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FREE SHIPPING for orders over $99! New deals released hourly and daily. See Deals Here! R-Custom Fiberglass "Army" Full Face Mask (Color: Blue Flame / Mesh Lens)

15 Customer Reviews

by JeanMarc H. on 06/23/2014
"Got this mask today for my cousin. I'm loving it and so does he! It's light, durable, and can withstand 400-500 fps guns up close! If you guys are looking for a reliable mask, you guys should get this!

Padding on the inside
Nice visibility through mesh eyes
Badass look

by Jenny R. on 12/24/2012
"This mask is Awesome!!! It feels really comfy and is very breathable. It is also a lot heavier than i expected and much bigger than i thought it would be. I did notice that once you put it on your right eyebrow does feel kind of smashed but not enough to bother you that much. I'm not sure that it is worth 85$ but you wont regret your purchase.

Pros: Heavy(pro in my opinion)
by Kevin D. on 05/05/2012
"This mask is great, it's comfortable, easily adjusted, light, and tough. Many people had sai the steel mesh is hard to see through, but instantly with putting it on it not that noticeable and gets even better with time and eye adjustment. It is hard to read a map or similar thing with this though as it can strain the eyes. Aiming down sight also isn't the easiest thing so slide your sight a bit further forward.

Looks amazing
Feels amazing
Easily protects the face
No chance of BB's breaking though the mesh
Easy to look through dispite expectations

Hard to read details close to eyes through the mesh
Hard to Aim down sight but can be adjusted
by colten c. on 04/19/2010
"ok well im just putting this out there but i am a big army of two fan so if you guys were wondering the two "imperfections" are ment to be there they are the bullet marks from when rios gets shot a few times in the face on the train:)
by 13 years of annoyance 9. on 01/06/2010
"I have not yet received this here mask yet , BUT its AWSOME!!!AWSOME.
by Rob D. on 09/28/2009
"Great mask, great buy! It is so nice looking, I have troubles taking it back off. It is made of very dense material and is very good quality. When I took it out of the box, I found that it was delightfully easy to put on! If you happen to not fit it as it is set when it comes in the mail, you can easily change the size fittings on the straps. This is the most comfortable airsoft mask I have ever worn, it is very deluxe. It has comfortable pads all around the inside and does not rub against your head at all. The mask is very low profile which is good for close quarters situations (like lying prone or hiding your head against cover) and is also good for getting your head close enough to the gun to look down the sights. This mask it fairly easy to breath through, but when compared to lighter masks like the kind from sporting goods stores (Gander Mountain, Dicks Sportings Goods), this mask is a little harder to breath through. The wire mesh is stronger and thicker than normal wire mesh which makes it a little harder to see through, but worth the extra strength for eye protection. The mesh still provides good visibility though.

Pros- Very heavy-duty material
Extra safe wire mesh which is very thick and strong to protect eyes
Very comfortable to wear
Easily adjustable
Extremely good looking!
Cons- A little harder to breath through when compared to other, lighter masks
A little harder to see through heavy wire mesh than other masks

Verdict: Extremely nice and very practical for use on the field, very safe
mask that is worth every pennie and worth being a little harder to see and
breath through
by Alec T. on 09/24/2009
"This is a review from a satisfied customer that bought an Army Of Two Mask. (me).

Price: $89.99

First, The mask is pretty light but very sturdy and hard, so a BB will not break this mask. The mesh is very good quality and the flames look awsome.

It does press on your nose abit but doesn't bother me much.
It has 5 adjustable straps in the back of it to adjust it.
You can see aswell as you can with a regular mesh mask. Pretty damn good.
There is padding all around the inside.

.Looks awsome.
.Can see through the mesh nice
.Straps make it able so the mask fits everyone.
.Can withstand 500 fps pointblank

.Cost Alot
.Can squeeze you nose depending on face figure.
.If you have a more circular face, it is possible the foam inside will press on your cheeks harder then comfort.
. Gets hot.

