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JG AUG Military Full Size Airsoft AEG Integrated Scope (Color: OD)

26 Customer Reviews

by Caden M. on 06/17/2020
"I Love this rifle!!

comes with an 3x scope so if you want to you can snipe
Comes with a battery (not LiPo)
feeds well
The high cap is pretty good

The scope was hard to adjust
The battery it comes with barely fits
The charger it comes with is not a smart charger

I recommend getting this rifle I also recommend getting a LiPo battery (7.4v) and small But over all I love this and
can’t wait to use it in a game
by Christian G. on 10/21/2014
full metal, solid barrel/scope assembly
Integrated fore grip(can also fold upwards)
rubberized butt pad
3X zoom integrated scope
thin rubber strip covering the left ejection port, can be removed to expose hop up on the left side
mock charging handle, pull it back to expose hop up
For semi auto pull the trigger lightly, for full auto, pull trigger until a click is heard
comes with decent battery
small "pistol" sights above the scope
Small battery space(BARELY holds 9.6 nunchuk battery)
Stock pad is annoying to remove and put back in place
King Arms mid caps will feed, but sometimes ull have to push the magazine farther in the gun to feed on semi-auto(shaving a little off the tab holding the BBS in place should help)
Easy to push out the selector switch
My first bullpup weapon, very affordable and very unique
by Zack P. on 04/18/2014
"A really nice gun. It's tough, durable, and has high fps (360) and pretty good fire rate, even with it's small type 8.4V battery. The built in scope is really useful, but for some reason mine won't line up any good. Oh well. I know what part of the scope the bbs appear to fly towards. it's a superb weapon, and I highly recommend it to anyone.
by Mike M. on 04/18/2014
"this gun is amazing. i have had it for a month and love it. It is very accurate and the rate of fire is pretty good. This is a all around god gun and i recomend it to anyone looking to get one.
by David N. on 04/18/2014
"I bought this gun about 2 months ago and had decided to use it in an outdoor game in Phelan due to the FPS about 370 FPS.I was able to achieve 3 "kills " of the opposing team with the help of the build in scope.The only problem was if dirt found it"s way into the trigger mechanism it might sometime jammed the gun from firing.I will spray silicone lubricant into those area on my next game.I have also try using Li Poly battery in this gun with no problem and also able to get much higher ROF as compare to using 9.6V 2000mah intellect nun chuk battery.The accuracy of this gun is very good due to it"s full length barrel.Overall I would recommend this gun to any airsoft gamer who are looking for compact size gun with bull pup design with good accuracy.
by Brandon L. on 11/08/2013
"I've had this gun for over two years now and it has not failed me once. The only real problem that I had with this gun is that the stock piston is made out of cheap plastic, and the teeth on it stripped, but I replaced it with a much higher quality piston. This gun is very accurate with a decent FPS, right now after the years its been through its at 315fps. It is very durable, I've dropped it and banged it many times but there's barley any scratches on it, even on the plastic. The two stage trigger is nice because there's no firing switch to fiddle with. Overall, this is a great gun that will last you a very long time.

-good rate of fire, decent FPS
-scope is nice along with the iron sights on top of it
-good balanced weight
-very durable
-easy and simple to disassemble
-two stage trigger
-awesome looking bulpup

-plastic piston
-screws can get loose and lost easily, so make sure you tighten them frequently
-foregrip does wobble a bit, but its not noticeable when your in a game
by Michael L. on 10/08/2012
"I have had this gun for about 6 months now, and it is pretty good. However I would recommend buying the one without the scope because the scope is so small its annoying. However it is very easy to adjust, but still, very annoying. Now to the Pros and Cons:
A lot of metal parts( stock is Polymer I think)
Accurate up to about 120 feet
good FPS
good for woodland and outdoor matches
Weight is very balanced
completely awesome with a 1-point sling.
hop up is in a very convenient place

Slow ROF
Can't fit a 9.6V (without modification, that is)
Scope is annoying (personal opinion)
Mid caps (made by King Arms) jam a lot (not the gun, the mags)

Overall the gun is pretty decent, but I would recommend getting the civilian version and putting a red dot sight or something like that because it sucks that you cant even take off the scope.
by joey d. on 12/29/2010
"I Just got this gun! IT IS AMAZING!

3.around 350-390 fps
4.has an average weight
5.average lasting battery
6.Scope is friggen amazing
7.realistick looking

CONS: extra mags
2.very loud

Overall this gun is a BEAST!
This gun is a bang for your buck!
by Connor D. on 09/25/2010
"How much does this thing weigh? Also, how long is it? Cause this looks friggin beast!
by david b. on 09/14/2009
"hi, im just getting into airsoft and this is my first gun. i just got it today and so far its pretty sweet, it easily hits a target at 120 ft after you ajust the scope and hop up. i havent used it in a game yet but hopfully i will this satrday.

pros: scope,accurate,comfortable in hands,seems pretty well built,and it just looks freakin awsome

cons: no sight rail so i cant really upgrade the optics but the scope that comes with it is pretty good
by Tom D. on 03/08/2009
"this is for Bobby and the other 2,first, the magnification of the texton scope is 3.5x. it says right on the review.if you wana know how to ajust the sights,see the little knobs on the top of the texton/[sorry, i call it texton because that is the real name of the aug scope]? wel you turn those very slightly and line it up. if those wont work, use the scope to spray 'n pray, use the open sights to kill. also,DO NOT BUY HI-CAPS!. i had this one time and was shoting 4 guys when the battle rifle started dry firing! i got out. not good. i only buy mid-caps now.also,dont try to take this apart unless you are replacing the gearbox. the fps is only 320-326. cyclic rate is 789 rpm. god rifle. i dont use it much no more cause of my new G36e from Jg. no, i dont like the G36c, ill tel you later.good gun. buy it.
by Jarek H. on 11/15/2008
"Don't listen to Bobby this gun feeds flawlessly and never has an issue. Also, Echo 1 is the exact same gun as the JG. just rebranded. bobby doesn't know what he is doing or talking about
by Charles S. on 09/18/2008
"this gun is really good the only trouble i had with it is that when i go on full auto sometimes the trigger gets stuck and it keeps shooting so i have to take the battery out and pull the trigger out! but overall i give it a 5
by Brandon A. on 09/12/2008
"is the body metal, like if i drop it would it break pluse it looks kick a#$
by Justin S. on 07/16/2008
"I'm normally partial to bullpup rifles because they are assault rifles but are designed so that if needed, the user may use one hand. This AUG lives up to my expectations with great power and bullseye accuracy with its 3X scope. Good for CQB or moderate range shootouts.