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Matrix Sniper Camoflauge Mesh for Airsoft Sniper Rifles

9 Customer Reviews

by Tyler P. on 11/20/2020
"Bought this with the intent of dressing one of my rifles up for some stealth action in the brush camo, but it didn't really fit anything too well. Since then though it's found many other uses making it worth 100x the cost for me. I usually keep it scrunched up in my pocket for nights out that I unexpectedly don't make it home. It makes a passable pillow, blanket, _____ pair of clothing and it a real pinch it can replace one or both shoes.
by stan k. on 01/05/2019
"these are pretty good to add some texture but the color isn't really that great.
take them outside and hit them with a dusting of spray paint and then these actually work pretty well.
by Jonathan M. on 05/17/2018
"I actually bought to add camouflage to my helmet and it works great. You can either use parachord to tie to down, or be like me and superglue it down. But that is up to you. Great product for only $8
by Dmitri S. on 09/06/2017
"I've been using this net for the whole past summer - can't say anything but good! Two tone camo is perfect for the woods. Length perfectly covers my vsr-10 right up to the scope - so exactly to where I need it! Very durable!!! If you want to add leaves or small branches - no problem at all (but to me just the net is good enough! Really recommend!:)
by Andrew G. on 02/08/2015
"I like this product, as it does a perfect job, I cover up just the front end of my rifle which is the part I stick out of the brush.
by Hank P. on 12/22/2011
"I got this today and I can say it is pretty darn cool for only $6!!!! I didn't really know what to expect but found it's just a rectangle that has two differant shades. All I can say is by itself it's pretty blahh but on my gun it looks amazing!! good for any gun and can be easlily stored if you dont need it at the moment. All in all... Get IT for only $6 it's a steal!
by Ben C. on 10/09/2013
"At first glance, Its El Cheapo. But really, For 6$ It would serve its purpose. From a distance nobody is going to tell the difference, and if you put grass/tree/brush clippings in any of the holes this thing would make your gun Invisible. Mind you it doesn't help much when you got a bright orange tip on the end of your rifle.

4/5 because theres always room for improvement.
by Louis P. on 12/14/2012
"When I got this for my sniper rifle, I tried to put it on, and it was to small. I'd recomend for an entire gun, to buy at least two of these, which shouldn't be a problem.
by Andrew R. on 06/27/2016
"To be honest the only reason I bought this was to push my cart price over $80 to be eligible for free shipping. This thing really isn't that amazing. It's very monotone and I feel like it actually sticks out more than it blends in. Also, the mesh doesn't cover the full length of any sniper rifle. I had to cut it lengthwise and add some fake vegetation of my own to make it usable. Unlike burlap, this mesh loves to get caught on sticks and bushes. While singular strands of burlap getting caught and/or ripped off isn't a big deal, one twig through the mesh and you're instantly entangled. I'd recommend really trimming it down to the size of your rifle and adding some local vegetation.

-It's a decent base for adding things.

-Extremely pricey even on sale. Probably cost a couple cents to manufacture.
-Easy to snag.
-Not as long as any full length rifle.
-Monotone. No variations of color at all.

Overall I would not recommend this to any of my fellow snipers. Get some dyed burlap and make your own. It'll look a lot more natural and probably cost the same.