacity for a spring pistol
under barrel rail for lasers and lights

paint chips on the slide
the hammer is stuck on it and doesn't move

Over all GREAT gun
by Davin J. on 09/03/2021
"Not a bad gun for people that are just looking to shoot in the back yard
You have to be careful with it though I dropped my first one and it broke immediately but I liked it so bought me a new one, the new one came in much better shape I’m satisfied.
But for the price this gun is exceptional.

But the way If you hate the orange tips you can get a wrench or something to clamp it with and slowly but firlmy twist and pull it off.
by Megan B. on 06/08/2017
"my p30 is electrical and has a full auto and a semi auto setting i just recently got back into airsofting and this was my first gun i bought overall te gun is decent and i would recommend for a beginner
by Jake W. on 03/29/2012
"This is a pretty good starter pistol for Airsoft. I got mine in a kit and it works really good. I would recomend this for anyone just getting started in Airsoft
by Adam R. on 01/26/2011
"Not a bad gun. the only bad thing is you cant see how many rounds you've loaded