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Cybergun 450 rd Hi-Cap Drum Magazine for Tokyo Marui Compatible Thompson Series Airsoft AEG

11 Customer Reviews

by Karyn R. on 08/30/2022
"This mag is amazing, I dont know if they updated it recently but it sure feels like it, theres 0 wiggle, feeds about 200 BBs before you have to wind again and the winding is so smooth. I highly reccomend anyone who has a thompson to get this over a stick mag, its just an absolute no brainer. Highly reccomend it, was very satisfied
by Rex B. on 06/12/2022
"I've given this magazine a five star rating as it is all metal and generally quite sturdy and has a pleasantly heavy feel. But make sure you do weight workouts at the gym with your forefinger for you will be doing a lot of winding it up both before and during its use. But it does have the original Thompson tags printed on it so I guess I can forgive it for being screwed. So much.
by Thomas C. on 08/01/2019
"More than a year in the making! I love this thing.

I use this with my Thompson M1A1 by Tokyo Marui. I'm fully aware that the M1A1 Thompson was incapable of accepting drum mags in real life, but this is airsoft.

This drum took a backseat in the back of my closet. I used it probably once in the first year I had it. I treated it like a novelty and, as such, it spent very little time with me on the field.

There are two reasons I've only used this on the field once: it's unwieldy to sling a weapon with a drum mag this size sticking out from it's side and it's heavy.

This is full metal and weighs like it is. There is a full quarter pound of BBs inside of this (when using .25g rounds), the weight of the metal drum and then the weight of the metal gun. It's a lot of weight.

The most amazing thing about this, though, it feeds absolutely flawlessly in my Marui M1A1. Firing at either 825RPM or 930RPM, it feeds very well with no dry fires until the winding it spent. Each winding of the magazine probably feeds about 100 rounds out of the magazine, making it extremely efficient compared to standard hicap stick mags (usually around 30 rounds per winding, IME).

If you've got a Thompson of any type and you want that absolutely monster look to it, get this thing! I love mine. If you primary your and want extra firepower and wow, this is what you want.
by Jason W. on 10/12/2014
"This drum is great for my king arms holds a huge capacity and great durability justs dont step on it like I did with my 170pound [email protected]$$. A small plastic piece came off but it works fine and the piece is pointless.of you are considering buying this, do long as you love pinning enemies down with constant storms of BBs
by Marcello R. on 01/17/2012
"all I have to say is this thing is awesome I've had it for many years and still works like a charm
by terry b. on 06/01/2010
"when i bought my Thompson the only magazine available was a 47 round. it ran out of ammo in about3 seconds so i was only able to go semi auto if i wanted to stay alive in a battle this helps a lot!!
by luis m. on 09/19/2009
"THE THOMPSON ISNT COMPLETE WITHOUT ONE OF THESE. the only down side is it is kinda heavy. overall good job
by ian m. on 09/14/2009
"i just got the drum mag and the first thing that came to my mind was "wow the weight was awosome!"
looks great, feels right, and makes the gun look proper
and of course about @$#*ing time.

pros everything
cons only if your weak and cant handle the weight on a gun :p
by danny e. on 09/08/2009
"THis looks really cool and is easier to wind but doesnt hold much more than the normal high-cap. It also adds A LOT of weight. You can use the mag us a rotating Bipod but it is harder to use normally cuz the mag makes it harder to reach the front grip. Overall i think it was worth it.
by Denise M. on 05/22/2009
"Been emailing evike asking them to come up with a Thompson drum mag since two years ago and finally!!

Just got mine in the mail and its just as expected! A gangster thompson just won't look right without one of these.

Besides the look (which was why I wanted it), the feeding, weight, feel and price are all pretty decent. Good job!
by zack t. on 12/22/2016
"Overall pretty good mag, solid construction and good capacity. However DO NOT turn it the wrong direction or your mag will break. Also, mine started having feeding issues after a few months of owning it with light use. If it weren't for the major feeding issues it has now, it would be 5 stars