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FREE SHIPPING for orders over $129! New deals released hourly and daily. See Deals Here! Tactical Airsoft Barrel Cover w/ Bungee Cord (Model: RBP / Red / Regular)

99 Customer Reviews

by Brian L. on 03/23/2022
"Works great and is easily seen if you drop it.
by Madison M. on 03/10/2022
"Standard airsoft requirement and the bungie is quite strong if you hook it around a scope or magwell.
by Madison M. on 02/27/2022
"Hard to argue with a simple, but important piece of airsoft gear.
by Anthony M. on 01/22/2022
"I grabbed one of these before going out on the field.

I would guess most fields sell them but if you want to complete an order as a new player, definitely grab one (or two) of these. I got the large size for my Cybergun Colt M4A1. The bungee has just enough length to reach over my optic that is mounted towards the back of the rail. Otherwise I have seen people string them up around the grip.

I ordered a couple more just in case I need them if I bring friends to a field. Worth the buy.
by Sean S. on 01/05/2022
"its a great BB. I loved mine.
by Michael O. on 03/11/2021
"I love the barrel covers. It seems that more places are requiring these covers, so I bought several for myself and for a few of my friends. The price is right and the quality is real good.
by Abel T. on 03/08/2021
"Useful to keep around when the field requires it.
by Tim N. on 02/25/2021
"Got this for my krytac LVOA and it fits nicely.
by Diego R. on 09/24/2020
"Got the large "game over" version from the its all about swag pack. Fits perfectly over my arp9.
by Kevin B. on 09/14/2020
"These barrel covers are inexpensive and come with a small selection of great designs! The elastic did come loose from the bag, but threading it back into its original hole and making a knot fixed it.
by Shane T. on 08/17/2020
"This a solid barrel cover, easily fits around my MLOK hand guard, even with the sights flipped down. All parts feel the are made of quality materials and the construction feels solid.
by Shane T. on 08/17/2020
"I use this with my Krytac Trident MKII PDW-M Airsoft AEG Rifle with no issues. The cover fits snugly around the flash hider and the cord easily reaches the pistol grip. The red color makes it easy to find and identify.
by Logan R. on 06/14/2020
"It's a barrel cover, covers the barrel well and prevents shots from escaping. Not to mention it's cheap. If you field requires you to have a barrel cover on in the staging area this is defiantly a must for the price.
by Pearson S. on 03/14/2020
"Stoped bullets for me, somewhat awkward to fit into the PT92 M9 pistol but fits well on my shotgun
by Julian B. on 03/07/2020
"Nice and bright, durable, and fits a wide selection of weapons. Very useful to avoid accidental discharge in the even of a freak accident; we have to remove mag, clear the chamber, and point it at the ground when not on the field in the staging area.

Recommend to get a few different sizes; small works the best for SMGs, pistols, and other small-barrel weapons.