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Umarex H&K Licensed USP Full Size CO2 Gas Non-Blowback Airsoft Pistol (Color: Black)

49 Customer Reviews

by John B. on 02/14/2021
"This is an overall great starter pistol. It functions quite well and I've never had problems with the gun itself. The mags became leaky after a while but that was due to lack of proper care and maitenance. For the price this is a good pistol.
Somewhat quiet
Conserves gas really well

The trigger pull is very heavy
The safety switch is almost loose and flips easily w/o much pressure

Overall its a good gun for the price but beware that it is a full polymer build and you run the risk of it breaking.
by Daniel L. on 08/29/2020
"Excellent gun for the price. Very reliable, accurate (with .20g ammo), and hits hard. This is also very efficient and easy on co2 thanks to the non-blowback. Dont let the materials intimidate you, this gun feels very well-built and solid. I have had more fun shooting this gun than other more expensive ones in its class. Don't pass up this dependable and surprisingly fun pistol!

I will admit that this gun does not seem to like anything lighter than .20g ammo. I have shot .12g and .15g ammo in this, and the gun's accuracy becomes highly fluctuated. Stick with .20g for the best results.
by Kvon T. on 06/19/2020
"I’ve been playing Airsoft for years. And this was my first handgun. I loved it a lot. As I continued onto the Airsoft sport years later, I decided to get a CO2 gas blowback pistol. The problem with that was that since I crawled into some dirt, THAT pistol has been tripping since and I spent $100 on it PLUS another mag because the stock one leaked. All-in-all, the USP is my go-to and always be my go-to. I highly recommend buying some metal magazines for it though because after some time, the plastic ones wear out, get stuck when you try to reload, AND can end up just releasing the gas due to a leak. I have never had these problems with the metal magazines. TOP notch sidearm for Airsoft and for a reasonable price. 5 stars in my book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
by Constantine O. on 10/03/2019
"My first Umarex USP served me well for the past 9 YEARS. Yes, years. it finally gave out after being dropped down many flights of stairs and being dropped in mud, sand, and dirt. From my experiences so far, this pistol is extremely rugged, reliable, and inexpensive for what it is and it will serve anyone who chooses to use it very well.

The only gripe I have about this specific model of the USP made by Umarex is that the internal parts can't be replaced because like the Real Steel USP, the metal frame is set inside the polymer exterior (but this is a gripe because I'm so attached to my original and want to keep it. BUT do not be fooled by the polymer construction materials. I've seen all-metal pistols give out before this thing has.

All in all. I would recommend this pistol to anyone who wants a sidearm that is inexpensive, reliable, and damn-near indestructible whether it be someone just starting out or a seasoned mil-simmer
by Liam T. on 10/14/2017
by Hogan M. on 03/29/2017
"I just got this gun from another hobby store, so I can't tell how reliable it is, but I would like to point out that this is exactly the same as the black version.
As to performance, here's what I have found:
The gun is double action only, so the trigger is pretty long. However, it's a very smooth pull, so with practice you will get used to it. Accuracy is okay, I'm using .20 grams, and about one out of five shots curve left. This is due to the bad hop unit, which by the way, is NOT adjustable. Also, the bb drops pretty fast past about 50 ft, again due to the bad hop, but you can still hit things just fine up to 100 ft. Anything past that, and you lose to much fps. The handle on this gun is enormous, so if you have small hands, this is not the gun for you. The safety is similar to a 1911, but the mag release is a hard-to-reach paddle style type common to European designs. Overall an excelent pistol, and as long as you put some silicone oil on the valve and air seal, it should last a long time.
by mark f. on 02/12/2017
"i got this gun 6 months ago and its still going strong, this is a fantastic gun FOR THE PRICE. i highly recommend this gun for your first pistol or just a loaner.

