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Matrix AK47 RIS Special Forces Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Skeleton Side-folding Stock by CYMA - (Package: Gun Only)

56 Customer Reviews

by Hudson C. on 07/29/2019
-Nice weight and feel
-Easy to customize
-Adjustable hopup
-Nice FPS and accurate

-Magazine stopped feeding properly, had to buy a mid cap one

Really nice gun but you might have to buy another mag as the one that comes with it isn’t very good
by Michael M. on 07/21/2018
"Very good gun for starting out and it has lasted awhile and is still kicking. 10/10 IGN
by anthony c. on 06/03/2017
"I received this Ak recently and it is great. Very sturdy and for the price its a great gun. Accurate, good rof and with stock folded its very maneuverable in cqb. I think for anyone getting into or already in airsoft and on a budget, this is a great example of bang for your buck.
by kyle g. on 01/03/2017
"so I have had this gun for a while now and i must say it is the best bang 4 ya buck if you dont want to spend money it was my first aeg and i have been playing airsoft for almost 2 1/2 years as i hve been playing more i have also been buying more airsoft stuff/ gear and i have made this gun for cqb. a few days ago though i took appart the gearbox for the first time in 2 1/2 years and it was a disscrace to me way to much oil ( green crappy stuff) and the air nossle looked brown instead of clear..... took forever to clean it properly. now for the pros/ cons
pros- great gun for upgrading
- shoots good( max range 225 affective195ft)
have shot more than 100,00 bbs in it and not much were
cons- hop up broke( fixable)
…-crappy green oil
Thats it - gr8 cheep gun
by John F. on 12/28/2016
"I am very impressed overall. I got this as a back-up to my G&P m4 and for my friends to use, so I wasn't expecting anything fantastic. I was presently surprised however. Its pretty solid except for a little wobble in the stock. The grip it comes with is pretty crap though. AS for how it runs, pretty awesome. It has a surprisingly high ROF with a Valken 8.4, so with a lipo it could be as high as my G&P m4 on a 9.6. Mine shot at a nice 370 fps. Its pretty acurate but not amazing so I would probably get a tightbore.

It does have a few problems. A little piece of plastic in the battery compartment makes getting the battery in a living hell so I would suggest sanding it off. The switching between full and semi can get really funky sometimes. The hopup can also be sticky. The sights also don't line up right but it doesn't matter too much to me as I find AK sights almost impossible to use anyway.

Overall I'm giving it 5 stars because I was expecting something pretty mediocre and it turned out to be pretty darn good. It has its quirks but it has great performance and feels nice.
by Jeffrey C. on 08/08/2016
"okay this gun is nice, its a good starter upgrade-able gun. you can take the gearbox out and upgrade it and maintenance it, you can make this a high torque gun with different internal for the v3 gearbox, but i recommend a speed motor for it and a m90-m95 spring if you dont wanna spend a good amount of money for the pistons, gears, cylinders, ect. this gun is good for its price, it survives central oregon very well here in the cascades. you may not even need to change the motor but i would put a m90 spring in it for a faster rate of fire and for extra rate of fire get a speed motor. not a super speed motor or anything (because you would have to changed the gears and piston at least) just a standard speed motor. then this thing will be a beast. or you just get a speed motor without the spring. i do not recommend upgrading parts yourself unless you wanna learn how from step by step videos (example AEX has lots of vids on this stuff with hands on step by step instructions) and void the warrenty (not a big deal) in my opinion its way cheaper to upgrade/maintain the guns instead of buying a whole new 100-300 gun. overall i think this is a great gun to start with in the upgrade world of airsoft (not to start getting into the game with). to all those kids and other people; If your new to airsoft and only know how to play and shoot then DO NOT GET THIS GUN UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW TO MAINTAIN THE GEARBOX AND GUN ITSELF. even then i want everyone too look up on youtube on how to upgrade/maintain their AEGs so NO ONE WAISTS THE MONEY PUT INTO BUYING THIS GUN OR ANY AEG. thanks for reading
by David B. on 06/27/2016
"This gun is an absolute steal. For $108, you can't really go wrong. I would recommend this gun to any beginning/intermediate players for its high quality feel and cheap price point. I was actually pretty surprised at how sturdy and heavy this gun feels, for how cheap it is. It shoots straight, and has pretty decent range. I haven't yet gotten it on the field, but I am excited to! Only problem with it, is that evike actually takes the battery out of the package, forcing you to buy a battery separate from them

-Comes with Fold able Foregrip
-Full metal upper receiver and barrel
-The plastic on it feels high quality.
-Little to no mag wobble
-Pistol grip is nice and comfortable
-Shoots straight, with adjustable hop up
-Comes with a sling

-Evike cons you out of a battery
-After Carrying for a while, it becomes sort of a pain
-Putting the battery in is a pain
-Re-seating the top receiver can sometimes take a while
-Sights are not the greatest.

Overall, I would recommend this to anybody trying to play airsoft on a budget.
by Joseph K. on 11/29/2015
"So June 2014 I bought my first Aeg, I got a $260 M4. During this past summer I got this AK. It's perfect for anyone starter-intermediate players. It's cheap but that says nothing about the quality and power of this gun. I've been using this as my primary since it arrived and since then I've shot over 20,000 BB's from it and haven't had a single problem with the gun. I recommend this for anyone looking for a cheap AK that will last forever. CYMA is the best manufacturer for AK's and if you need one check out any of their guns and you won't be disappointed. Just one thing, make sure you have your own smart charger, the free one isn't all too great.
by Mason S. on 07/11/2015

I've been using this gun regularly for about two months or so and she is awesome!

