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MadBull Airsoft CO2 High Power Grenade Shell - Red

8 Customer Reviews

by jerry t. on 01/08/2018
"These grenades are pricey, but they are so worth it, I have been shooting them from my G&P launcher that my son got me for Christmas and absolutely love them, I like the power they punch from the C02 and there is a nice bang when you pull the trigger on the launcher, my only con is the price, I bought two, I will be getting one more in the future.
by Suzette B. on 12/28/2012
"I just ordered this grenade and it was shooting great but back was jammed so i got a dremmel and buffed the firing pin chambered and then i shaved it down and now it works great. Great grenade i would reccomend it to any body looking for one
by chase s. on 02/17/2011
"i'd rate it 6 star but i can't! this shell is so worth the ridiculous price!!! no more having to carry around a huge bottle of propane! and earlier this morning, i shot a can at 50 yards using my m16a3 m203 sights!!! it was awesoooome!!!! and it sounds like a rifle going off and you can even use them to launch training golfballs and nerf rockets further than the dummy round! and the best part... no stinky smell!!! a definate must have for grenadier fanatics comme moi!!! BUY IT!!!
by greg k. on 05/08/2010
"I bought 6 of these little babies. I generally do not like grenades because of their limited range and effectiveness. I use both a classic army 40mm launcher and hand deployment with these and have had great effect. They don't often take out the opponent, but nobody can help but to duck with 100 rounds flying at them. give you the next cover, or the follow up shot every time.

Hand launch is great for cqb as you can turn corners or hold under the foregrip on your aeg for a snap shot in any direction. Only thing I wish they could make is a shell backing that had a grip and a slightly easier thumb trigger. something like a miniature m79.
by mike d. on 03/08/2009
"very nice shell.. but does anyone know where to get a CHEAP C02 adapter? with greengas nice spread but range lacks. i put 3 bbs in each hole with greengas or the range is like 20 feet.
itd be great to hear of a 10$ ADAPTER FOR c02, NOT THE 25$ MADBULL ONE
by Robert Z. on 12/15/2008
"I bought 6 of these grenades for my CAW revolving launcher and I must I'm quite impressed. I still have my King Arms grenades, so I ran them through a little experiment along side the Madbull grenades and the difference is astonishing. I filled 1 Madbull grenade with green gas, as well as a King Arms with green gas and loaded them into the tubes side by side. The first shot was the King Arms and the distance was weaker and the spread was less efficient then when I fired off the Madbull round.
After that was done, I refilled the King Arms with green gas and filled a Madbull with co2 and loaded them once again side by side. For this, the distance was night and day. It's like the King Arms was a .22 compared to the Madbull being a .308 round. I easily got an extra 75 feet with the Madbull over the King Arms and the spread encompassed around 25 square feet at it's peak.
They are a bit of a pricey grenade, but when you shoot it, you know instantly where that extra money goes. As for the adapter, you don't have to get the Madbull kind, I found on here for $24.99 instead of $80 and it works just fine.
All around an excellent grenade.
by Greg D. on 12/02/2008
"i just got this today and all i can say is wow it shot about 200 feet after about 4 shots to brake it in but when you buy this you should get the mad bull co2 12oz co2 adaptor it makes a big boom and a good spread i would suggest this to anyone who is tired of getting charged
by Juanita G. on 04/10/2011
"To start off, this is an excellent product. It has exceptional range, power, and makes a loud bang. It works perfectly with my G&P M16A2 VN 40mm M203. Im not sure if the one i bought was machined wrong, but after the 10th shot, the button to reset it was jammed. I had to use a small hammer to get it to reset multiple times after having to take it apart because it litterally shot the ball bearings out, (lol right, no. extremely dangerous) and then the o ring on the core lost a large chunk or the rubber. I must be the most unlucky person with airsoft, i've had issues with everything i've bought, (issues straight out of the box).
High Power
Very Intimidating
Loud Sound
CO2 is so much more convienient

Jamming (WTF)
Bad o-rings
Bad machining in the core