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Magazine for WE Marui M9 Series Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistols by WE (Color: Black / Green Gas)

42 Customer Reviews

by Maxime D. on 06/22/2020
"From what I can tell at the day of delivery, this a a very solid CO2 magazine and fits better in my KJW M9A1 Vertec than OEM magazines.

The baseplate is flat and full metal just like the one from a real-steel Beretta or a green gas variant, unlike KJW ones with a fatter plastic baseplate. Even though I like the fat plate because it's easier to reload and slam the magazine in the magwell, the WE one feels more solid and looks cleaner.

The mag slides in extremely well, better than KJW magazines and the finish is harder to scratch. A single magazine reload practice did suffice for KJW mags and magwell to become scratched up but the WE still looks brand new.

The little protrusion in the plastic at the end of the spring is really helpful when reloading since it's easier to grab with gloves and less painfull on naked fingers than KJW.

In terms of performance, I think the gun shot a bit weaker than with OEM magazines. I must say my particular model of M9 is very picky in terms of magazines as OEM mags won't even cycle the gun properly after the second shot, but this WE magazine did better. It shot very solid at first, then started dropping fps as I kept shooting at a BB every 2 seconds. At around half or 2/3 of the mag, the gun wasn't fully cycling every two shot. After reloading, it seemed fixed.

TLDR: Much better finish than KJW mags, has a real-steel look and seems to work ok with a picky handgun. I might buy another one after testing it on the field.
by Joseph H. on 02/15/2020
"Is so awesome because of it's realistic look. Doesn't rip us off either.
by codey m. on 09/20/2019
"Lasts longer and has more power than the mag that came with my gun.
by Kenneth N. on 06/03/2018
"Good-decsent mag. u have to put in a bit extra gas in tho.
by Pedro Henrique d. on 01/03/2018
"Great magazine, mine came with leak, but I disassembled, cleaned, lubricated and mounted again, it was perfect !!!

never forget to leave a little gas inside the magazine to prevent the seals from shrinking and causing leakage
by Leonardo Felipe G. on 09/18/2017
"Excellent magazine. Heavy weight and you can shoot 50 times without refill with green gas.
by Leonardo Felipe G. on 09/18/2017
"Excellent magazine. Heavy weight and you can shoot 50 times without refill with green gas.
by Ely S. on 06/24/2017
"This actually a great answer to replace green gas mags. If you are tired of green gas mags failing in cold weather and/or the eventual leak that will happen with green gas mag, then move to this C02 mag.
by Jens S. on 02/20/2017
"This is for the WE Tech NG3 M9, so don't buy it for something else unless advised to. Works just as well as the stock one.
by Vaughn H. on 10/08/2016
"A fine spare/replacement magazine for the W.E Tech and Tokyo Marui M9 series pistols.

whilst technically compatible with KJW M9's, they will not cycle properly unless pressure is added to keep the magazine seated correctly (Use a 2 hand grip, and cup one hand underneath the magazine to apply slight pressure)
by Ben B. on 09/13/2016
"While I dislike WE products, I will say this is the BEST M9 mag I have ever used.

-gas lip sits higher and seals better
-works with any tm based m9 maybe not a kjw... definitely not a KWA (duh)
-has stronger and easier to replace fill valve but this one's o ring won't slip out as easy. If it does cut a hop nub into 3 rings and now you have three new fill valve O rings! Magical... or if you want evike sells some fill valve o rings, madbull brand I think.
-butt plate pins are solid
-gas valve is great and allows a higher fps when compared to other stock m9 mags (5-20)
-tends to have better quality control when it comes to tightening valves at the factory
-slightly lighter metal (more aluminum in mix) so your gun isn't a brick. I understand some kids prefer their aegs and gbbs to weigh more then the real steel because that makes them more "realistic..." but I prefer lighter guns...

For those who say "my mag leaks so it's trash now" please learn how to use a screwdriver and understand the concept of replacement O rings if your mag is super old, because there is nothing wrong with your mag 99% of the time. If your using pure propane without lube the gas valve will spit liquid propane when you fire or even leak when sitting due to the lack of lube to seal and open. Silicone lube in a adapter will fix that.
by Christos G. on 07/21/2016
"Haven't had any leaks after a good amount of uses.
by ryan d. on 04/07/2015
"Bought this magazine for my WE M9 and it works like a charm. It can take a beating from being dropped to being thrown to teammates and hitting the ground definitely recommend this to anyone who has a WE M9.
by Alex R. on 12/04/2014
"These mags are great but you need to know how to take care of them. Great for the price.
by Brian K. on 08/30/2014
"I bought this mag to go with my new WE M9 handgun, link to gun , and when I got I decided that I had to get 2 more. The mags look great with the gun I got and are easy to find if I drop them on the field while reloading.

- Looks very unique compared to other mags and stand out.
- Can get through a little over 3 clips before I need to add more gas to the mag.
- It can hold about 23 shots.

- Currently don't have any.