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Matrix Performance Airsoft AEG Motor (Type: Magnum - High Torque / Long)

141 Customer Reviews

by C.J. G. on 11/14/2022
"Slapped one of these high torques in a m4 lmg and it rips. With standard 18:1 gears I got 28rps with a 11.1v 5200mah LiPo. Trigger response is terrific especially when paired with a micro switch trigger. Latter placed it in a featherweight m249 and does about the same. Runs cool all day. Pinion gear has zero wear after thousands upon thousands of rounds with it. I believe they fixed the pinion heat treating issue after many people had problems with it in the past.

I plan to buy more. Overall 10/10.
by Thomas R. on 08/31/2020
"So this is a review that I think a lot of people could use as guide, but it's up to you. As a person who works on guns and builds every last part to specs that I want, these Matrix motors are awesome for changing performance to your liking. I recently bought two of the Turbo 3000 medium motors on sale to turn into 28 TPA and 32 TPA frankentorque motors. Even at $40-45 dollars, they're worth the money. I've used them many times before and they are reliable motors. This applies to the Matrix 5000 motors as well. I don't know the exact OEM, but I'd wager AIMTop on that. There's a lot to like about these if you want to build your own motor.


- Ridiculously strong neodymium magnets. There aren't a lot of brands that have as strong of magnets as 'Matrix.'
- The endbell and can use a lock ring, making disassembly and swapping armatures a breeze.
- I think the pinions changed a bit over time, but they seem to be a bit harder. It is a D-type.
- Magnets are well shimmed to the *stock* armature. They fit Chaoli armatures well though.
- If you want to use the motor as is, the armature is well shimmed to the can and endbell.
- Brushes are fine. They are horizontal, but they're bigger than others and they don't spew carbon everywhere.


- Sometimes the pinion gears are really stuck on the shaft of the armature. Swapping it can be tough at times.
- I wish the armatures were balanced via drilled pits as opposed to epoxy.

In conclusion, Matrix motors are an awesome buy at a reasonable price point. From a tech's point-of-view, there's a lot to like with these out of the box. Aside from swapping armatures to change performances, everything on them is nice and it comes with a great neodymium can. With a 32 TPA armature, your AEG will be slow but will be able to pull anything, never get hot, have excellent battery efficiency, and yield nearly instant trigger response.
by Zack D. on 08/22/2020
"Purchased the short type turbo 3000. Wow, with a 9.6 it spits bbs out very very fast. On an 11.1 its insane. Very strong magnets. I had to add a mosfet with active braking because I was getting overspin on a 9.6 sometimes with an m110 spring. Definitely recommend!
by Eddie D. on 02/28/2020
"Super fast and really improved the performance of my G&G M4!!
by Clayton C. on 11/10/2017
"I love this motor first bought one for my saw and loved it so much I bought one for my m4
by Cylix The C. on 08/15/2017
"Installed this in my Echo 1 XCR-L and my RPS is crazy fast with an 11.1v lipo. It has been reliable and I have not had any issues with this motor. I am running the stock spring/gear box and am averaging 350fps.
by erik m. on 12/10/2016
"Paired it with the Matrix M160 gearbox (as recommended) and it runs fantastic. Instant trigger response and a good intermediate cycle rate. The pinion and brushes look good after a few thousand rounds. Using a turnigy nanotech 12.6 3S.
by George W. on 10/09/2016
"I bought this for my custom SIG 551. Combined with a MOSFET, running a 7.4v 15/30c lipo this thing will spit out around 20 RPS and gives an insane trigger response on semi. Best of all though it runs cool.

Note: I am running roughly an m100ish equivalent mainspring. Yet to be cronoed.
by Collin P. on 04/29/2016
"Well the gbb mac-11 was my fastest gun, then I put this in my m4... Let's just say that isn't the case anymore. (Rof was 2-2.5 times faster)
by Matt B. on 03/18/2016
"update: so it's been a little while that I've had this and I just wanted to say, I'm very impressed. This past week I dropped a m150 spring into my svd and wow...
With a 11.1 and my sr25 gear set(conversion) this thing is freaking amazing! It pulls it no problem and full auto is still crazy fast, especially for a m150 Spring! The only motor that I know of that even compared to this in overall performance would be the Lonex a1, but even that doesn't compare to this in speed with a powerful spring.

Summary: if you want a HIGH QUALITY, AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE high torque motor get this

But if you don't like those things then I guess this isn't the motor for you;-)
by Matt B. on 03/06/2016
"Just got this in last week, dropped it into my ka svd, and man it is amazing!
This thing pulls like crazy! On full auto with a 7.4 lipo it shot crazy fast (I'd have to guess somewhere over 22rps, don't hold me to it as I didn't actually chrono). I will be upgrading to a m150 here in the next month so I'll have to re-review it after I try that out. But so far for a drop in motor this is the one to get.
And I have found that this has the exact same preformance as a HT SHS motor (probably because the magnets are the same, lol)

AWSOME drop in upgrade for any aeg
Isn't super loud
Crazy rate of fire
Sexy gold and red color;)

by David R. on 02/24/2016
"I haven't used it in game yet, but the trigger response is great in a kwa with a m120 or 130 on 9.6v deans
by Samantha T. on 06/05/2015
"Works great. Put in my sig 552 w/ a m140 and an 11.1 lipo. Great for the price.
by Sam W. on 05/09/2015
"I bought this motor a few weeks ago for my g&g gr 15 and i am very impressed! I did not realize how fast it would shoot because for some reason i was using an 8.4 v. I purchased a 9.6 and this thing sounds like a polarstar but way cheaper!

Super high ROF!
Awesome trigger response
Thats all you need right?

The grip can get really hot but sometimes i play at night so it warms me up lol
by david f. on 12/21/2014
"I just pick up one today it is awesome 5 star all the way!!!!!!! What I big difference in the way my gun shot before! The old motor was hyper 1000! My gun sounds way better now! I would recommend is motor to any one! Buy it buy it