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APS 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Bumblebee XX Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

4 Customer Reviews

by Justin M. on 03/02/2022
"Got this out of a BOA...imo not a bad start for a sidearm. Trigger is responsive and the blowback feels good. .25s are solid lines once you dial in the hop-up. The weight of the gun is great, not too light not too heavy. Sight line between the front and rear sights are mildly improved by the fiber optic front sight... wish the back sights also were fiber optic. No biggie.

Mags are a new experience with how they load the 12g Co2 cartridges. Be careful when putting the screws on, do the trick of unscrewing until you hear/feel the threads slid into the threading before tightening after you put the Co2 cartridge in to avoid stripping the threads. The snow-man tool given to unscrew the screw caps is handy, try not to lose it.

The box includes phelt stickers (best way to describe) for the extended mag so it does not wiggle around in the handle too much. Between the mags, you will get 2-3 reloads on the normal mag, solid 2 on the extended mag.

Downside to this is the grip under the trigger guard, either file it down or wrap some electrical/athletic tape. Pretty grippy for those of you who have sweaty hands, ideal for hot weather use. A little bummed that the interior of soft-shell holsters would fray as a result of the grip on the handle. If you look past that, the Bumblebee is a solid sidearm.

*Mags (standard and extended) are readily available at the time of this review.
by Anthony M. on 02/17/2022
"I wish I could go back and edit my review; but here we are with an updated review. Between my last review and now I bought a chrono so I got FPS and played with it on a local field.

Cartridge and BB weight/FPS:
-Crosman 12g Co2 cartridges
-.25g BBs / 330 - 345 FPS.

I adjusted the hop-up and worked flawlessly. The Co2 lasted about 3 and a half mags worth of shots. It was a little colder that day. In my tests, the extended mag was about half that. There were no misfeeds of any sort. I only used one Co2 cartridge for a day of play in the 23rd mag.

I even dropped the gun in some snow and it picked up dirt but still worked.

I applied a few drops of high concentration silicon oil on the threads of the end cap and a little bit on the inside of the end cap where the silver piercing piece is. I recommend getting some and doing that, and a drop where the slide and lower receiver meet. Rack the slide a few times to spread the oil.

When you use the silver piercing part, you rotate it until you cannot then do about 3/4 to a full turn back. You will hear a short hiss then nothing. Do not fret; gas is not leaking it is flowing.
by Anthony M. on 01/26/2022
"Got this in a BOA. Let's get down to it.

If your hands have more slip than a thin sheet of black ice covered with Mario Kart banana peels dashed with slick oil, this handgun is for you. The grip itself feels coarser than 40 grit sandpaper.

FPS: I did not get the chance to shoot this yet, HOWEVER from what I have noticed, Evike's FPS measurements have been off by over 20 FPS (maybe they lubricate the barrels for FPS tests idk) so look for this shooting 280 to 330 FPS, which when averaged out is 305 FPS.

Lets get the pros, cons and maintenance:
-One super machined pistol. It is the crossover of the Glock and Smith & Wesson Performance Center pistols. They remove weight on the slide where it is unnecessary and add cool decals on the barrel.
-SUPER grippy. Might be "over-grippified" if that makes sense (Also can be a con). The Taurus G3C has one of the most texturized grips on the firearms market, which people really love. This surpasses that. A lot.
-It is basically a Glock, but cooler.
-Comes with an extra O-ring (Larger one).
-Comes with three mini-felt strips to apply to extended stick mags to reduce wobble. Very cool and much appreciated.
-Trigger is snappy. There is little distance to pull to reach the wall and an impressive response when you break it. Incredibly satisfying.
-Adjustable rear sights
-Hop-Up unit (see "Cons" about the manual). It is adjustable and when you adjust it to your preference it feels like it will not move for a while.
-Ambidextrous safety switch. It is in an odd place, but if you have a PROPER grip on this, your support hand's thumb should reach it no problem.
-Comes with two mags: 23 rd and 48rd.
-The frame is probably on par with real firearm frame construction. It is an extremely durable polymer.
-CO2 lasts about 4 mags for the 23rd magazines (had to look that up).

-Super stippled grip (Could be a pro if you have the aforementioned oil-slicked black ice type hands). Wear gloves or file the grip down a bit.
-They put their super-stippled grip on the underside of the trigger guard, where your support hand's index finger goes. That is dumb... in my opinion. File it down.
-The QR code that leads to the APS manuals page does not show this model's manual. To access the hop-up, knock out the retention pin and pull the slide forward. Then you can access the hop-up.

All in all, a cool airsoft pistol. If you want a Glock but cannot find the extra mags and it is a pain to get the model you want, just get this. Comes with two mags, ergonomically a Glock, there is 23 rd mag availability as of 1/25/22. 48 rd mags are sold at at the moment.
by Norman C. on 01/28/2022
"Mine arrived today 1/28/22 , looking @ the pics i swore the grip would have a sort of foam or gel grip. By no means is it, but i can get by that. I first seen this on the aps site who refers Evike as its distributor , had the gold tip for barrel i mistaken that Evike would come w/ one. Sadly mistaken. Im unsure about the mag co2 set up. Upside down w/ 2 set screws if your not accustom to it ,then a little dumb founded. A little time consuming compared to traditional mag co2 set up. Cold snap coming through so i believe the fsp should be higher than average. Ill share more after some time in the palms!