There are alot of cons but I really enjoy this mask and overall, I give it a B+. If it had more room for the nose, I would give it a A.
by Kyle D. on 09/10/2009
"This mask is awesome its fits so good on my face and greatest thing is NO FOG!!!!! i played field and CQB games with this mask and let me tell you its all good only thing is when a round hits you in the eye you can get some slag in the mask which can hit you in the eye but its no big deal at least to me that is. I play in Arizona mid summer in 115 degree weather and i have no problems with this mask at all its good for all players who want to get that little extra mental handle on the enemy. trust me you are automatically tagged as a threat when they see this mask coming at them. Also aiming with the mask on is awesome you can look strait down the barrel like there was no mask at all perfect for snipers and assault alike. if you dont mind looking through mesh to shoot your target (which isnt that noticable) i would get this. you will turn heads and dominate the game
by Jordan O. on 03/14/2009
"This is a great mask, looks cool, is sturdy, and is very good middle ground for those that want the protection of a paintball mask but not the bulk. However, I was a bit annoyed when one of the employees at evike tried to tell me the mask was made of carbon fiber.
by Matthew O. on 12/01/2008
"i bought this way back when they were still on pre-order, and its amazing, i only have one problem with it, and its totally my own fault. CORRECTIVE PRESCRIPTION GLASSES cannot be worn under this mask, there just isn't enough room. If you have contacts more power to you, but if you have glasses i'm afraid this product could be a little disappointing. I am currently trying to custom mount a spare pair of lenses directly to the mesh, i don't have very high hopes for it. In a couple days I will repost with the results
by Christopher K. on 11/17/2008
"Where to begin!

I was unsure when ordering this if it would be at all comfortable or if I'd have to stuff it with foam. Well I'm pleased to say that it is well padded inside. The back straps are easy to manipulate and the pad is nicely padded. The straps also have quick disconnects. It makes it super easy to get the mask on and off without messing with the straps to loosen and tighten. Set it up for your head and just undo the clips.

The mask is extrmely durable. It feels like a piece of heavy duty tupperware (sorry for the comparison). Minimal flex when you try and bend it. I cannot imagine a BB puncturing this mask at all. After watching the demo videos of high power BB's barely scratching the surface I can say I am now a believer!

You can barely tell you're looking through mesh. Field of vision is still great. You lose a small amount of peripheral but beyond that it's great.

The ONLY down side to this mask was the lack of padding around the eyes and nose. I did end up adding a little bit of padding to make the mask comfortable for long term wear. If you wear the mask a little on the loose side this is not a problem. Since I am an aggressive player I did not want the chance the mask could slip or move; which would block my sight.
by patrick b. on 01/21/2009
"when i first saw this i was i was scarred of the pure awesome that is this mask. Like any sane person would do i bought it. I was so impressed i bought one for my little brother to.

PROS: The mask is hard sexy pice of fiberglass. The wire mesh is thick so as to no let through bb's, but restricts visibility only slightly. the mask has 30 drilled air holes infront of your face and nose. it comes with an impressive 5-pt. harness that stays cofortable due to the elastic bands. the mas also breaths incredibly well, and this mask will protect your face and eyes always!

CONS" the elastic straps feel cheep, it comes with tiny dents in it, the padding is non-replaceable, and if your have a round face it will squeeze your cheekbones uncomfortably.

I recomend getting a baclava or a smock, because the padding might itch a tiny bit + your har will go crazy without one.
by Peter N. on 03/22/2009
"My friend got this thing and i have to tell you, i almost shat my pants. I tried it out and its really comfortable but the metal holes make it seem like everything is moving and its kinda distracting.
by John-Colton L. on 01/14/2009
"I pre-ordered this mask before it cam out. I must say it is a great mask but you can not wear glasses under neath it and is really made for day time use, due to the mesh making it VERY hard to see at night. If you plan to get this or any of the masks like it consider geting a mask that uses goggles for it because t well be very hard to see at night and I need glasses to see faraway so I got to see if they can put sport glasses for me on the inside of the mask. I'm not holding my breath thats for sure though.
by Jonathan S. on 08/28/2016
"As much as I wanted to be able to give this a good review, I can't. I bought this mask around Christmas time and hadn't used it for a few months due to the winter. Finally summer came and I took it out of it's box. First game one of the straps snapped. Second game, two of the other straps cracked away from the pad that is on the back of your head. Very disappointing...

Very sturdy
Strong mesh, no shots will ever break it
Comfortable for the most part

Feels far away from your face
No possible way to aim down sight... ever..
Vision is realllly restricted
Can get hot