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A&K / Cybergun FN Licensed M249 SAW Machine Gun w/ Metal Receiver (Model: Para)

313 Customer Reviews

by Guillermo P. on 04/18/2021
"Its a good gun out of the box just a few quality control issues and no manual is what you expect of A&K quality is my experience (SVD ).
Issues :

after 10 rounds it went dead fuse cable came off from vibration of gear box
fix tide with pliers
Inner barrel is off to the bottom left
fix electrical tape in area where inner barrel goes down
Mag box hard to figure out how to install feed
fix get box half way in the push feed in to gun till clicks and is secure then push box mag all the way in to rail
To get it out push lever down on gun at mag feed not up that will let go feed then just pull out slowly so no damage
inner barrel longer than outer barrel
change flash hider I put a Barret krytac one looks good
Gun is easy and cheap to upgrade to HPA wish is how I see it at fields
upgrades I will just change inner barrel , hop up , and HPA engine
by Lee D. on 11/16/2020
"GOOD GRIEF! WHAT A MACHINE! Let's get to the important part.
Very well built
Accuracy is good for a full auto
Shoots fairly hard
Easy access to inner barrel and spring
Magazine feed works well
Heavy, but its suppose to be (not a complaint from me) IT'S FULL METAL
Handle doesn't fold
Finicky to load at times.
Doesn't come with a heat shield (for looks)
Bipod is crap.
The MK1 still earns a very high rating. I'm glad I got one.
by Stephen M. on 05/04/2020
"Wow, what a blast!! I got this to convert to HPA but the initial tests I did in stock configuration were very impressive!! one of the most consistent guns I have owned. Velocity was a very consistent 419 fps with .20. with a SD of .75!!! I decided to go with the P* FE so I could keep the stock gearbox on standby if I ever needed it swapped out. The Hopup will be getting replaced but not because it doesn't work, I just want to flattop it and that isn't possible with the stock unit.

The mag jamed a couple of times on me but I did the mod where you make the feed chute a little narrower and that seemed to do the trick. I will be connecting it to trigger contacts/FCU to run it off the guns trigger. I am also considering swapping out the motor and running it of a 7.4v lipo. I don't fault the mag for jamming. It is a known problem, I just wish someone would come out with a LMG mag that was better quality..... The gun wont shoot if the mag doesn't feed it....
by Aaron B. on 03/07/2020
"Took me awhile to pull the trigger on this bad boy. But I'm glad I did its big i mean big big but stock is massive if you have short arms get the para version. And if you're a little guy get the lighter version . The fire rate is slow compared to my other guns but the big a$$ box mag makes up for it . The bipod is so so .
by Kyle K. on 11/18/2019
"A great LMG for the price. It has a slower rate of fire than your average Krytec but this is hardly an issue, it lays down hate with clear efficiency. With full-auto only, I get an entire day of play off a 9.4v 1600mAh battery. Understand that this gun is heavy (I have the long barrel variant), almost 20 pounds fully loaded, but it moves well and the carry handle is placed propperly for the weight. The stock box mag is garbage though, I got about 20 hours of play out of it before it quit. Luckily the replacement mags are a great price for their reliability, and It also fits just about every M4/M16 mag jammed into it. I usually shoot .25 BBs because of the quantity of ammo used up in a day and get about 200 feet of straight flight before the drop.

All in all If you are willing to lug around the weight you will be nothing but an asset on the field using one of these LMGs.
by christopher C. on 06/06/2019
"If you are looking for a LMG, I highly recommend this one. The base gun is alright with internal components that aren't half bad. But if you have the money, it is 100% worth putting upgrades into. It is very easy to work on and is a blast to use in the field. I will mention that the stock hop up kinda sucks and I recommend getting a CNC aluminum unit when you can.
In conclusion:
ease of tech work- 9/10
stock performance- 6/10
bang for your buck- 8/10
by jacob b. on 04/21/2019
"10/10 But I mostly want to say that you can change the rate of fire by pressing the trigger more firmly. Id say the range with a 9.6 is between 3-20. Pretty insane! I used this tactic to trick a group of people into thinking my battery died. when they all got up and left cover to rush me, I let it rain. I have never heard oh F*** so may times in my life hehe.
by Neil B. on 04/06/2019
"I bought the M249 para about a year ago. I love it. I wanted the Mk II variant like my brother carried in Iraq but do to space limitations where I live the para is much better.

Pros: good feel, compact ( collapse the stock and it will fit in my dresser), quick change spring feature.