-Great Value. At under $100 this gun does as good or better than my friend's $200 M4 AEGs
- Quality accuracy and FPS
- Collapsible stock is a dream come true
- Unlike other reviews, the stock mag works perfectly for me
- Absolutely no problems, breakdowns, or issues with it at all

- No rail close enough to place a site that I like (Looking to get the Matrix X47 Rail System to fix that once it is in stock)

That is really it. Crazy good gun for beginners who are not sure they want to invest in an expensive AEG and has several cool upgrades that come with it already.
by Simon L. on 06/17/2014

Okay let me make some points first:
So far, I have taken very good care of this baby, because I'm afraid of rough-handling it like I did my previous guns (and they all broke). Therefore, I have no idea how it will handle when being man-handled. Also, I have fired many airsoft rifles, but this is the second one I have owned, so I don't really have that much experience.

Alright, with that out of the way, AGAIN, THIS GUN IS AMAZING! I have shot this gun many times, the fire rate/fps is amazing, the range is REALLY good, and the accuracy is phenomenal with .20-.25 bbs. I've knocked it against trees a little, and accidentally tripped and the magazine hit a rock, but it still held!
- The foregrip is sturdy if you put most of the force on the top where it is attached, and folding it and unfolding it is easy.
- The foldable stock's not 100% stable but I mean, hey, that's what you get with a foldable stock. Another cool thing about the stock is that if you're running like mad, then having the stock folded makes it easier since you can whip it around a lot easier, and when you need accuracy and stability, just fold it out.
- The battery life is very long if you charge it full. I've played 1-2 days of vigorous airsoft-ing and then ONLY THEN would it die. Only bad thing about that is that the battery works so well sometimes you forget to charge it :P.

That's about it. I've had this gun for about 2-3 months now and I have not regretted the purchase even once.

- Heavy (I like weight to my guns)
- Sturdy
- Versatile
- Acurrate/Firerate/FPS are all good
- Battery

- some things get loose/sticky after a lot of use... i.e.:
- Foregrip is a little wiggly, but just grap it higher up and no worries
- Charging handle (or hopup latch) gets sticky after a while. no biggie.
- Folding Stock isn't 100% stable
by Cristofer R. on 03/03/2014
"If you like the ak style, you'll enjoy this rifle. It's a good starter weapon. The firing rate is a decent rate but if you wanted to, you could buy a 9.6v. The stock is wobbly though and does nit click into place when folded which makes it very annoying. I suggest switching it out with an m4 stock, much more comfortable. The gun slightly long and and on the heavy side. I myself exercise about 4 times a week pretty religiously and after a day of Airsoft, you'll really feel it in your shoulders. The mag they give is a high cap plastic waffle style mag that will do the job. Please please buy a smart charger otherwise you're gonna kill the battery within a few weeks of charging with the charger that they give you. The motor is very quiet as well which makes stealthing very easy and it's accuracy is top notch using 0.23 or 0.25's. All in all, for what you pay, you will receive in equal amount.
by Nghia T. on 07/03/2013
"Amazing first gun I bought especially the price that allowed me to buy tactical gear with the extra leftover. I get an average of 390-400+ fps on this monster on a simple 8.4v. Its a bit heavy for little kids but if you're mildly built it will feel perfect.

Mostly metal
Very powerful for 130+
Looks exactly like the real thing.

Takes some work the get battery in.
A bit loose but does not affect play
by Mary Ellen V. on 03/03/2013
"I've owned this gun for over 4 years now and it hasn't broken down on me once. It is a great starter's gun and also a fantastic base gun to upgrade from (which I have).
RPS:~13 on stock 8.4
FPS: 360-400 (taken via poor man's chrono)
V3 gearboxes are great to upgrade
Solid construction little to no wobble.
Accurate! Comes stock with a 6.03 inner

Fire Selector gets really loose over time. (just loctite it)
Can only fit an 8.4 or an 11.1 (same # of cells)
Not much room for wires in battery compartment.
by Michael B. on 01/07/2013
"I have owned this gun for about 5 months now and I must say: THIS IS THE BEST GUN I HAVE EVER HAD!

The accuracy is outstanding, best feature of the gun.
High FPS (Some have said to be up to 495, but my guess is about 420-450)
Cheap in price for what your getting
Foldable Stock

Battery time
Clip size isn't as great as it should be
Large and Heavy

Again, I can't emphasize enough how great this gun is. It's so accurate that I have shot people in cover with little parts of their body sticking out. The only true con is that it's large and heavy, making it kind of immobile.

by jennifer n. on 09/19/2012
"this gun is amazing. ive had it for over a year now and ive had almost no problems whatsoever, as the other reviews might say, it does have a slight wobble in the folding stock, but thats expected from a folding stock.... going through a battle with this, theres very little that can beat this... i am a stealthy guy so i like the semi auto feature, i took three stray shots at my friend from about 100' away, he said later that he heard the first shot ring out, froze, and a leaf fell right in front of his face...

great fps
decent rof
high grade plastic on the foregrip, pistol grip, and folding stock
full metal!
flash hiderr mountable

only thing ive found, the stock is a bit wobbly (holds up fine though)