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KJW Mad Max Full Metal / Real Wood Airsoft Double Barrel Gas Shotgun

20 Customer Reviews

by Aldo p. on 11/08/2020
"I absolutely love this gun. However the shells are less than okay. In fact, they're awful, some people say their shells leak, while mines sometimes have a delay, where you pull the trigger, and the shells won't fire until 3 seconds or so later. Basically, the gun works just fine, the shells are the problem, which is why I recommend you buy a conversion kit online that allow you to use different shells that actually work properly, otherwise you'll be spending $35 for subpar shells in case you need extras.
by Benjamin P. on 10/16/2017
"I just wanted to thank you for the sales representative that helped me in the first place when my shotgun did not arrive I received my shotgun today and absolutely loved it exactly what I've been looking for
by Max J. on 09/01/2017
"OK so I figured out how to fix the leaky shells. FIRST you'll need sewing thread, then remove the top most o-ring when you disassemble the brass part of the shell, then wrap the thread around the spot where the o-ring was (around 15-20x) then put the o-ring back on and adjust the thread by unwrapping the thread while the o-ring is still in place, test by trying to push the rod with the o-ring and thread through the top hole, till you get a snug fit. hope that make sense good luck
by Kristin B. on 10/27/2013
"First to thing to consider about this gun, it's based off the mad max movie series and is incredibly authentic to the design and detail. From the start, its a short barrelled, sawed-off so dont expect to be pulling off any headshots. I was amazed by the feel of it and how it works, the shells are loaded with 1-7 bbs and spreads like an actual shotgun. Real wood and metal design makes the weight feel realistic as well.
-Durable, realistic, spread, good feel, propane powered and shell loaded(if you like that)
-Only two shots, package shells are weak, low FPS with multiple bbs.
(Get extra shells and you dont regret purchasing this gun)
by zack w. on 09/20/2013
"I got this gun today and I love it! Some people say the O-rings on the shells break but I haven't had the problem yet. I have been using this gun all day and nothing bad has happened. I had to tighten a few screws but otherwise it was perfect! It comes with two spare O-rings. Over all this is a really good gun and is worth every penny. The slugs for it are a bit expensive, but the gun is worth it.


Nice Heavy Weight

Very nice wood/ wood details.

Sturdy and reliable.


Pretty hard to hold with one hand unless you are very strong.

Only two shots per load.

That's all I got, I highly recommend this gun!
by daniel a. on 05/06/2012
"This gun is amazing. I got it from a friend for free since it had leaky shells. I fixed them and now I love it. I have the 6mm version and it performs great at my local CQB field. I do prefer you buy extra shells. More preferably try to get other brand shells not the Mad Max ones. The stock shells are not as good in performance as the other brands (which are hard to find). You are not getting a gun that is too accurate. The shotgun shoots about 60-80 feet depending in BB weight. I personally use .2 for the spread when I'm in CQB. And .25 for field play or zombies. This is my secondary In zombies and sometimes my primary. The Gun shoots 450FPS with 1 .2 in the shell. And 320 with 5 .2s. Easy to say this is a great buy for a great shotgun. Also this gun will shock your enemies when they see it.

Full metal
Real wood
Shoots 1-5 BBs at once
Great velocity
Okay range for a shotgun
Accurate enough with 1 Bb in shell
Great spread
Intimidating to other players
Two triggers
Not two heavy

gas guzzler
Constant reload if you don't have other shells
Nothing else really I really like the gun and you should buy it if you want a sturdy shotgun!
by Michael Z. on 03/10/2011
"Just got one of these in 8mm, secondhand, off Craigslist and I love it. Its solid and heavy as hell, but for me its no big deal. It came with 4 shells which is cool. I fired off a few shots into my coffee can target, and man it sounded nasty, of course I did it point blank. Im gonna do a test in my backyard to see how it spreads.

Also was wondering where I can find replacement rings (as this seems to be a consistent problem) and possibly a copy of the guns manual
by Otis A. on 08/30/2010
"This shotgun is great. The quality of the metal is top notch and the varnish on the wood is great as well. The gun is reliable and can disassemble into three pieces which adds to its compactness. The spread on the gun is pretty large so don't expect to hit people from far. The only drawback is the reliability of the shells. They are pretty expensive and the o-rings fail occasionally. For me they work most of the time and last a while so this gun is definitely a must buy if you love the cool factor of the gun.
by Jamie P. on 10/25/2020
"When we 1st took this gun out of the box we thought this is heavy must be good quality!
My son shot it for the 1st time and the shotgun shell eject BROKE! We have bought several guns from this site with no problems!! Now we have to buy a new part to fix this gun and he will now have to wait to use it (his birthday present) .
It may be an easy fix but, still not happy for the price I paid for it so it could break on its 1st shot .
by Jeff S. on 09/10/2018
"This shotgun is dope. I love KJW, and this gun doesnt tarnish that reputation. Is it practical? Of course not, is it the best airsoft shotgun you can get? Not a chance. Will it turn heads and be fun to get kills with? Absolutely. Also should say i have a total of six shells, and absolutely no leak issues so far, maybe that issue was fixed? Dont know. 4 bbs for max range, 6 for a great spread, 7 is pushing the gas. Thats with propane. Either way, love it.
by dillan m. on 06/02/2014
strong and sturdy
coolest gun on the field
very realistic
easy to modify to take mad bull shells (if you can find some)
paint scratches easily
has some delicit parts (trigger,barell lock)
hard to find holsters(i used paintball gun holster)
shells just bad(leak,delay fire,come apart in the gun)
by Mikhail K. on 10/12/2010
"I got this gun, very nice finish and externals match internals. very nice overall except for the shells. they leak like crazy. they only hold gas for 2 seconds, so i'd recommend buying better o rings and customizing the shell's internals. overall great buy, just need better working shells
by Daniel F. on 03/02/2010
"Great replica of the madmax and surprising powerful for the compact size and small shell.
Chrono at around 500 fps, much stronger than most gas grenade shells.

had to change the o ring seal on the shell a few times, hope they carry an update version soon
by scot G. on 10/03/2020
"TL;DR: Amazing looking gun, broke incredibly easily.

I was able to get this gun on sale during AirsoftCon 2017. I loved it from the moment I saw it on the website to the moment I saw it in the store. I bought it for 20% off because of the convention. It feels great, looks the part, and makes you feel like a true road warrior. Here's where the issues came in. The shells are horrible. $45 for a set of two hardly working shells that cause massive issues. They leak they get stuck in the gun and they only work half of the time. The shells suck. Plain and simple. The gun itself feels great UNTIL, after my first test fire I shot off the two orange tips. This would not be an issue if you want to look like mad max, but the fact they came out so easily made me worry about the other parts of the gun. One of the barrels was a bit tight so every shell got stuck and would take massive effort to remove. When you finally get everything perfect, you get two shots, and boy does it feel amazing. Followed by the 2 min reset makes the gun impractical outside of paying for multiple BROKEN shells and looking the part. Here's where the real kicker comes in, I used the gun 3 times. On the fourth shot both triggers broke.

- Looks great
- Feels great
- Fun to shoot

- broken shells
- high priced replacement
- finicky and only shoots half the time
- triggers broke after a few shots
- Orange tips shot off the first shot
- A lot of work to only get two shots
by scot G. on 06/16/2020
"The gun looks fantastic, real wood, metal, and a real MAD MAX look.

The trigger broke, the shells broke.