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JG Enhanced LiPo Ready M16A3 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Black)

64 Customer Reviews

by Carter P. on 06/09/2016
"okay so I got to use this gun today and it was my friends, well I didn't really use it but I was able to test fire it and all that stuff today because it was shooting WAY to hot for any airsoft assault rifle


great range and accuracy
good external construction
great compression (reason of high FPS)
the air seal is great ^
good rate of fire
good trigger response


FPS was literally shooting 440 FPS with a ,25 BB (I'm guessing it would be 510 with a .20)
other than that this gun is great
by Jacob C. on 06/09/2016
"I bought this AEG localy about four years ago, and it has been my primary weapon for countless airsoft events, from backyard play to milsim.

-Tight shot group
-Decent rate of fire
-The barrel has a little play where it conects to the upper reciver (easy fix)
-Good all round FPS, it is a little low for open terrain, but when playing with FPS restrictions it can be taken in doors as well.
-You will be out gunned in some milsim play, but not enough to ruin the game. (this isn't a polar star)
-Accepts almost any brand of mags.

The only real problem I have encountered is the safty (when on semi) will not fire some times. This occurs after double tapping to quickly, and is easly (for the game) fixed by switching to full auto and pulling the trigger once. (then you can switch back to semi).

NOTE: This problem has only occured after four years of hard use, and can be fixed.

Over All- Great gun for the price and will last a long time with out failing.
by Daniel M. on 06/09/2016
i got from air soft x sports and i know this is the gun dont get me wrong like some noob
the people i got from sold me a used gun for retail price i was MAD but this was running really GOOD on some cheap battery like a 1.2v the one that came in the box but i got a 9.6v and it was even better this is the gun to buy

front sight good weight
barrel accurate
mag. range,velocity
trigger rate of fire
fire selector
butt plate CONS
not sure how to take off orange tip
PLASTIC PARTS mine stopped shooting in about 2 to 3 months
heat shield
upper receiver
lower receiver
carrying handle
by Anthony W. on 06/09/2016
"I have now had this gun for 2 years and it still runs like a dream. I finaly adjusted the hop-up just right. It's pin-point accurate. Echo1 is a great brand for good guns at a decent price.
by Ryan C. on 06/09/2016
this is by far the best aeg i have ever owend, it shoots true and has the weaght and size of the real thing( maby a bit less(6.3))

butt plate
sling mounts
lower recever

POLIMER PARTS( you might think that polimer is plastic but it is a lighter weght than plastic but has the same feel)

upper recever
hand guard
pistole grip

good fps and rof
not too heavy
looks cool
hits hard
removable/ ajustable sights(rear)

the weght is centerd at the back(might be a problum for sniping)
you need lots of bb's and mags because of the rof

overall 10/10, i compared the markings on this gun to my AR 15 and they where the same(the deer head looks alot better in real life than it dose in the pic)
P.S. i orderd a bayonet from evike but it didnt fit on the m-4 i had but it fits on this one just fine
by Robert W. on 06/09/2016
"I had got this gun about 6 months ago and I have used it alot this gun went above and beyond what I thought it would do first I put a scope and a battery and then it kicked ass then I put a matrix barrel and all I'm going to say is wow it was hitting targets so consistanly I had no problem except 1 misfeed and that was my fault not the guns. So overall if ur looking for a good gun that won't cost alot this is it

good accurcy up to 150 to 200 feet
good gearbox
high ROF
just overall beast

plastic stock not a big problem tho same for the body of it
and it has a little barrel wobble but not that bad

