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Intellect NiMH Stick Type Airsoft Battery for Airsoft AEGs (Configuration: 9.6v 1600mAh / Small Tamiya)

12 Customer Reviews

by Jake S. on 06/09/2016
"Great Product!!!

Great Rate of Fire
Keeps Charge for Long Period of Time

Rubber Coating Covering Wires Cracked a Little After First Day of Use But Its Nothing a Little Electrical Tape Can't Fix/Prevent

Overall Great Product!!!
I Definitely Recommend It to Any Airsofter
by Michael V. on 11/05/2014
"I have several of these and they get the job done. 10/10 would battery again.
by Nick T. on 01/19/2013
"Fits in my Sig Sauer 556 by Cyma, its a tight squeeze but it can work. Great battery, really kicked up the RoF and the battery also lasts a good bit. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of a stick type battery.
by Gerald M. on 12/13/2011
"i would highly recommend this!! excellent battery lasts long, it also increased my Rate of fire for my ak..

this battery is ideal for aks this fits in my magpul limited editon ak and is the best.
by Alec S. on 11/15/2011
"Got this with my Red Star Wolverine and fits pretty snug.
high rof
long life
fast charge(or faster than my other batteries with the same mAh)
very snug but will fit(once you do it once you are good)
weird but this bad boy is easy to lose so I just keep it in the gun unplugged

If you have a wolverine and want a good battery or just an Ak-series(goes into the top receiver)this is the way to go.
by max w. on 11/25/2010
"Good battery, fits in my ak perfect. When I got this battery and I went to charge it on my super charger it would not charge. With intellect battery packs, they do not have any pre-charge so if you have any of their batteries and are wondering what could be the problem that is probable it. What I did then is put it on a wall charger for like 5mins and then on the super charger and it charged perfectly fine. Overall long and quality battery for an ak.
by Gilbert L. on 09/27/2009
"To answer the question of the guy below me, yes it will fit any CYMA AK model. As for the battery itself, it is a very high quality battery for its price, it will increase your rof about 5-10 rps depending on your model over the stock 8.4v that it comes with.
by Ryan O. on 09/06/2009
"will this battery fit in a CYMA CM042 AK47? and if not whitch battery will?
by Brad V. on 11/01/2008
"It all depends on the amount of cells it has. this one has seven so it should fit
by John C. on 07/29/2008
"I've been using Intellect Batteries in all my AEGs for quite a while and have to say that these are well worth the few extra bucks.
by bridget b. on 07/10/2015
"i must say i ordered this for my cyma ak. it gets the job done. i will be ordering again with a smart charger this time. the only proble is it is a tight fit in my ak and the wires got a little crammed in there which is the only reason it get four stars.
by Joey p. on 10/01/2008
"Does anyone know if this battery will fit my TSD UMP/UMG im pretty sure it will but i just need someone to asure me before i buy it.... also the battery tht comes with it is 2/3AP and this says 2/3A so idk if the P meens anything important or not.