Con: bi pod mount wore down quick, happens on the older real ones too. I modded the gas tube and mounted
a MK 46 bipod.

All in all i would buy this gun again.
by Anthony L. on 05/15/2018
by Mathew S. on 05/10/2018
"I mean, come on. Spell it with me... A. W. E. S. O. M. E. It's the most rock solid airsoft gun I've ever owned, and feels strong enough to withstand anything (which for me, it really has). Great looking, really nice weight (I use it as a weight to impress friends), and is as study as anything could ever be.
1. It's a SAW. Not many weapons can fill that role
2. It's fantastically built and feels great
3. Nothing comes close to the authenticity of this beast.

Unfortunately, I have one. The attachment point where the bipod is held in place is kind of wimpy. It bends with frequent use, and is made out of a gimpy aluminum. Replacing that piece with a steel counterpart would be awesome, but so far, my leatherman is doing a great job of squishing the metal back into place.

Overall, a great gun. I recommend this, or any other A&K SAW, for anyone looking for something unique, cool, and to build arm muscles. Thanks for supplying us with another awesome product!
by Dean W. on 04/29/2018
by kincade w. on 04/20/2018
"This beast has been an awesome gun. Being a big guy I needed a big gun and for the price you certainly can't beat the performance of this gun. Crazy amount of rail space increasing amount of after market. This gun has a presence were ever it goes. It surely needs a mosfet and a lipo battery to reach its full potential. The only issue I have had with this gun is the box mag the cheap little switch on the mag broke currently exploring my many options for another. But all in all this was the perfect gun for me. Would defiantly recommend it!
by Walt E. on 09/13/2017
"I purchased this gun almost a year and a half ago and I have not had any problems with it. I haven't even upgraded the gearbox and the thing is still a beast. I was debating between this gun and a few other LMG'S and this is definitely the best choice for the money you are spending. It has a solid metal build, full metal gearbox, and unlimited rail space. The only thing about it that may be a little sub-par would be the batter compartment. I tried running it on a 9.6 for a little while and then changed to a buffer tube lipo when I realized it wasn't reaching it's full potential. From there I upgraded to a 20C, 3400 milleamp Grayson brick lipo and it finally worked like it should. The only problem is I now have to pouch the batter on the outside of the gun because of the limited storage. All in all, I would buy the gun all over again. If you're looking for an LMG, stop now. This is the one you want.
by Airen M. on 09/06/2017
"My M249 SAW is one of my absolute favorite Airsoft guns. It's a full metal beast of a weapon, and it feeds enemies their dose of prescription plastic like a champ. It's looks are awesome, and it gets lots of compliments on the field. It also strikes fear intot the enemy... I've heard many players remark how they are glad they are not on the opposing team/ against me.

Full metal *everything that you want to be metal
*Stock and handgrip is hard polymer
Huge mag capacity.
Easy disassembly. You can change out the barrel for a shorty of you wanted too. It's a lever. Seriously easy.
Heavy. I list this as a pro because it adds realism. If you can't handle cradling a 20 pound SAW... then you shouldn't be. Get an M4.
Intimidation. The sound alone is nice... and to hear it crackling for a minute and a half straight.. is insainley fun. (Yeah I lay on the trigger...hard)
Looks. Adds fear to any loadout. My "Mohawk tactical" loadout looks best with this weapon.

Weight. Yeah man it's heavy. It's a 20 pound beast. I also added the weight as a "pro" so you decide.
No rate of Fire selector. That would be perfect if it was functional.
by Taylor A. on 08/23/2017
"This is a great suppressive airsoft gun In milsim scenarios.

Pros: bipod, sturdy carry handle, unique stock, easy to get to the gearbox and the battery compartment, adjustable iron sights, the winding box mag is a luxury with that sound activated winding mechanism, mag holds A LOT of ammo.

Cons: heavy (I added a sling which helps A LOT), doesn't have a crazy amount of range but you can definitely reach medium ranged targets with it, extra magazines are expensive but you'll pretty much never have to reload. This isn't really a con because it's so easy to fix, but it's definitely something you NEED to look out for...when you get it, you can see where there is a big open space to load bbs into, and a big area next to that with mechanical stuff that you NEVER WANT TO LET A SINGLE BB IN. This is because I got literally 11 bbs stuck in the gear and it wouldn't let the mag wind bbs because of the bbs stuck in the gear. Simple fix but you want to be cautious about that.

Overall, it's a pretty decent spray and pray type of gun.