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Matrix Woven Coalition Desert Shemagh / Scarves (Color: Brown / Tan)

68 Customer Reviews

by Elijah W. on 07/03/2021
"I got the OD green one, and it's perfect. Exactly as pictured, exactly what I wanted and expected. It gives a really cool geurilla/special ops look, and also helps break up the shape of your head for some actually kindof effective camo.

I KNOW there is someone reading this who wants to skimp out and buy this instead of a mask- DON'T. This product is about the same thickness as a dishrag. It's meant to be purely cosmetic, and WILL NOT offer ANY facial or mouth protection.

That said, that's not the purpose it's supposed to serve. It works perfectly as it is supposed to- which is as a cosmetic piece to your kit, similar to a hat- not as mouth or face protection. 10/10, love it, would and most likely will buy again.
by micah m. on 05/31/2020
"Nice and big, plenty of stuff you can do with it!
by Jonathan C. on 03/17/2020
"I ordered the dark green/drab. True to color, and as far as shemaghs go that you can order on here, or say, amazon, it is good quality. It isnt paper thin like cheap ones and not super bulky but balanced for sun protection on a hot day, or keep you warm in the cold if worn like a scarf.

I've used mine about every game since I got it and it hasn't ripped or frayed on me yet. (However, I am also mindful of my gear and I dont toss things around like its actual war)

Would recommend if you're looking for a nice wardrobe addition or just want some utility out of it! It is also a good size, perfect size if you want to wear it over your head or over your face, as well. And doesn't give you too much slack, which is perfect since you dont want it snagging on your things.
by Liam S. on 07/22/2019
"It doesn’t look terrible, but the tan/od is a lot brighter than what it looks like in the photo.
by Tyler H. on 03/11/2019
"i love this shemagh it can keep you warm when its cold and cool when it is hot out. (though it does a better job keeping you cool in drier areas.)
by Anthony M. on 07/20/2018
"Ordered this because it had good reviews, looks great, and matches my color scheme. When I got it I noticed it had some damage and some of the fibers were pulling apart. It was also 40x42 instead of the listed 42x42. Manufacturing issues happen, wasn't Evike's fault at all. I sent an RMA request for an exchange, and Evike Customer Care got back to me really fast and asked for a photo just to verify with their records. I sent them a photo of the damage and informed them of the sizing being off as well. Almost IMMEDIATELY they shipped me a replacement no questions asked! I love buying from Evike a ton because they sell good product, and when a stinker does pop up they take care of it immediately!
Other than the damage this Shemagh feels really high quality, and has great stitching and weave that'll last a while!
by Russell B. on 09/11/2017
"It's a comfortable light weight Shemagh for only 10 bucks. Nothing more nothing less.
by Tong Y. on 03/11/2017
"Great for covering your neck, face, and great for camo.

Most defining characteristic in humans is the neck/head and shoulders. This can break that off a little and get you that one edge.

Soft and comfy. Forgot that I had it around my neck and lost it during a firefight. Will buy another one. Lol
by Charles L. on 06/26/2016
"I picked one of these up at UBG during Spring offensive, best 10 bucks I ever spent.

You can use it to filter water, start a fire, dip in water to cool you off, wrap around your head and shoulders to keep you warm, make a sling, make a cast, make an improvised back pack, and of course use it as camouflage (it's effective too).

-has a plethora of practical/helpful uses
-good for camouflage
-comfy as hell
-cool as hell

-Traditionally Shemaghs are 44" by 44" this is only 42" by 42". But most Shemaghs in the US are 42 by 42 so I really have no complaints.

This thing is a fantastic buy, get it.
by Robert G. on 05/14/2016
"It's just a Shemagh!

The colour is closer to a "blue-gray" than solid "gray"
by Michael W. on 04/26/2016
"This is a very comfortable shemagh, I have used it for over a year and it has held up nicely. For the price you certainly cannot beat it, get one!
by Nathan P. on 04/13/2016
"I recently got this shemagh. Its big and completely covers your neck. It isn't too hot either.
Its not grey its dark blue. I have it right in front of me and its definitely dark blue. But I still think its awesome.
The scarf design is cool too.
by Jordan K. on 03/23/2016
"Good and durable and comfy. When it arrived, it smelled like burnt rubbery death, but a good wash fixed that.
by Max M. on 07/09/2015
"I've had this for about two years now, and it's great! You can't really go wrong with this item.

Note: It's a much darker green than in the first image. Scroll down and that's more of what it actually looks like.
by Nicholas G. on 06/21/2015
"First ever scarf I've had the pleasure of both my first purchase and use! Went to my first game and used it as both a bandana to keep the sweat wicked away as well as protecting myself from the sun, which worked out damn well! Very light and nice quality material!