gas efficiency

trigger is SO long (but this is expected with a non blow back)
range (expected with a pistol)
no hop up
mags are heavy
by Ben S. on 01/01/2017
"This is a great gun. It's even better in a carbine conversion kit I got off of umarex. This is a great CO2 beginner pistol that everyone can enjoy.
by Giovani B. on 08/23/2016
"A great starting pistol!! And a great deal!! Yes the slide lower receiver are plastic but the internals are metal which gives it a nice decent heavy feel. Shoots hard around 380 with a fresh a co2 . in hot temperatures , the fps will raise if the mag is not stored in a good cool place do to the hot pessure build up . might wanna store it in a cooler or something before chronoing. Hop up is NOT adjustabe so it doesnt have good that good of accuraccy beyond 50 feet (with .25) . the bbs start to drop around 70 -80 feet ( well at least mine using .25s') .
The pistol looks freakin great in hands and different then half of everybodys 1911.
I would recommend using .20s reason being...for a lil more range because the hop is fixed , you CAN NOT adjust it
Also the stock mag you get , its a 50/50 percent chance it might leak so be advised get a metal one with it aslo , evike does sell them which are good quailty
by Khai R. on 04/25/2016
"This was my first airsoft pistol I got about a year ago except mine was in black but anyways this is a very good beginner pistol and it gets the job done if you don't want all that fancy a expensive blowback this is the gun for you it holds 16 rounds and has good fps (not sure how much it is exactly) the body construction is very good and is very durable.
by Jake B. on 02/04/2016
"Owned this gun for several years now and still holds up very well. Simple and dependable. Very durable. My only complaint would be the trigger pull length and the trigger reset point are too long to allow you to engage multiple targets rapidly. Besides that, if your looking for a gun you don't want to baby and will be ready to rock when you need it, this is your gun. I would recommend buying a second or third magazine to go with this.
by Dick F. on 07/09/2015
"This gun is great for the cost. It shoops around 350 fps which makes it great for cqc. Its accurate up to 60' on a torso sized target. The mag isnt the best but for 30 bucks you get what you paid for. All in all Id recommend this to anyone who needs a good starter sidearm or a reliable yet cheap cqc sidearm.

Cqc legal

No hop up
Plastic (but once again it's only $35)
Mag kinda sucks
Not blowback
by Matt S. on 06/06/2015
"Bought this at academy... actually pretty good to be from there. It holds a decent amount of BBs, and shoots accurately, that is until you dry fire it as much as I have.

Cheap for a CO2 Pistol
Extra magazines are available here on evike
Looks nice, nearly 1:1 of the actual H&K USP

Shoots terribly inaccurately after dry firing it a lot.
Not many hard holsters are made to fit this particular one, maybe another USP
holster will work.
That's all!
by nathan t. on 04/02/2015
"Ok so heres the deal. I have had this gun for 2 years. this thing will take anything and i mean ANYTHING you throw at it. Its been dropped in mud, sand, water you name it its been there. It has outlasted so many of my other guns. I eventually passed it on to my friend who just got into airsoft and it still works beautifully. This gun is worth every penny you pay for it. Id say this thing performs like an 100$ gun easily. This is a good gun if you know you will be in dirt or mud and this gun can also be painted. I would only reccomend it for private games considering its a little too powerful due to it being co2 non blowback. Also has hk trades despite the price.
by Dustin S. on 01/15/2015
"Your KWA just broke and you have no sidearm for the event is in a couple of days. Hop on evike and pick this little baby up. It is seriously not a bad little sidearm at all. It makes a perfect backup pistol if anything happens to your primary sidearm in a match. In all my years of airsoft, I've always preferred Non-blowbacks. They have always been more reliable than blowbacks for me. Its cheap, but it's a steal.

-Cheap (cheap isn't always bad)
-It's nice quality
-it performs decent
- licensed by H&K themselves (They manufacture the real firearm)

-fps is too high. It may shoot too high for your CQB field.
- it's obviously not a 140$ gun
- not really a con on the guns part, but more of Evikes part. My local walmart offers this gun for 35$