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Matrix High Output Stick Type Airsoft NiMH Battery (Configuration: 12V / 1500mAh / Small Tamiya)

10 Customer Reviews

by Jeromy K. on 03/03/2019
"Awesome battery! Fits Perfect in my Umarex Ump 45 elite gen 2 without blocking the bolt catch and only used about half a charge over a 4 hr cqb session. I plan to get another soon for longer outdoor games.
by Stone O. on 08/16/2018
"Don't buy this battery. It will die on you before you use it 5 times. Period. Go buy anything that isn't Matrix, because I have had plenty of experience with Matrix and find their products to be, by and large, terrible.
by Markus G. on 07/24/2016
"A simple stick type battery. I can't tell any difference in use other than shape. It's 1600mah, which is a golden benchmark for me. No complaints, it just didn't fit my rifle due to misinformation.

NOTE: I bought this at a reviewer's advice for the JG spetsnaz aeg, non-metal receiver "spetsnaz" AEG. Good battery, good rifle, just not compatible. If you're here for that rifle by some chance, don't get this battery for it. Dust cover battery space (sans wires) is about 200mm. This is about 200mm in length. It's just not going to happen. Aim for a 7.4 or 8.4 volt that's under 160mm in length, my advice. Probably a short type.
by Samuel O. on 06/28/2016
"I was actually very surprised with how this battery increased my ROF. Very impressive. Sounds like a 9.6v! I do not own a chronograph so I do not know the RPS or RPM, sorry. Fit perfectly in an AK74. Highly recommended for that platform.
by Geovanni S. on 06/15/2015
"Great battery!! Its most certainly worth the money. Does the job and gives a verrrrry fast rate of fire. Highly recomend to all AK platform users who are looking for a little bit more ooomf with battery length and rate of fire. Again worth the buy you wont be dissapointed
by Morten N. on 07/06/2014
"Got this battery to use with both of my AK74u's

Works like a charm, fits very well and performs very well in my Cybergun AK and its amazing battery space, and is a VERY tight fit in the Lancer Tactical AK74u, but it works. My best battery, has long battery life and charges very quickly with a smart charger!
by Beata S. on 09/19/2012
"First off, this is a great battery. I was meaning to buy the Matrix 10.8v stick but this one came in the mail. This upped my AK74U Klashnikovs ROF by about 7 bb/s. Great battery if you can fit it in your gun, this one barely fits in the AK. Great battery, have to charge it a few times to get it going, but it works great. Use smart chargers only, and take care of your weapons.
by Phillip M. on 01/29/2011
"I bought this battery a week ago and just now got it. it was the best invest for a battery ive ever invested in. it was very affordable. it is a little tight in my kalashinkov ak47 but once u get it in there ur good to go =). when i opened the battery and put it in my gun it was chaged so i got to shoot a little. overall it was a good buy and i could really tell a difference in the way my gun shot.its like i bought a whole new gun. i would recommend this battery to anybody!
by Brandon J K. on 04/01/2016
"Bought 3 of these for my Elite force ak-74 it's a tight fit but it fits in the stock pretty well. Took them around 6hrs to charge once I got them so far a good product.
by anthony g. on 08/27/2011
"I just got this battery yesterday, and it has held its charge quite well. i modded my mp5 master series to fit this, and it fits inside like a charm! (mp5k style)
it has a respectfully fast trigger response with my gun, and shoots much faster than an 8.4v battery. the rof it gives my gun isn't as good as my intellect 9.6v can do, but its still pretty darn fast.

good trigger response
Well wrapped and manufactured
pulls higher tourque ratio setups

not as fast as an intellect, but still a beast