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Heckler & Koch Full Metal USP Compact NS2 Airsoft Gas Blowback Gun by KWA

10 Customer Reviews

by Phillip C. on 02/26/2015
"Bought this gun used with two magazines, a gun case, and a BLACKHAWK! Serpa holster for $135. Have to say, one of the best purchases I have ever made. The gun was pretty well used and horribly maintained, but a bit of silicon, some sandpaper, and a dremel got it back into working order. Mags feed great, hold a lot of rounds, and the gun has amazing accuracy and range for a pistol. I can shoot through two or three magazines with one load of propane. I definitely recommend this if you can get it for the right price!
by Victoria B. on 08/24/2013
"I have has this pistol for over a year now.
Simply, it's one of the best gbb pistols I have ever used.
Extremely reliable.
I wouldn't even trade it for a Tokyo Marui.
by Daniel S. on 05/17/2013
"Ok first off this is my first gas pistol. I have had this gun sense Christmas and I love it! It shoots about 310-325 FPS but that is plenty FPS for 99% of the time. This is a pistol not a long range weapon. This gun does have incredible range for a pistol and decent accuracy. I can hit targets about 75Ft down range with this gun. Another thing I love about this gun is its mags. They have a great capacity of 22 rounds. I have two of them and that's normally enough for me at my local CQC field. Along those same Lines, I hate the mags for two reasons. One: they cost $45.00 most places and two they have plastic base-plates.

Pros: great range for a pistol
Great weight
Hight capacity mags.
Loud. I don't think it's that much of a con but some people might.

Con: I use a SERPA holster with this gun and the finish on the slide has rubbed off. That's not really a con if you don't use a SERPA holster.
Mags cost a lot.
The rail is annoyingly unique.

Over all this is one of the best pistols I have seen on the battle field. It's not a M9 or a 1911 even though I know a lot of people that will ague that the 1911 is one of the best pistols out there, but this is an eye catcher and just a great gun. It's saved me in games more than once. Please don't let anything I said about this gun prevent you from getting this. It's the best pistol on the field and every one asks to try it. GET THIS GUN IF YOU WANT TO WIN!!!!
by Josh A. on 01/06/2012
"Got this pistol today and i love it. alot of kick and a great sound too deep and shocking for its small size. only problem ive had is half the magazines i shoot leave about 3 bb's in the clip while there is still gas in the magazine. minor problem and doesnt seem to bother me to much on the count of how BA this gun is. Good Job KWA and Evike.
by Bill J. on 09/29/2009
"I just recieved this wonderful pistol in the mail yesterday. First of all, for anyone wondering if Evike has good customer service, the answer is yes. I ordered the old model p8 compact (without ns2) originally because it was cheaper. Evike contacted me and said it was on backorder and offered to upgrade to the more expensive model at no charge. They sure did not have to do that and there are other airsoft stores out there who would have let me suffer on backorder for a month. Anyhow, back to the weapon. KWA has a fine gun here. I have a football field in my backyard. I can stand inside the back door and shoot and the bb will fly out past the 35 yard line, that includes the end zone, and about 20 more yards till you get up to my door. It does lose accuracy at the far end of its range, but I can hit the goalpost easily from 20 yards. Usually pistols are used in close anyway. Another great thing is the small size. You can literally pocket this thing. The blowback is crisp and clean. I have experienced the craftsmanship on lower end manufacturers and this gun surpasses it by far. You can expect an awesome pistol if you order this. Thank you, Evike.
by mason z. on 11/29/2020
"first things first, it's a great compact option for any serious/casual airsofters! A solid B+ i'd give it.

Id like to keep reviews simple:
fits the description exactly, which i value.
has the iconic HK USP trigger, long and slim, that is very easy to handle.
magazine capacity is set to have around 15(20 maximum) rounds, the real firearm is 12, not bad!
the slide is fully functional and full metal, very durable and heavy.

almost just one, it has the not-toy warning written in white paint, right on the right side of the slide — little too obvious.
another one which is not the airsoft pistol's fault, but rather the real gun's — the HK general purpose rail is not 1913 nor picatini. not universal and out of fashion.
by garret j. on 03/30/2012
"This gun is AWESOME!!
good quality.
almost full metal.
dosent jam.
feeds grate.
super accurate with .20 gram BBs

cons:not to accurate over 50 feet D:

Over all super great gun! but don't try to snipe or any thing with this because the bbs curve of to the side after 50 feet :( but grate fore CQB. also it has a awesome rail to mount a light or something. Defiantly recommend this to a pro or a beginner. AWESOME GUN! BUY NOW
by Josh J. on 12/15/2017
"The gun is fine, like what I expected with the fullsize USP. However my main problems have to do with:
-weak spring. sometimes it won't cycled through
-sometimes, every other trigger pull is regiestered (or however you say it). sometimes when I pull the trigger, nothing happens.
-plastic outer barrel
by John G. on 10/20/2013
"Great gun but the slide is very sluggish. I have cleaned it and it got a little better. I can put a better spring in it but i shouldn't have to out of the box. Kwa should've put a better one in. Also they advertise the ns2 to be so great but i only get 2 mags if im lucky. I would recommend we over this any day. Definitely think kwa is going down hill.
by Mark N. on 01/19/2014
"I have the KWA/Umarex USP Compact NS2, It worked as advertised for first few mags. The slide now binds up all the time. It has been cleaned and lubricated multiple times. After full charge mag, it won't fully cycle after 10th round. Tried another mag, same thing. I wouldn't buy another one. Going to look for something better.