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Airsoft G-1000 Power Green Gas (QTY: 1 can)

21 Customer Reviews

by Miguel N. on 01/23/2020
"Did not buy this on Evike, but my local feild sells it. Works well and does a good Job.
by mary c. on 05/29/2017
"The gas is amazing in my Zoxna mini under rail 40bb launcher due to the high levels of silicone oil would recommend for grenades but not for some pistols.
1. Great gas for grenades
2. High levels of silicone oil (Pro for gbb users con for some)
3. High power output as advertised
4. Cheaper than other green gas cans
1. The high levels of silicone oil wrecked my TM Mk.23
2. the higher output of power makes my gbbr act a little weird but it's not bad.
3. on chrono after 10 shots the highest fps out of my Mk.23 was 330 and lowest was 310 so lots of outliers in my shots to be consistent with it.
by Justin M. on 03/09/2016
"Great gas for the price.I did not buy it from evike but it's still the same product.There is a lot of gas for the size of the can, and one can would last about 50 pistol mags (in my kwa atp).It is inexpensive and effective.I would say this is the best buy if you don't want to use propane.10/10 will buy again.
by Preston E. on 01/15/2016
"I bought it.. Quality gas.. Worst part is explaining to friends why you have a closet of green gas... 10/10 Would buy again.
by Matt R. on 10/19/2010
"Great Gas. I use them half of the time and propane adapters half the time to keep my guns lubricated.

Do group buys with your friends to save on hazmat fees.
by wu c. on 01/06/2010
"you must buy this green gas from here because airsoft XXXXXX sells them for 15 dollars a bottle and these are 8
by Flint S. on 03/12/2009
"Great gas! I do not own it but my friend does, and I have used it in my gbb, it is powerfull! Do NOT buy sapien arms one because WAY to much lube wrecked my gun. This gas is great!
by Tyler B. on 11/21/2008
"sam-where can you buy a grenade gas holder? sounds cool!
by sam p. on 08/30/2008
"I've forgotten the last time i had to get a new can of green gas 'cuz this thing has more than enough gas!However, it's best if you put the green gas in a grenade-shaped gas holder so you don't have to lug around the entire thing around
by Ethan P. on 07/28/2008
"This gahas woorked great in my pistol. It comes in a portable container that also is gret because you don't waste any gas in a game if youdrop it on its top. The lid stays securly over the tip. Very ice product!
by Mathew D. on 06/06/2008
"Best Green Gas you can buy. Smells good and lubes your gun. Propane smells bad and doesn't lube it while in use. Also the adapter in the cap make it a lot easier to fill the mag.
by Trevor p. on 05/23/2008
"This is by far the best gas for any gas gun. It lasts long time and is in a very portable canister. It is better than propane because it doesn't have that nasty smell and is better for your gun because it lubes it.
by Matthew W. on 05/19/2008
"The new can is thick and sturdy. I feel safe knowing it won't blow a whole in my car on a hot day. The new minty smell is great too! Otherwise, this stuff is identical to the same old green gas we're all used to.
by Gene D. on 01/27/2011
"Used this gas before great gas, gives your gun awesome power and smells 10000x better than propane but evike needs to sell smaller amounts of it so i don't have to pay 100 dollars for more gas than i want/need which is why i give it a 4 not a 5
by Jonathan R. on 11/14/2008
"**If you buy a WE 1911 MEU, you will need an extension adapter to make this gas work. At least it's free if you call evike.