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CYMA Full Metal MP5 DX Rail Interface System For MP5 A Series Airsoft AEG

11 Customer Reviews

by Luis G. on 04/12/2021
"Bought this after being told it wouldn't fit my Umarex MP5A4. I was a bit worried that I would have to break the dremel out and cut down the lip near the base of the barrel. However, the rail fit perfectly with no modification. The screw on the bottom of the rail can be loosened for better fitment and the front part of the rail where the pin secures it to the MP5 is very snug.

Overall, great quality and fitment.
by Branden S. on 07/20/2017
"Umarex mp5a4 --

Fit right on like a glove. sturdy and a must have.
by Taylor S. on 11/15/2015
"I bought this rail system for my TM MP5A5. It required a bit of modification to the gun to get the outer barrel to seat properly Once it was on it fit super snug and had no wobble. It looks great and gives the gun a nice solid feel.


Solid CNC Aluminum.
No wobble when attached


none outside of the need to modify the TM platform for fitting.
by bobby p. on 01/02/2011
"good rail system holds good. just put it on my echo1 MP5A4. yes just like other guys said you do need to do a little shaveing. but it only took me about 15 to 20 mins to put it on. its a little wobbly but can be fixed
by Alex S. on 11/29/2010
"Bought this for my Aftermath MP5 which had a very unattractive, baby poop green plastic foregrip system on it. I was so excited when I got this in the mail, I brought it straight back to my apartment and put it immediately on my gun... What once looked like a puny little child's toy, now looked like a sleek black killing machine (made sure the cops never saw it ;-)). I would definitely recommend this rail system for any MP5 fans out there!!

-Fits snug (you may have to tighten the allen screw once its installed)
-Easy installation
-100% metal

There are none!!
by John H. on 01/22/2009
"Anyone know if this works on Tokyo Marui Mp5 A4? I know it works on The A5 but the battery is in different location on the 2 guns

Webmaster: Yes. For the A5, you will probably need to put a PEQ2 box on the rail for the battery to go in.
by Lincoln C. on 01/15/2021
"Here is what I can tell you:
-Mostly metal
-Despite what some reviewers say the vertical grip is not absolute garbage (though it isn't perfect)
-It does not work with the licensed Umerex model that I personally purchased as the battery wire cannot be installed with the outer barrel it comes with

Wish I could have used it as I bought accessories for it and it seems very useful and modular.
by Alex H. on 03/15/2018
"Solid product. But does not fit G&G MP5's very well. Needed modifications to get the rail to sit right with the front body pin. Once it does fit there is a easily noticeable wobble. This can be fixed with a bolt instead of a pin. Great feeling build quality though.
by Darrell S. on 04/24/2017
"Bought this for the boneyard vfc mp5a5 I'm building, I got my mp5 apart and found out that the outer barrel/cocking tube is one piece! So I wasn't able to add the outer barrel part of the kit but I was able to adapt the rail to fit pretty nicely! I took a file and shaved down bottom of the bottom rail where it sit on the receiver, once that was shaved a little bit I got the rail to sit at the perfect angle and you can't even see the shaved part to get it to fit perfectly! Would've been a 5* if it came from the factory like that, but with a little bit of work/time it ended up perfect!
by Chas G. on 01/09/2014
"I just installed this kit onto my ICS MP5A4 and it totally transformed the look of the gun to something unique not to be seen too often on any field.

Now, as the discription says it is "Full Metal" and by adding this kit you will be adding a lot of wieght to the front end of your gun. The ICS MP5A4 is already a metal upper and this only adds to the heft of the gun. Its not obnoxiously heavy, but you notice that its there for sure.

The kit needed to be fit to my gun. It wouldn't bolt right up. I had to make several mods to both the kit and to some unused metal flanges on my gun. It took about an hour and a half with a Dremel tool, a bench grinder and a file. But in the end the kit fits the gun perfectly and there is no wobbly at all. The kit looks like it was always part of this gun! The added outer barrel to help hide the now exposed inner barrel is a really nice touch, but thats where most of the added wieght comes from.

The rail covers that are supplied in this kit are very nice and look perfect on the gun. The plastic foregrip is the only part of this kit that looks and feels cheap. I think that will get replaced with either an angled foregrip or something like the MagPul stubby grip on my M4.

Overall I like this kit. It took a fair amount of special fitting to get it to work omy ICS MP5A4, but it was worth every moment. I'm not pleased that the price just dropped to $40 after I just paid $50 for it.
by Russell H. on 11/30/2008
"I put this on my Tokyo Marui MP5A4. Its strong but I had to shave a lot of plastic under the cocking barrel and the where the barrel comes out of the main frame on my gun. After the alterations it fit well but the rear mount still wiggles alittle.