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HFC Full Metal T77 Mac11 Select Fire Airsoft Sub Machine Gun

16 Customer Reviews

by Brady P. on 07/07/2021
"Works like a charm! Full metal, good kick, really fast ROF and good distance. The only con is that the stock is wobbly when it's folded but other than that I would highly recommend this gun!
by Sandra G. on 05/20/2021
"This gun I super nice, its durable, and it shoots really fast.

1# Is a beast.

2# Full metal.

3# has a strong Blowback.


1# The stock is a little loose when closed

I honestly recommend this gun, its a steal.
by Christopher D. on 04/29/2021
"I love it!
This version of the Mac 11 is all metal!
This is a literal open bolt SMG.
Not open bolt in the WE Tech sense but open meaning it airs/fires from the open bolt position just like it’s real counter part! This was to mitigate muzzle rise or lift by pushing the SMG downward as the bolt flies forward kicking hard then again coming back.

As a GBB both M11 have a pretty weak kick and out of the box they barely lift a .20g BB.
You can mod the M11 hop up pretty easy though making it hop .30 nicely just look online.

The upper,lower and stock Tip to tail are actually all metal with only a wack looking plastic shoulder brace,the stock is metal and folds only holding stiff while extended but is a bit wobbly folded.

The only plastic on the exterior is that shoulder brace part of the stock and it has a bolt key that fits inside it.
This plastic tool doesn’t seem to fit anything on the airsoft though and may just be a part of the replica that has a real steel function.
I painted that stock brace flat black and it looks 10x better!

This has the exact same internals as the HFC Mac 11.
Uses the same metal Mac 11 gas mags.
In fact the lowers are the same with exception of the stocks.
Both can be mixed and matched to create another GBBSMG,though it does change the weight and feel of both and def favor one over the other after doing it and totally switched them back.

T77 Contains the same plastic factory reinforced bolt with metal rear” reinforced” plate and hook (stock bolt)

It has a painted orange tip not plastic.
Barrel is slightly skinnier and longer than the M11,because of this you cannot use the suppressor that came with the Mac11,mainly because the barrel is too long and hits a detent inside before reaching the threads.

Has a gunmetal grey finish that could be a lot better but still it’s not too bad!

Be careful putting your mag in with the bolt closed.
You should open the bolt before inserting the mag or you’ll break/crush the aluminum nozzle and plastic bb pusher against the all metal mag feedlips!
You’ll also break or disconnect the return spring.
If so it’s attached to a tiny pin stuck in a slot behind the bolt in the center of the reinforcement. This tiny pin will fall out so be careful!

The worst and only downside to this GBBSMG Mac 11 is the plastic,cardboard and aluminum case it comes in.
The frame of the case is aluminum but the sides,front and back face of the case are nothing but just a thin piece of cardboard with a very thin plastic backing similar in texture to a flat lego grass yard square base only much thinner,super thin!

Mine arrived the same way all of them pretty much did,
Cracked on both sides with a puncture right through the plastic front into the cardboard through the dry,cheap ,thin foam.
Both sides of the foam are torn and ripped up worse than i’ve ever seen.
Watching reviews online they’ve all been this way for the last 9 years but while all have torn disintegrated foam not all are punctured through like ours was.

Doing research i found out Ages ago these cases with its contents sat in a shipping container stacked to the roof. After nine plus years the foam has disintegrated flat and the cases plastic was just too thin and brittle for such a heavy,thick replica.

I felt i needed to point this out so you know they were almost all like this and if you’re lucky which i am not maybe yours won’t be cracked with a literal hole through it! Ha!
Item was also fairly priced like the Mac11 aswell!
Even with the case like that i’d buy another one if i can find one.
I tried buying two of these i love it so much!
Only one was left in stock though. Mags were also out of stock!
Please get supressors in stock for all the Mac11!
Thanks EVIKE!
by Josh A. on 08/19/2020
"Bought this gun when I was 14(2004), played with it every summer till I was 20, let it sit full of gas and BB's for 10 years. Found it in a box in the basement, cocked it and dumped a mag just as if I'd never left. Thinking of picking up another one just for shoots n googles
by Wyatt G. on 07/14/2020
Are you looming for a cqb gun?
Do you like very consitstant accuracy?
Do you like a high fire rate??
Then this is the gun for you!!!
High rof
Nice fps
Solid stock(unfolded)
Case( it falls apart in your hands)
Over all get it now!!!!
by ricky k. on 10/30/2016

i showed it to my freinds, and they said the fire rate is crazy, (for you information it shoots 1,200rd a min.
ive used it and i love it

its full metal,

theres one con,
the magazines are expensive, about 40 $ (BUY THESE MAGS)

its a onlder model so ns2 mags wont work for it. (i might mix this up) but buy those mags
by ben n. on 08/11/2015
"Great construction but my gun can hardly shoot full auto not heard of it happening before
by trevor d. on 05/07/2015
"Very nice gun. Very nice gun. Very nice gun. Very nice gun. Very nice gun. Very nice gun. Very nice gun. Very nice gun.
by austin n. on 08/22/2013
"This gun is great. I can't tell you the fps, but in 90 degrees I can get around five mags out of one gas fill. Some reviews say the on a full mag dump the bb fall out at the end, but that is not true; however, this is only my gun I can speak for. I need to know though what kind of upgrades are available-Including suppressors.
by DIEGO P. on 04/26/2013
"everything perfect great gas SMG, pulls strong and includes transportation and weight malentin very real, I love this gun. Thanks from Spain
by andrew s. on 04/23/2013
"I've had this gun for about 6 months and all I can say is wow
The pros:
Amazing rof

Fps is pretty high higher than the specs

The Hand guard can have a rail installed

Is small

the hand guard is a tad lose on mine I tightened the screw

Stock has slight wobble in it
All in all epic well worth the buy
I you want a cqb gun that's GAS BLOW BACK definitely pick one up it dosnt disappoint
All my friends want to use this gun in games!!!!!
by Brock W. on 07/25/2012
"Great gun ive had this gun for a while and i love it.


Great fps

Great for CQB

Great for a side arm or main weapon during CQB


My only complaint is probably from my own doing but a bb jammed the blowback but once it came out it worked fine.
by Jared W. on 01/22/2009
"its is a foregrip....i know you think hes talking about the stock end when its folded but hes not.... the actually "front grip" on this gun is removable
by Adam K. on 11/29/2008
"is the foregrip removeable?........................
by Igor P. on 01/23/2009
"Good gun, the actual mps is 120-125 on SP green gas (aproximatly 380-400 FPS).
Youl have to do some manual work on this gun, some screws are untightened.
If you plant to install a tight boar/ longer barre,- you'll have to use an AEG barel wtih custom work.
sometimes comes with a broken HOP-UP rubber.
If you'll put a silencer, if you'll use some force you'll twist the barrel.
sometimes spits a BB.
Doesn't have any markings.

Other than that it's a preety good gun, but not for a newby.