Overall this is a great gun I would recommend it to anyone 5/5
by Thomas G. on 06/09/2016
"I got this gun about 3 years ago. Absolutely loved it until I broke it. Never had any problems with it. I just slipped on a wet log in the woods and landed right on the body (im 200 lbs and usually my gear weighs 45 lbs.) Great ROF decent fps and good accuracy. thinkin on getting it? but a tight bore with it and its the only gun you'll ever need.
by Amir Z. on 06/09/2016
"I recently got this gun. It is Awesome! I 99% recommend this gun! the only "Con" is that it takes a little time fitting the battery in the stock otherwise this gun is awesome!
by Emil W. on 06/09/2016
"THIS GUN IS FRICKEN SICK!!!!!!!!!!!! It has a insane rate of fire and is extremely accurate. I bought a JB Unicorn silencer with it and this gun is awesome! Everyone keeps saying this gun is to big but thats not true it big but i like it and I am only 4 feet 11 inches. THis gun is Awesome.
by David S. on 06/09/2016
"THIS GUN IS GREAT!!!!! i shoot it all the time at my house. i am going to have an airsoft war tomorow. From breaking glass objects with this gun to shooting people? that will be fun.
I have encountered about 2 misfeeds and there were a couple scratches. But those are the only problems so far
by Micah L. on 06/09/2016
"I have owned this gun for only about 3 months. it has saved my skin a time or two. This is probably the best rifle for the cost. VERY VERY long barrel so the accuracy is amazing. It seems to me like it is better than my friends brand spanking new CA G36. That is only 250 bucks but if you have a tight budget, this is awesome. the fps for this rifle is around 350- 380, 30 fps higher than the G36!!! Am waiting on my RIS rail i ordered as long as bipd, handle, and 5000 round A&K electric mag. currently just have 2 300 round mags. TOKYO MARUI COMPATIBLE. only bad this that the stock and body and handgaurds are plastic. everything else is metal
by Jonathan C. on 06/09/2016
"i have this gun, the STAG-15 (m16a4) so its bacically this one, my body is metal and the sites are all full metal my shoots at 380 fps and its rof is about 800-1000 RPM about 15-18 rounds per min.

accuracy: 9/10 sometimes it goes crazy but its really nice if u have a reddot scope or a sniper scope on it or something

right now, i am still waiting for my AR-15 scope from since still on back order or sumething. so currently i am using my brothers sniper scope on my gun, and it looks sick. also its hella accurate if u kno how to adjest it curretly, i love this gun

it comes with memory battery 1500 mah charge time 1st 6 hr then 5 hours

it has a great feel to it and its weight its at about 6.5 pounds stock empty mag and battery. my weights at about 12-13 pounds since my bipod ras/ris kit , sniper scope, and a supressor.

it is a really good gun to buy, i had it for 6 months now and all i needa to upgrade is the hop up, its not like anything is wrong with the stock i just wanted to upgrade it. So buy this gun its great and you will have fun with it
by Stephanie C. on 06/09/2016
"Pros: Lots of metal parts
very accurate
good range
easy to use hop-up
easy access to fire selector (safety, semi, full auto) and mag button
very fast firing speed
good sights

Cons: Very big
front grip can break if dropped
battery hard to get in
No RIS rail

Overall: A solid rifle with great accuracy and range. Perfect for the rifleman but its size can hamper you in CQB and taking cover behind trees in wood land play. I strongly recommend it.

Recommended Accessories:
Extra Mags (330 should be fine)
Tactical sling
M16 scope (works surprisingly well)
by Gavin N. on 06/09/2016
"This is a very reliable gun. Its very durable, definitly hard to break. This gun is very accurate with .20 gram bb's. If you use .12 gram bb's they will break in the gun and when you shoot the bb will go all over the place. I have a red dot and a silencer on mine.
You get a large type battery that comes with it and fitting the battery in the gun sucks. This gun has a huge stock but this little space to put the battery in. That is the only flaw in this gun. This gun is actually not as heavy as I thought it would be.
by Michael F. on 12/09/2014
"Definitely a great beginners guns or for someone with a project in mind to build a solid gun at a low price

- Lightweight
- Shoots 390 fps with .20 bbs
- Solid build
- Fair accuracy
- Decent hop up

- Comes with battery too big for its stock
- Fairly small battery space in stock