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Condor Tactical Pistol Magazine Pouch (Color: Multicam)

15 Customer Reviews

by Calvin R. on 03/07/2020
"Fits my Vsr-10 mag like a glove!
by LEMEE A. on 07/12/2016
"I use to hold my mk23 socom magazine with hpa valve it's fix perfect I will recommend at all mk23 user
by Andrew G. on 07/08/2016
"Sturdy pouch by Condor, and fits my Hi-Capa pistol mags just fine. This pouch has made my loadout much easier to set up adjust.
by kevin p. on 07/07/2016
"Fits Hi-capa mags perfect, one i got is definitely a newer better version than the one in the pic. The newer one has this nice rubber tab to grab the strap by which is a nice addition.
by Samuel O. on 06/28/2016
"I actually bought this to hold my one hundred round speed loader because as a sniper, I wanted to cut down on weight. I can reload my magazine as fast as I'd be able to swap to a full one. So I just carry the speed loader instead of three or four extra magazines. I can get four magazines of thirty rounds each with the speed loader. It works perfectly. The quality of material is good too. Very lightweight as well. Highly recommended.
by Michael W. on 04/26/2016
"It does exactly what it is supposed to do. I purchased a few of these a few years ago from evike and they have held up perfectly fine. I would recommend this product to a friend.
by Lucidious W. on 02/02/2016
"Love this pouch. Had it for over a year now, ordering more because I need them, but honestly it'll fit any magazine you have! 1911's hi-capa's, Glock, M9, and more. Obviously it's for a standard size magazine. Extended mags aren't gonna fit so don't think they will!
by Tyler A. on 09/21/2015
"Holds a VFC M&P compact mag just fine. Easy to attach anywhere due to small size. Condor's build quality is pretty standard and will hold up to pretty rugged use but probably wont last you forever. Which for airsoft should be more then enough.
by James W. on 11/20/2008
"Good stuff by condor for a great price

adjustable strap fitting
different colors
fits virtually all pistol mags
good stitching
did i say cheap?

300-600D nylon, feels kind of plasticky...

you get MORE than what you pay for... and you're not paying very much. I own four of these and used these in a game last night. very nice.
by Enrique G. on 09/17/2008
"condor makes the best stuff. and its at a great price on evike!
by Daniel H. on 05/03/2008
"The pouch holds magazines perfectly. I've managed to use double stack .45, single stack .45, and double stack 9mm mags in them without a problem. The construction, as is the case with most Condor products, is excellent.
by Benjamin P. on 09/14/2019
"Fits my CZ-P09 mags well, but it's a bit tight and I don't think they'd fit anything bigger. There's a big more wiggle than I'd like with the molle straps attached to my plate carrier, which is annoying but isn't a functional issue I suppose.
by christain V. on 04/23/2019
"Good mag pouches. I'll admit that I'm not a big fan of the new mod 4 straps. Once I figured out how to properly mount the pouches with the new straps, it fit perfectly without issue. I prefer hard mounted MOLLE so this review is partially biased. Great product if you can look past the odd mounting method.
by Nick G. on 06/04/2017
-they will last a long time
-good materials
-fits a lot of different pistol mags
-the strap is adjustable

-they are a little floppy, when you run around with them they kinda jangle but you kinda get used to it so its not that big a deal.
by Jon E. on 05/12/2009
"at first i was disappointed because my flash light was too tall to close the velcro cover
then with closer inspection i noticed that the cover is attached inside the pouch with velcro
so i adjusted it to accommodated to fit my flash light or my monocular
i can also fit my speed loader, multitool, or my spare clip for my utg master sniper rifle

the elastic is annoying because it makes it hard to put things in and out of
but that's only a minor inconvenience
its also a little sorter than i was hoping but still nicely fits what i want