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The $20 SWAGG Pack

24 Customer Reviews

by Michael H. on 04/07/2022
"This was definitely better than I expected, although I didn't win big. It was worth a shot though, as it was only $20. Thanks Evike!
by Joesph R. on 03/17/2022
"I got the Black Rain ordinance swagg pack, and am stiil in shock!!! Package arrived early and I couldnt be happier. You guys rock, and made my day!! Now I guess I will be forced to order myself a box of awesomeness....
by Nicolas W. on 03/02/2022
"I didn't expect much when I ordered it but was surprised to find a large box waiting for me when it came in. At first I thought all were shipped in the same size box to build suspense but when I opened it I found a Matrix VSR-10 MB03 Sniper Rifle along with the other items. I was confused because I didn't remember seeing it being a choice so I assume I got one of the 50 people random unopened rifle. I cant be mad at that and since this is my first airsoft bolt action it pushes me to learn about them more and how to upgrade them.
by Matthew B. on 03/01/2022
"This is a great little deal. I was ordering some supplies and was about $20 short of the free shipping price. "What can I buy for $20?" Didn't expect anything great, but for $20 (probably $15 of which I would have spent on shipping otherwise) I figured even the "boring" no-gun packages were worth it. I was pleasantly surprised to find an AEG in my box. It was an open-box CM022 AK-47, basically toy-grade, but in good shape and fully functional. Wouldn't you know it, I handed it to my little girl, who finds the field rentals a little heavy and cumbersome, and she loves it. My boy enjoys collecting the cards, and my wife has already claimed the LED marker. I plan on adding one of these boxes to all future orders. Win!
by Frank D. on 11/15/2020
"I will always buy one of these with every order and I purchased 3 of these so far. The first being the flash hider which was great I’m using it on one of my backups as it fits under a keymod rail. The second I got the springer uzi which I’m probably going to convert to an aep in the future and then the last I got the CHRONO BLASTER. They only had two of them in the packs and I have always wanted one and I got it from a swagg pack and not even a mystery box keep it up evike you guys are the best.
by Eric B. on 11/10/2020
"I am very pleased with my swagg pack. I didnt get a rifle like the last guy. But over all for 20 bucks, with a chance to get a airsoft weapon. Its well worth the gamble. Yes it would be a bummer to get the backpack or chest board. But so what take your lunch for two days. Its only 20 bucks. I am hoping there still some left in a couple days. I will buy one until there gone. I would be so stoked to get a rifle or another cool pistol. A big two thumbs up for the swagg packs.
by Joseph D. on 11/09/2020
"Got a $200 pistol for only 20 buck!!! Thanks Evike!!!
by Xander P. on 11/07/2020
"I'm not sure if this is average, but my luck with these packages has been quite exciting!
In this package I got a brand new CYMA electric pistol, so that's nice. Previously I've gotten an open-box sniper, and an open-box pistol, which the pistol sadly was broken. But overall I full reccomend these mystery gifts! Even the cheaper rewards are still nice!
by Andrew B. on 11/06/2020
"I got two of these.

The Meh: The first had the backpack, which was fine but kind of whatever. Also, you only get 1 of the targets, not 3 like the picture they use suggests.

The good: Got a CYMA Desert Eage AEP in my second pack (CYMA CM121S). So that's pretty cool.

Overall this is a fine add on to an order, and if you're ok with getting a backpack or the springer I say go for it. I'm rating 5 stars for the pistol.
by Shelly L. on 11/06/2020
"One of the best purchases I have made on Evike. I got a Tarus x EMG International STG TTI GBB Green Gas edition which is worth $195.
by Brandon H. on 11/05/2020
"Well I never won anything in my life, but I just answered the door to the EMG / SAI / Fight Club Custom Limited Edition AR-15 GRY Training Rifle! So I guess you can say I’m pretty special. I am so over the moon right now! Thank you so much to the dude at evike who decided to throw that bad boy in my box!
by John D. on 11/05/2020
"I got a CYMA VSR-10 in faux wood, iron sights edition. Thanks Evike! 10/10!
by beh r. on 11/03/2020
"got the flash hider it was 4lb in total. cant say I'm mad but I hoped for better
by Luke R. on 11/03/2020
"I got my second one of these packs and i will ALWAYS buy a pack with every order I put in. The first pack i was iffy about because I got the backpack. Great backpack, well put together, cool spot for velcro patches and will be good for speedsoft holding a HPA tank or something, but i already have 8 backpacks. Still nice, but WOW did this last pack pay off. i got someones returned c02 pistol, with ALL of the included paperwork from the return, seeing how they lied to Evike to get a free return, and even how they damaged the orange tip trying to get it off and tried to play that off. I can probably fix that or get it off but the laughter we got from reading the paperwork was worth it. Thanks Evike!
by Lupe A. on 11/03/2020
"Honestly this is an absolute bang for you god D** buck, especially for those who are new to airsoft and not wanting to spend so much money on a mystery box.