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6mmProShop Gas Powered Full Metal DSR-1 Advanced Bullpup Sniper Rifle (Color: Grey)

33 Customer Reviews

by Adam M. on 11/30/2017
"This is truly the best gas sniper rifle out there. Everything about it from the inside out is perfection. The only thing I did to upgrade it was put an r-hop in it but besides that nothing else needs to be modified. The magazines are super easy to tap for HPA use and is what i do when i am playing in cold weather. The ONLY con that I have is its weight. However i would much rather have a good quality piece that's heavy than a crappy gun that's super light.
by Kimberly R. on 08/05/2017
"Can you put a suppressor on this gun
by Cameron H. on 03/04/2017
"Very well built gun, solid and heavy. Muzzle break is a nightmare to get off with a set pin and glued on took hours and lots of pain. Confirmed it does have positive thread. Instead of doing a pros and cons I will just list what I have found out about it.

-FPS=586 with a full mag of propane and a 6.02 inner barrel
-Accurate well past 200ft with .32's and rhop. Easily can handle heavier weights.
-Magazines are solid and non leaking.
-Bolt is fluid and easy to "rack" a bb.
-Mags hold LOTS of gas went through three full magazines of bb's and still had lots of gas left.
-You can also load the mags via a speed loader if you have the little guider you put on the end of them. Very useful.
-The top rail is not a standard RIS so using a riser wont work unless you file out a spot for it to sit down into it.(which I did) 10 minutes and you can mount your optics. If you just plan on using regular scope mounts then it doesn't matter as you can adjust the location of the mounts on the scope.
-The bipod, foregrip RIS, buttpad, cheeck rest, stock monopod are all adjustable for some fantastic customized fitting and just looks wicked awesome.
-Weighs just shy of 17lbs with mags and scope mounted.
-Inner barrel is 550mm and you WILL need an inner barrel extension if you plan to mount a silencer. Which I did and my outer barrel extends roughly 5 inches past my inner barrel without any complications so you can extend your inner barrel to a 590 if you wanted but it isn't necessary.
-Hopup looks to be like an aps2 hop unit with a few differences namely the bb guider attached to the end of it. But it adjusts just like a regular bolty with a set screw on the top through a hole in the RIS. Uses a 2mm wrench.
-Strips down very quickly, you need to disassemble it completely in order to access the hop unit and inner barrel which also means you MUST remove the muzzle break. Literally the only issue I have ran into thus far seriously.....nightmare muzzle. But that isn't the rifles fault.

Overall I due believe this weapon is beautiful and performs very well, I plan on doing some videos of it as there is jack on youtube for it but that won't be for awhile. Hopefully I helped someone who was curious and or was looking for some information about the rifle.

Solid 11/10
by Justus N. on 02/09/2017
"Just got this gun. Super cool. Very heavy gun. Not in a bad way. I like that it feels so real. little advice if buying the bipod is mounted to the top of the rifle so when buying a scope you will need the high rise mounts.
by Sky C. on 02/01/2017
"Five stars! great solid gun! Holds its power excellently and fires well. Full sized. Mine runs about 550 FPS - with 25G BBs. Long range about 35-50 yards. Highly recommend this rifle!
by charles s. on 11/05/2016
"OK, so i wanted to post a revier after owning the gun for a couple months now. i recently ran it at BEV IV city under siege. This weapon commands respect on the field, and is respectable accurate and can reach about 200 shot. i loved the attention that walking around with the gun brought me, despite the fact that they were ready to fall off. i highly recommend a snipers roost if running this. i still love the gun.
10/10 would buy agian
by charles s. on 09/17/2016
"Right off, we all know the history of the DSR-1.
This gun is beautiful. I received it early afternoon last week, after a long six months waiting. I had also been chasing this gun ever since the original release, and was never able to afford it.
I could go on and on about how much I love this gun, but I wont.
1) Weight.(maybe a con) This gun weighs in at 20lbs or so.
2) Superb build quality. This gun feels super solid and well manufactured. It made form primarily CNC'd aluminum, and Abs plastic. it feels like you could fire real rounds from the rifle.
3) FPS. the gun says 350 fps, but ive been chronoing it regularly at 550 with a .2g bb on propane. it fires quietly and straight once the hop up is adjusted. im looking at moving to possibly .23 once I buy some. im am achieving paper plate size groupings at about 180-200ft. so looking for upgrades parts.
4) (this is more a personal pro) The bolt pull is beautiful. it has a about a four inch travel that is crisp and clean. It also has spring system that seats the bb for a great air seal.
5) The chromed barrel.

(1) ITS heavy. as noted above, it weighs around 20lbs.

2) price. parts for this gun(if you can find them) Are stupid expensive. Don't break it.

So, I love this gun so much. it looks beautiful on my wall and I totally do not regret the entire paycheck it costs.
IF you are a dedicated sniper, this is a gun for you.
by Wilson L. on 02/12/2009
"The DSR-1 sniper rifle is built and engineered in Germany by DSR Precison and is part of the newest trend in bullpup bolt action rifles. The bullpup design allows the weapon to use a longer barrel (meaning more accuracy to longer distances as well as increased effective range of the rifle), but is shorter than traditional bolt actions rifles of the same barrel length becasue the action is in the back, towards the shooter's shoulder. This shorter length allows a unit sniper to blend in with the rest of his teammates without broadcasting to the enemy that he is a sniper and also allows for easier concealment and carry. The DSR-1's stock features an adjustable monopod for use in steadying long range shots as well as two built in bipod legs that fold upwards into the top portion of the foregrip. A magazine holder towards the front of the weapon also houses a spare magazine for quick reloads. (Only the rear magazine actually feeds the rifle.) The DSR-1 comes in the prominent sniper calibers 7.62X51 NATO, .300 WinMag, and .338 Lapua, which is being examined by many police and military units today. The DSR-1 is a rifle specifically built for sniper operations and is not a military conversion of a civilian rifle like the M40 used by the Marine Corps. The DSR-1 is currently being fielded by units like Germany's GSG-9.

by Taylor D. on 01/22/2009
"This is a great gun! i borrowed this from a friend because my barrett broke, and i have to repair it, and dang! this shoots accurately and powerfully.
by andrew h. on 12/02/2008
"Actually, STAR and Ares are the same thing really.
Different name but same gun.
Mainly quality control on the gun isn't that up to par with their other products.
by James W. on 12/01/2008
"i'll write this to rebute chris k.'s review... this is NOT the same one as the one reviewed by AATV on youtube...

that is the ARES DSR

this is the STAR DSR...

two different guns.

i do not know how this one is, but ask evike staff themselves, they usually give reliable accurate feedback.
by christopher c. on 11/30/2008
"is this the same gun they sell on or is this a shity version of the Ares DSR1 what the brand? star or Ares or is it the same shit .huh?
by Mike L. on 11/27/2008
"does this gun have 2 mags, or is one just for show?
by Eric F. on 11/17/2008
"I am definitely gonna get this one, but I was wondering if any owners out there could clarify if this gun can be run without gas since I have have seen some gas/spring ones, or is this strictly gas?
by Patrick B. on 10/23/2008
"i was wondering does anybody know how good of quality this gun is will it take beatings