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Matrix Multi-Purpose Tactical Head Wrap (Color: Black)

20 Customer Reviews

by Sean K. on 01/11/2018
"its a very cheap head wrap so dont expect much
but its still very good
by Cameron M. on 03/13/2017
"It works well, it is comfortable, fantastic for the price. Don't regret buying it!
by Max B. on 04/22/2014
"This is 10x better than a shemagh. It wicks sweat very well, and you can pull it up over your nose and mouth to protect from BB hits, and it doesn't fog your goggles.
by Zachary E. on 07/18/2013
"I was worried about buying this because i have a large head.....i mean like huge my head is colossal. But when it got here the first thing i did was see if it fit and vuala! It was close but iv still got some wiggle room.
by Vincent S. on 06/04/2013
"First off, this is a great buy. I will mention that mine had '' written on it instead of the Condor logo shown, but that's not an issue. Also, the product I received was more of a khaki-brown color, rather than what is shown in the image, but that's a non-issue, and I also knew from other reviews what to expect color-wise.

Overall, this wrap does its job very well; it is just thick enough to offer protection from BBs, but you'll also know if you get hit; it is also very breathable, a major plus if you choose to wrap it over your mouth since you don't have to breathe very hard to get air into your system, and it doesn't restrict or muffle your voice very much at all.

Also, two things to watch out for;

1.) As said in a previous review, the edges tend to curl up, but it isn't a real problem; the same reviewer also gives a solution to this if you need it.

2.) When I first used this, I tucked the very edge under the bottom of my goggles to help hold it in place and also to form a full seal over my face; however, this resulted in fogging up my goggles when I breathed, though I believe that this was probably due to the fact that my goggles don't have the best ventilation out there. Just keep in mind that if you do what I did, make sure it works without fogging beforehand, cuz mid-game adjustments really suck.

Overall, I give this product five stars; this is an excellent buy if you want something to protect your face, but don't want to deal with a hard plastic face mask or a heat-inducing shemagh.
by Zachary D. on 04/17/2013
"Great product it's a must buy! Don't get it if you think it's going to help protect against bbs cause it doesn't if it does it only will help like 1% if that lol but it's awesome I would recommend it to any player that don't like wearing the full face mask very comfortable
by chase c. on 10/26/2012
"im excited to have a flakjak goggle, ironface, and this balaclava over it!

also here are the prices

flakjak 40.00
ironface mask 8.00

you gotta watch the video for the ironface. i said eight dollars not 80. its only 8 dollars and it blocks anything
by Juan C. on 07/21/2012
"i got this today and it is awesome other than the fact that its brown but that has nothing to do with the rag itself also it says on it not condor it looks like a really good and durable fabric

good fabric

says not condor
by Jeanne D. on 06/12/2012
"This balaclava is great for airsoft, I always seem to be getting shot in the face so this balaclava is great fo covering your ears, nose and mouth. note that this is big so think twice before buying it.


Big(can be pro or con)


can get hot
doesn't protect against BB'S
by Hayden K. on 04/12/2012
"This is a good buy. It does its job, but it is more brown than tan. Not a big difference, but noticable. Also, at the ends, it naturally couls around. easy to fix, just roll it down a little and the ends stay flat.

Does the job
feels good
works well

Kinda brown
rolls up on the ends.

Overall, buy this if you are using goggles or mesh half mask.
by ian w. on 10/30/2011
"This Balaclava is a very good piece to add to any airsoft loadout. The material breaths well keeping you concealed while allowing ventilation to avoid overheating. It also is a very comfortable fit, conforming to your face. Bear in mind though, this will not protect you from airsoft rounds, other than keeping them from entering your mouth or ears.
by george b. on 08/03/2011
"It Is not TAN, it is brown!!!! But on the other hand it gets the job done! light and and well vented material! not unhappy with it, a great buy! GET IT!
by wyatt h. on 08/01/2011
hides very large hair styles easily

if you wear glasses you gotta position your mask and everything in a special way so your glasses don't fog up
by Jamie C. on 03/31/2011
"This is a great piece of equipment for any airsoft/paintball player.
I got mine in OD green and evike shipped my product in 3 days (thanks guys!)
The material is very nice, well stretchable, and comfortable to wear. You can tell the material is high quality and you can ALWAYS trust Matrix products. They have a great reputation of reliability, and this product expands on that reputation.
Very easy to use, I've been able to utilize every form of head wrap in the top picture except the balaclava, but I'm sure I'll figure it out sometime.
There's not much to write because it's such a simple, effective product. I think the two most useful forms are the neck mask, headband, and drenching the cloth in water and wearing it "Ops Mode" to stay cool in the desert fields.

good material
good shipping
super easy to use
you can drench it in water and wear it to stay cool

by T.J. L. on 11/17/2008
"Works great with multicam, and hides your face amazingly. Very comfortable but i cant find the ways to make it look like the picture. i only have the boonie mode and of course the other simple ones down.