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Mark-I High Power Airsoft Gas Pistol w/ Metal Hopup by KJW / ASG

32 Customer Reviews

by Chase P. on 04/19/2014
"I've had this product for over 3 years+ I've never had a problem with it and i just had its fps retested when I had this last trip to the Superstore it still shoot a solid 410fps of course the first 2 shots are much hotter coming out at around 420+ anyway lets get down to the pros and cons.

-Solid build
-easy disassembly/re assembling
-easy self fixes
-very accurate
-very durrible
-hits hard (kids won't cheat it hurts to bad)

-might need some tighting later down the line when it gets older

be safe, have fun, play hard
by Adam H. on 08/02/2011
"Great pistol. I've had mine for about a year or so, never had any real problems with it. Just make sure you buy .28g or .30g bb's or it wont be accurate past 50-75 ft. Made the mistake of buying .25's for it. Trigger pull is tough, but you get use to it with practice. I run mine using a propane adapter (it's a plastic one I bought on evike for $15) and it works as good if not better than green gas.


-Great price
-Lightweight, but rugged
-High Fps
-Accurate, but only with heavy bb's (with .30's I've gotten headshots at 100 ft)


-Loud (can be a pro because when people hear it they think twice about charging at you with their AEG)
-Mine doesn't work well if it's cold out (Gas gets weak after half a magazine)
-Low capacity magazine (buy .30's, spend your time and aim and you won't need more shots)

Overall an amazing gun at a great price. 5/5
by Cody A. on 02/24/2011
"This gun is great, i dont like the mag release but the fps and accuracy of this gun is amazing. great usage of gas.
high fps
good accuracy with adjusted hopup
not a gas guzzler
sturdy build
easy disassembly

mag release is not convenient
extra mags are only 10 bucks less than the gun itself
front sight catches in tac vest pistol holders (not a big deal)
need a gunsmith screwdriver to adjust hopup instead of ur fingers or a hex key.

really great gun though
by Kris W. on 12/28/2010

Nice Weight, Not Too Heavy, Not Too Light
Excellent Accuracy
Trigger Pull Is Perfect For My Spec
Good Quality Material
The Gun Has Somewhat of an Intimidation Factor While Playing In Small Groups

Parts Near Slide Are A Bit Wobbly, Not Much of a Hindrance
Magazine Release Jams A Bit, Hard To Get Out Sometimes

Overall I Would Give This Gun a 4.5/5
Worth Every Penny In My CheckBook
by myles n. on 12/21/2010
"Awesome! It is a great price and even though it may be non blowback it works great. It is light and easy to carry and sends the enemy running away. It can also be used as a primary or a secondary. Buy this gun.
by Maggie C. on 02/19/2009
"This is an awesome pistol. Its mostly plastic but don't let that turn you down. It shoots very hard, 400fps but not sure, but it can go straight through the bottom of a can. The magazine is most of the weight in the gun and holds 18~ or so bbs. There is enough gas for 2 mags full and uses gas efficiently. It comes with a metal hop-up which is great and is greatly needed. You can shoot about 100-120ft accuratly with your hop-up perfect. This thing is loud, really loud, so you can scare of anyone trying to hunt you. The trigger pull is long, but you can still blast of 2-3 rounds a second with a strong finger. Although there are no upgrades or after market parts, there are a lot of mods you can do. You can make it shoot somewhere arounf 600fps, but I have not confirmed it. You can also make awesome silencers for it. Type in RICEKING212 on youtube and watch my review and look at the silencer I built for it. There are others who did mods for it and you can find that all on youtube. This is a great hard-hitting gun for the price and I encourage you to but it.
by Daniel F. on 02/08/2009
"A good backup pistol. Light to carry around and has the power of an AEG. Durable and VERY powerful. Mine shoots 380~400 fps with propane adapters.
by Hank L. on 02/08/2009
"this gun is crazy good. its extremely powerful and accurate. plus its nice and hefty and heavy.
one of the problems is that for the first couple of games the trigger is pretty hard, it takes a little to shoot, but eventually gets easier.
i also have the sniper version of this, and its soooooo much better, its accurate as hell, and its not as big as normal snipers, so its ultra portable.

but when is someone going to make a MK3? i dont like the MK1 because the clip release is on the bottom and gets in the way.
by Ehtesham Q. on 02/02/2009
"Very nice highly recommend
Amazing fps
large clip
classic germen replica (actually those are called rugers)
for 50 bucks its amazing

cant cock it
mostly plastic
by Stefan K. on 12/23/2008
"This gun is amazing!
Shoots fast, far, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg! It is very durable, and is the only airsoft gun I've had, that hasn't somehow stopped having good functionality. The best green gas gun in this price range, a definite must buy for anyone getting an airsoft pistol!
by cody m. on 12/11/2008
"Does anyone know where to get a magazine for one of these

by Bill w. on 11/23/2008
"Amazing! easy to upgrade. I use 4 seconds of green gas or propane. (same just green gas has premixed silicone oil.) I reccomend .2s (not because .12 will ruin the gun that is not true) .2s or even .23 or .25s are great. I was using .2s and shot my friend right in the neck from about 75 - 100 ft. Thats the two best things of an airsoft gun. Velocity and accuracy. If you are a beginner i reccomend getting this or something less powerful. this is more of an experienced players gun though. The worst thing aabout the gun is that u need an allen key for hop - up but concidering that most airsoft pistols have it inside where u have to take it apart to get it, it is fine.

It is the simplest gun ever to take apart. just take the back out.

over all pros and cons

decent mag capacity
velocity (up to 440 fps on a warm day)
Amazing side arm

Expensive mag
not muny more i can think of
by Tyler W. on 10/15/2008
"something I forgot to mention, this really doesn't fit holsters well, if you put it in one the barrel slides out the bottom and it is hard to get back out.
by Jason B. on 10/13/2008
"Justin - green gas works fine with mine. I don't have propane or red gas, so I can't help you there. And yes, this is semi-auto. Every time you pull the trigger, one BB comes out. It is NOT full auto. Green gas smells kinda funny...
by Justin S. on 10/12/2008
"Alright, I have couple questions about this gun. 1. What kind of gas does this take? 2. Is it semi-auto? Thanks to anyone who helps; I just can't wait to order this, my buds will shat brix due to this XD