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WE-Tech M9A1 Full Metal Gas Blowback Pistol (Color: Black)

99 Customer Reviews

by Ajay S. on 01/24/2020
"It's a very good gun and has some good weight to it
by AJ L. on 12/14/2019
"Great Gun
I've had it for a few years now, I've really never had much of a problem with it but i lost adapter and i could not find a replacement.
But i've had so much fun with the gun that its getting some good hpa stuff and possibly a Tapp trigger the 2 finger ones meant for faster firing for the ridiculous of the project.

Aside from that a good over all gun from WE TECH and would by again if needed.
by Cameron P. on 08/25/2018
"I have had this gun for a few weeks now. It arrived in a timely manner and works great! The pricing is good for the quality that you are getting! Great GBB Pistol for any level of airsofter.
My only complaint on this pistol isn't with the gun itself but the magazines that go with it. They are somewhat difficult to load since you have to pull the spring all the way down to then put the BB's in. So trying to reload this gun quickly isn't very likely (easy fix is just to have multiple magazines though.)
This is just my opinion of this gun. But I do like it a lot and would recommend it to anyone wanting a reliable pistol!
by Vincent M. on 06/27/2018
"Extremely well build cqb weapon. I've already taken this out on the feild and I am extremely impressed.

Great Build Quality
Textured grips that are soft and comfortable
Shoots consistently without issues with feeding
Beautiful matte finisg
Came with an adapter to put a muzzle/suppressor on
Very easy to remove slide from gun.

The orange tip can be a hassle to take off. I recommend you remove the barrel completely to take it off as it it threaded on the inside of the barrel.

Overall I love this weapon and I will take pleasure in upgrading it and using it! 5 stars!
by Kenneth N. on 06/03/2018
-nice kick
-best grip on the market
-easy to take apart
-really funny bad translations on the instructions
-nice trigger pull
-nice solid pistol
-decsent capacity
-decsent fps

-um, I don't think there are any :p
by Maxwell Dal S. on 08/31/2017
"Basic and reliable pistol that's easy to dissemble and put back together. If you're in north america it ships to you with a blaze orange flash mechanically fit in, but you can just burn it off with a lighter if you want an adapter at the end(make sure it's disassembled when you do so). I would recommend this pistol for both beginner and experienced players. The sample pictures don't do it justice, it actually has a nice matte finish and feels very solid.
by cole p. on 06/04/2017
"awesome gun totally worth it
by austin l. on 10/25/2016
"I have been using this pistol for about two years now running two extended mags and two regular mags all hpa tapped. The CQB russian hpa valve fits perfectly in them btw.

-Nice kick very snappy
-Great gas efficiency
-Durable everything is metal so even without a mag it has a real steel feel
-Great trigger response, fast as you can pull it
-With the better bucking and .25s you get some pretty long range shots for a pistol
-And come on it's gold the thing is a head turner

-The barrel is not threaded like the other one but this one has the better valve, barrel, and bucking. Although they make a replacement barrel for 20 bucks takes two minutes to replace.

All in all after two years of heavy use, and basic cleaning and upkeep the thing still works beautifully.
by Joshua W. on 09/17/2016
"Owned this pistol for over a year and it's fantastic. Accuracy is very good and only had a handful of gas feeding issues over the year of ownership.
by Richard A. on 05/18/2016
"Received this pistol yesterday and it looks as good as it does in the pictures. Ill be using it on my first game this weekend hopefully and will report back then.
by Leonardo E. on 04/05/2016
"Best pistol ever.
It is super accurate, you can hit a golf ball like from 60 feet, you can trust me about that i have done it.
The magazines are great about the gas because with one fill you got 2 full magazines (52 bbs) , but they are likely to breake when falling because they have one piece of plastic in the tip and that is the piece that prevents the bbs to fly away.
I recomend you to put a piece of scotch tape or tape in each side of your magazines because if they fall the metal pin that holds the piece of plastic could get off and it is very small.
by Leonardo E. on 11/30/2015
"A great buy.

-gold paint is awesome
- feels exacly like a real gun
- it is super heavy
- it is super accurate
- kicks like a mule
-maybe it is too heavy
- my mags leak, I think that can be fixed easily
- maybe mags are too heavy

Note: you will look like a boss playing with it.
I think it is my green gas, but in the last bb the slide don't stays back. I ran out of green gas shooting like 12 mags, it is fire power green gas I don't recomend that at all.
by Max C. on 11/26/2015
"Ive had this gun for about 2 weeks now, I have played cqb with it once in that time, It is very solid, It took about a 3 foot fall onto concrete, my heart stopped temporarely, the only thing that happened is that it got a little battle scar. Very easy and simple breakdown, (look up how to clean an airsoft m9), the instructions kinda suck. The barrel wobbles a little, but Im pretty sure all m9's do that. It is not the most accurate but hey, pistols aren' t the most accurate.
by Cooper J. on 12/19/2014
"I just got this gun today, and it is a freakin' dream. It's a little on the heavy side, but that isn't hard to manage at all. It comes with one green gas magazine, and it comes pre-lubricated.
by Amy T. on 10/16/2014
"This pistol is the best pistol for the $. This pistol has time and time again (I use mid-caps), helped me out and hasnt failed yet. I really like this pistol. All of the other buddies of mine that asoft on the weekends all have pistols too and I think this one's the better one. It fires straight and hasnt had one issue since the day it showed up (6months now)....I HIGHLY recommend this pistol!