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Matrix PEQ2 Type External Battery Storage Box for Airsoft AEG RIS

9 Customer Reviews

by Sean H. on 07/20/2012
"I really like this PEQ box. It looks great on ma gun, and I'm going to put both my 9.6 and 8.4 in it- just in case my 9.6 runs out. It really is bigger than it looks, and it feels like it could take a few hits. I'd definitely reccomend this, even if you got it for looks.
by Daniel W. on 07/19/2012
"This thing is fantastic, I couldnt believe the size of this thing when I took it out of the box. After opening it, which is very easy too do btw, I was able to fit in a 9.6v 1100mah small type battery AND a 9.6v 1600mah nunchuck type battery in it with no trouble. Needless to say, I wont be worrying about batteries for my G36 anymore lol. OH and the stickers, gotta love the stickers, great little addition for that bit of realism.
by Rebecca W. on 08/28/2010
"Will this peq2 box fit the Intellect 9.6v 1600mAh NiMH Nunchuck Battery?

Webmaster: Yes
by Hunter S. on 03/18/2010
"I got one of these for my JG M4 S-System, because I didn't want to wire to the back or tape it! It is very useful, I have a 9.6v 1400MaH large type battery and it took up about half the space across and is slightly rubbing on the top and bottom, I had to use styrofoam to keep the battery from moving. It fits well and will not rattle, only problem is the nut it came with strips easily. Other than that highly recommended. Looks cool and comes with stickers. It probably will NOT fit a 10.8 large type, it may be to long.
by the a. on 01/15/2009
"will a mini type 8.4 volt battery fit in here?

Wembaster: Of course. Fits small type 8.4, 9.6 and up to a nun-chuck 2300mah 9.6V.
by Mark C. on 08/30/2020
"I recommend this peq because its very large space for a peq box and it holds small 4 inch 11.1 stick type lipos and anything similar to 9.6v nunchucks. This is absolutely not a peq for looks. I would only recommend this for battery storage.This mounts very securely on my 20mm rail nicely but there are a lot of fragile pieces on this that you will snap and lose. If you dont want to lose those pieces electric tape is your bff.
by Josh M. on 09/18/2010
"Will the g&p 9.6 3300mah battery built for peq fit in this?
by leticia e. on 10/11/2014
by Josh K. on 09/28/2012
"Decent, but not the best. It will do.

Holds large batteries (most 2-3s lipos and any 9.6 under 3300mah)
Mounting is solid
Budget friendly ($20)

Made of a cheapish plastic.
Buttons and external switches are not durable. mine fell off during a woodland game by simply bumping bushes.
No stickers :P (It says in the description, but still.)
Very hard to put batteries in. The way its made is that you have to connect the wires AND then slide the battery in. Pain the butt.

Overall, it will suffice if you only have $20 to spare. But its not that great.

If you need a PEQ2 for 9.6/larger lipo batteries, id get the ICS one. Its a bit more money but its worth it.