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Condor Triple M4 / G36 MOLLE Ready Magazine Pouch (Color: Black)

14 Customer Reviews

by Ricardo B. on 05/12/2020
"High quality construction and materials, using with gbb mags and and holds its in place very well.
Cant use the inside straps
by Henry A. on 09/03/2019
"I have the black version but will be buying the green version soon
in order to fit G36 mags cut the elastic bands it will void the warranty but it is worth it
by christain V. on 04/23/2019
"I own a few of these in assorted colors and have yet to be disappointed. They work perfectly and have held up through the years. Cheap and solid as a brick. I love the fact that they haven't switched these over to the new mounting straps. I'll likely be using condor for all of my tactical needs for the near future.
by Sam S. on 04/17/2017
"Great pouches. For 18 bucks you get three connected pouches. And I didn't think that you could fit 2 in one pouch, but you definitely can. Would recommend that you use the Velcro cover if you do, just to make sure they don't fall out. Fantastic for mid caps, works just as well with high caps. If you want to use it as a single mag in each pouch set up, tuck the Velcro flap into the pouch before the magazine. It creates more tension and that mag won't accidentally come out. It well made and durable, and for less than 20 bucks, it's the best thing you could get for your loadout.
by Khai R. on 04/25/2016
"Good standard m4 mag pouches they lock on good and have good construction and if you want I think you can put two mags in one pouch
by Chris K. on 11/19/2014
"I purchased these pouches a few months ago on sale for $20...and as I write this review they are still $20! Since they are labelled "Condor/Phantom", I believe you could receive one of the two brands at random. I received the Phantom Gear one, and I am very happy with my purchase. Note that the elastic material was originally very tight with two M4 mags in the pouch, but all it needed was some breaking-in.


-Very adaptable pouches, can hold a variety of mags and the flaps can be tucked in for easier access

-The MOLLE loops on the pouches are double the size of normal ones, meaning it is easier to feed the straps through when attaching it to a vest

-there are only 4 MOLLE straps instead of the standard excessive 6 straps (two in the middle, two on each outer side)

-Authentic Crye Precision Multicam


-Honestly, I have no problems at all

These are great pouches for the $20 I paid, and not too bad for the regular price of $25. Keep in mind I got the Phantom Gear one, but I'm sure the Condor one is good too.
by Jamin C. on 01/12/2014
"These are great mag pouches, it perfecflty holds M4\G36 mags and if anybody is wondering these DO hold AK mags, they only hold the bulgarain type AK mags, the Matrix Polymer Mid-Cap Magazine for AK Series Airsoft AEG Rifles and I think the the AK74 mags as well. Again great mag pouches I recommend them to anyone.
by Taylor D. on 04/14/2012
"I would have got these magazine pouches here but of course since they were so awesome they are out of stock so I went the next best route and used ebay. They are great quality and a good coyote tan looking color. With two magazines in them they fit pretty tight but hey thats the way they are supposed to be and thats what keeps them it. Definitely recommend these magazines to anyone.(when they are back in stock of course)
by Caleb K. on 03/27/2021
"Good quality material, but it barely fist two mags. I'm using the evike BAMF mags, so that might be the issue. Over all it's a decent pouch.
by William B. on 12/05/2015
"Review For JG G36C Magazines

Just received this item today. I chose this pouch out of the rest because Phantom Gear makes very good quality items. Most of my my gear is actually Phantom.

Now for the review. It says in the title that the pouch works for G36 magazines and this is only half true. See overall they fit, but it's a TIGHT fit. I would struggle a little bit to put in as well as take out the magazine. How I made it so you fit as well as take out the magazine is to cut the elastic strap that goes over the middle of the magazine out. All you need is just a pair of scissors. Once you do this the magazine fits loosely, but because of the strap that's already stitched in it keeps the magazine snug and wobble free. You can only fit ONE of these magazines per pouch with 3 in total.

Overall I recommend this pouch to anyone who is looking for a triple magazine pouch that doesn't look and feel bulky and can fit G36 magazines.
by Danna D. on 03/05/2012
"It's a great product for the price. However it's not as high quality as some other companies like Tactical Assault Gear I chose Condor over TAG this time because TAG charges up to 50$ for magazine pouches....
by Brian W. on 04/27/2020
"Though these are advertised as Double Mag pouches in a triple mag panel, you'll find that it's definitely a squeeze to get two mags in these, especially if they are PMAG pattern, with the PTS EPM1 in particular as the one I tried, and I simply could not get them to fit in without cutting anything. STANAG style mags may be easier, but if something is advertised as a Double Mag pouch, it should hold two comfortably. I wouldn't even try and fit two G36 mags, but they definitely would hold a single G36 mag easily, which with the little posts, can be hard to find.

Retention wouldn't even be the issue, as it's a closed top pouch panel, and if you lose a mag, you've either not closed it, not put it into the pouch, or there's a hole in the bottom.

TL;DR, these are more like 1.5 mags in each pouch. Great for 3 G36 or M4 mags, hard to fit 6 M4 mags, presumed impossible to fit 6 G36 mags.
by LaQuain J. on 04/29/2014
"I received these and they don NOT adequately hold G36 mags.
by JAMES C. on 03/25/2014
"Says tan but yeah mine came OD green. They are no where near tan at all.