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Swiss Arms Licensed 556 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Black)

22 Customer Reviews

by Brian S. on 01/24/2014
"Overall, I am extremely pleased with the gun. Running a 2S lipo, the gun has a quick trigger response. The rate of fire is a bit lower than most AEGs, but that is to be expected for a gun with a longer range. The longer barrel makes for a longer accuracy range as well as an effective range.

Someone mentioned below that there were no threads for a mock silencer; there is a small set screw in the bottom of the flash hider that has been glued in. If you can remove this set screw, then you should be able to remove the flash hider and replace it. The other alternative is to replace the outer barrel that is attatched to the front sight assembly. To do so, a press fitting must be removed before the outer barrel separates.

Appart from the new outer barrel, a Magpul PRS stock, and swapping the wire leads to Deans, I have made no other modifications to the gun. Perhaps I will upgrade my gearbox later on but I am content with the performance as is. The SIG 556 is an excelent gun for someone looking for a decently-ranged rifle, while maintaining a budget. Had I the $$$, I would hav bought the King Arms SG556 except it costs $450.

5 of 5 because the only modifications I made were personal preference, not manufacturing errors.

Quick note: the description of the gun states that it uses a long-type motor. This is incorrect; the gun runs on a mediom-type motor.
by Christophe R. on 12/03/2013
"Just received it!

It is very realistic and good looking. Nothing else to say, it's a must have.

On the other side, the orange thing was a pain to remove and on the box says that it has a 14mm thread for silencer but I can't find it
by matt i. on 01/11/2013
"I got this gun recently and let me say the pictures evike has do not do the gun justice, first off the gun (at least mine) is black just regular m4 mat black not the grayish color in the picture. Next the gun is also a lot slimmer then is seems in the picture also the similarities of an m4 give it a familiar feel when using this gun making it ideal for almost anyone.

High fps
Not an m4
Very multi purpose , (sniper, assault rifle, heavy gunner)
Rof~ although its lower then most guns the fps balances it out
Very realistic

Iron sights aren't ideal , the rear sight has a filter that is very small ( a dremmel can open up the hole and fix that problem)
by Craig J. on 11/27/2012
"I've had my eye on this gun for some time, and when it came back into stock, I bought it straight away. I am pleased to say, it is everything I could have hoped for.
Mostly metal, the rest is high quality ABS plastic.
Shoots hard (exact FPS unknown, I'd say above 400 with .25's)
Spare mags are fairly easy to find.
Heavy (good, in my opinion. I'm a thin guy, and I still am able to pack this around with relative ease.)
Great feel.
Highly accurate.
Looks great.

Difficult to put battery in (takes some practice, and no quick in-game battery swaps. You better have someone cover you if you need to do that.)
Slight mag wobble, nothing significant, and you can barely notice it.
One of my mags has issues feeding, might be a lemon. I have a spare mag, so no big deal.
A bit long, you might want a side-arm if you are going around tight corners.

My opinion, one of the best guns out there, especially considering the price. Buy it, and you won't regret it.
by dylan b. on 06/09/2012
"I got this gun last week and it's great. The mags hold 300 bbs each and one of mine came broken. However it was an easy fix. It's compatible with all echo 1 m4 mags and magpul emags .

6 inch grouping at 50 feet
two mags
stock can be removed for CQB
flashhider has counter clockwise threads for tracers and mock suppresors
460 mm inner barrel( 6.07) diameter

8.5 pounds
rear sight is terrible but can be fixed by opening up the hole with a dremel

can easily be modified to blowback by attaching a rod to the piston and charging handle

If you are looking for a DMR or woodland gun this is it. Extremely comfortable and very good grips
by Matthew E. on 03/29/2012
"Got this gun last Monday and used it last Sunday and love it!
everything you want in a realistic airsoft gun is here, full metal gun, high cap clips (400) and comes with 2 clips!
this gun is a beast, I mounted a x3-7 scope and fired full auto at about 70+ feet and the BBs hit spot on with video game accuracy.

if your looking at this.. buy it!
by Daniel R. on 03/05/2012
"The best gun I have ever had. I highly recommend purchasing this gun!!
by Timothy H. on 12/13/2011
"I'm so glad this gun finally came back in stock.I was worried this was discontinued forever. It's a beast! I added a red dot and a sling to it and BANG I'm keeping up with $400 guns on our field. It's a great gun for little money. Very accurate, good rate of fire and a well built gun. Something that doesn't look like an M4 is a great plus in my book. Says M4 mags fit but I haven't had much luck they're usually too loose. I use Sig mags. Never a problem with them. The battery compartment issue people have is only confusing for the first few times you open it. After a few charging sessions you'll be able to open in seconds.

NOT an M4
hits hard
good ROF
Great bang for your buck

Iron sights are useless. Get a red dot
by Adam E. on 01/11/2011
"Exellent gun! great for long range. Gearbox is smooth, quiet, and powerful. nice change of pace to the m4

Great accuracy and range
380+ FPS
comes with 2 mags
great gearbox
14 mm threads
400 round mags
Full metal lisenced receiver
$40 stock that holds AA batteries
good hop up

Iron sights kind of suck
mags are plastic
only takes stick type batteries

Get yourself a scope with this gun, you'll want one for sniping.
by Joseph B. on 11/07/2010
"Out of the box this gun is quite able.
420 out of the box for mine, rof is average but the power more than makes up for it (I stick to single fire)
My favorite thing about this gun, just the pure size, feels amazing to just hold!
Took forever to find one, I got lucky ha
Iron sight is pathetic, but can be improved by removing the small screw holding a small piece of iron to it (still not too reliable BUY A RED DOT)

High fps out of the box

Average rof
Iron sight is useless
Small piece of plastic on tip of bottom grip comes directly off :/ (cannot see piece in picture, its located at top of the bottom grip when you unhinge it to plug in the battery)

Ps. does anyone know if m16 stocks would hook up correctly on the back of this?
by Tyler K. on 09/21/2010
"what kind of screw is on the barrel if there is one?
by Andrew A. on 04/03/2010
"ok this is just as good as it gets, great accuracy, high fps, and most importantly a great price, this is probably one of the most efficient-for-cost guns on evike. A great buy, but the only thing that might turn buyers off is, like paintball, it's a completely made up gun model. This factor is so small that it doesn't matter though, it's all about performance and boy does this gun have it.
by Patrick M. on 03/26/2010
"Got it, LOVE IT! good weight, great feel, shoots like a demon, very accurate. The only thing I don't like is the battery set up in the upper foregrip- serious PITA!

I was chronoed at a comp this past weekend- dead on FPS as stated here

A little big for CQB, but I am picking up a Bravo RDW for that, so for everything else, I use this.

As my kids say- IT'S A BEAST!
by Hunter G. on 03/16/2010
"this is an amazing gun!!!!!it is definately worth the $200.i have had this gun for about a month and have already played 5 airsoft wars with it. This gun is VERY ACCURATE with .25g
by Patrick M. on 03/13/2010
"Got from another site. This is an assault rifle, yes you can use it for CQB, but you will find it's too heavy (I weighed it-8.2 pnds) for that type of misson. It shoots very accurate just using the flip up sight, and to me, it is very powerful. I am using a red dot and a tactical grip. The battery can be a pain to change, gonna have to do some serious practice to get it to a science, or maybe get a PEQ box.

This thing looks the part, right out of the box, metal body, accurate appointments and feel. I am a big SigArms fan and they did a great job on this! I fully recommend this to others, alot of weapon for the money! I may have to save up to get the shorty version when it becomes available for CQB!