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Phantom Gear "Wraith" T3 Plate Carrier (Color: Ranger Green / Medium / Vest Only)

21 Customer Reviews

by Braden N. on 05/21/2024
"I was tweaking out cause I thought I got weird plate carrier but I got the desert night camo fits comfortably and it's adjustable and just learned you can put magazines in the side of the carrier, lesson to learn if you get a mystery box you might not get a gun but a mp5 collapsible stock and a plate carrier and a gun mag and a battery charger for $89 on sale you might not get a gun and just get a repeat set but the carrier is good :)
by ethan m. on 04/11/2024
"The night camo is similar to Ranger Green, and I like it. I recommend buying the admin pouch mainly because you can add things and it gives extra cover. I got the large vest, and it's perfect if you are on the taller side. The straps on the shoulders are adjustable. I also recommend Evike Sapi large plates. 10/10. I recommend it to all.
by jacob f. on 04/08/2024
"Great plate carrier for the money, only downside I’ve seen so far is the cumberbund is on the cheaper side and came out of the box frayed in some places
by Nathan W. on 03/27/2024
"Lovely plate carrier for the price. I got the Desert-Night color pattern.

Comes with adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable cummerbund. I'm 5'7, 130lbs and it fit me perfectly (covers my whole chest). The rig is extremely adjustable and would probably fit taller individuals just as nicely while not protecting the lower abdomen/belly button area.

Did a running, jumping test and the foam plate inserts it comes with makes the whole rig fit snug while doing exercises.

The cummerbund has magazine holders that hold my M4 AEG mags snug as well. Plenty of MOLLE for future upgrades. Also has some hydration tube holders on both shoulders as well.

All in all I love it, can't wait to run it on the field.
by Kevin W. on 01/28/2024
"Very nice plate carrier! The elastic cumberbund is very useful for holding magazines and other things. I have a placard attached to my setup so I like to put my radio and thunder Bs in the cumberbund slots
by Stephen W. on 01/02/2024
"Amazing first plate carrier. I got the ranger green and that color is perfect. I use black amags with fde magpul mag assists and an fde "come and take it" patch and it looks so good. I do use those emg thick plates in it but the ones it came with are still really good. I'm a very small person and it fits me but also is extremely adjustable for bigger people. Padding is also really nice.
by Andrew M. on 11/09/2023
"Awesome plate carrier for a great price. If you're looking for something with a little bit of everything (i.e. padding, adjustability, durability, and modularity this has it. The spandex-like cummerbund makes it compact to your body (useful for drawing handguns from belt-level holsters), even with smaller guys such as myself (5'11" 145lbs). I've used a lot of cheaper plate carriers and even some for around the same price, but this one is probably the best out of all the ones I've used without breaking the $100 mark. Padding is great for anyone looking for something comfortable for long durations and/or even running actual plates with it. Definitely a plate carrier I'll continue to use 10 years from now. Would absolutely recommend it to anyone wanting to upgrade their carrier or are in search of their first one.
by Richard W. on 11/09/2023
"I've ran this plate carrier for about half a year now. And I will it's comfy I don't overheat and it's a solid 10/10 construction

Ventilation (don't overheat)
Solid construction (will last you)
Quick change molle system (front panel comes off)

Side magazine holsters are hard to use (I'm a bigger guy but still flexible, it's hard to get them into the pouches)
by Toby M. on 10/18/2023
"This is a rather compact plate carrier but it still fits me fine, (I’m 5’11 210 lbs) after some adjusting of the straps. Great price, VERY comfortable for a plate carrier and pretty lightweight. Less molle space on the front for mag pouches but does use the buckle up system so it’s shouldn’t be too big of a problem. There are 3 mag pouches in the elastic cumberbund on each side and I have had this for almost a year now and haven’t had any problems with it whatsoever 10/10 great rig for the price and would recommend to anyone, also desert night camo is the main reason I bought this plate carrier because dnc is on top.
by Daniel S. on 02/22/2023
"Very impressed!
I haven't purchased a new vest in close to 12 years and figured it was time.
The price is great and the quality is fantastic. It's comfortable and light, added some heavier foam plates just for balance. A lot less MOLLE space than my other vest but that is not a problem.
All in all I am happy with this plate carrier! Also to whoever packed my box you left your hand sanitizer in it, let me know if you want it back.
by Austin F. on 02/10/2023
"Great quality. I'm a small guy, it's a bit big but works great.
by David T. on 01/13/2023
"Bought the black one, has work out for me great, the loops on it allow for great customization!
by Bryn D. on 12/24/2022
"I asked for this as a Christmas gift..and opened it early. So far I like it..fits well(haven’t put plates in it so I’m not how it will fit then) I’m on the chubbier side..fits me well..the carrier is a little bit on the smaller side (compared to my other carriers) but would recommend 100% to new and experienced players..(got it in DNC)
by Victor M. on 08/20/2022
"This plate carrier is AMAZING!

I bought the ranger green version and it is the best thing I have ever owned next to my real steel shellback shield banshee. The ranger green I have to say is a tad dark so you can probably get away with OD Green patch’s just fine because I know finding ranger green mag pouches is a pain. It’s extremely comfortable other than the elastic cummerbund (I replaced it with a beez industries and now it’s snug) I am a 5’11 220 pound man with really big shoulders so I wanted something that will fit me just right and this right here is it. I’d take this any day over any other airsoft plate carrier….

P.s. Real Steel plates such as Lvl 3’s and lvl 4 ceramic plates fit and hold in here very nicely ;-) if your looking for a cheap carrier that can hold a lot of weight.

by Isareck B. on 07/22/2022
"The vest is good quality I'm 5"10 128 pounds the vest fits well I dont recommend it for really skinny users because it is quite difficult to adjust well. When you get hit you barely feel it but it is quite loud when you get hit so it won't be an issue. when it is tightly adjusted it can be hard to put on but that wont be much of an issue one you figure it out. totally recommend for people who are 140 pounds or higher